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Reviewed in Australia on 12 July 2019
This is a seriously good coffee maker, and would have earned the full five stars if not for one serious design flaw! Let me make one thing perfectly clear: this coffee maker makes perfect coffee. It excels at its given job, but fails miserably in the usability department:

Every time the top lid is opened, so as to fill the machine with water and coffee, it dumps what appears to be half a cup of water (that has condensed on the underside of the top lid during use) on the kitchen bench top. Behind the coffee maker too, so the coffee maker has to be moved out of the way, the kitchen bench wiped down, and the coffee maker moved back into its designated spot. Every. Single. Time. Because of lazy design.

A simple redesign of the hinged top lid would have solved this problem, and I cannot believe Breville didn't run into this issue during product testing. Unless there was no testing. Now, in reality it's not a half a cup of water, but enough to fully saturate a sheet of paper towel until it's dripping wet.

So... two sheets of paper towel are required, and the machine must be moved out of the way in order to clean up behind it, each and every time the coffee maker is refilled. All that unnecessary effort, just because Breville couldn't be bothered to design it properly. But... it does make good coffee.
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