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Reviewed in Australia on 4 January 2020
On the hunt for a baby monitor, we did a ton of research. We were close to buying the Nanit from the Amazon US store - but it ended up being too expensive - even with black friday discounts. We ended up ordering the Lollipop in a Lightning deal. While we loved the design and quality of the product we had to send it back after one day, as there were significant drawbacks in actual use.

- The design. It is unique and is looking great. The packaging is super nice as well
- Build quality. No faults here, feels very high quality
- Picture quality. It's only 720p but you won't notice. It's great quality both during the day and at night. On top of that latency is low which is great
- Easy to use. No need for a parent unit - you can use your phone(s). The app is simple (which is a good thing!) and mostly easy to figure out

- What makes this product great is it's versatility - you can attach it to many things. This makes you want to move it around. To make that hassle free - it's lacking a battery though. It has to be plugged in all the time. Not a deal breaker but would be nice
- Reliability. The system allows for 3 types of alerts/notifications based on what they call 'smart detection': 1) Crying detection 2) movement detection 3) noise detection. Number 1 and 3 are probably the most important ones for most people and these will likely let you down. Crying detection did not consistently work even after testing the different sensitivity levels. Hence we had to rely on noise detection, which works by setting a dB threshold. First of all there was a significant delay in the system registering / reporting noise levels in the app and most importantly notifications the notifications did not always come through when the threshold was breached. Deal breaker for us.
- Alerts. The way a baby monitor makes you aware of a crying baby is a critical feature. Most traditional baby monitors work on the basis of activating audio of the baby crying when a certain noise threshold is breached. The lollipop sends you notifications (iOS or android notifications). While some people may prefer that - it did not feel intuitive for us. But here is where it gets problematic. A system based on notifications is useless on silent mode and in sleep/DND mode at night. You cannot use these phone features with the lollipop, meaning your phone will be on ring mode at night - any text messages or phone calls coming through after you've gone to bed will be heard. Deal breaker for us.
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