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Reviewed in Australia on 18 July 2018
6 months review:

It does support your back A LOT. It is amazing how much weight is going to be taken away by using this.
Only 1 thing... the weist belt do not fit me well (I mainly need to use the clip that is supposed to be like a secondary support of the belt) but that is ok, it is just me being fat. lol
If you do require
It does have a wind/sun reducing cover, but not fully protected (it has holes to let the air through)
This should be used mainly during summer or perhaps spring or autem, certainly not for winter.

It is holding up my baby with ease and the material used for this product feels durable as well.

Good. It is nice to have both of your hands free, and having enough support for your back while carrying your baby.
However, I would suggest you to put some stuffing into the storage area in order to have enough support for your baby (nappys are good)

Customer Service:
One of the most responsive and generous customer service I have had.
There was a minor stiching inaccuracy that I have noticed, and asked on how would I be able to get a replacement.
However, without any hussle, they sent another one for us and it certainly did not have the same issue with the previous one.

Don't go to those baby warehouses to buy $200 carrier, just buy this one, or if you want a more all season purpose carrier, you can consider this:

*I saw some people complaining that the minimum (or maximum) age for this product is misleading, however, I believe it is a simple misunderstanding. Not all babies are the same, the company cannot give you a very specific guidance based on your baby. You will need to think by yourself and try if your baby will be comfortable and secured in these carriers, if not, then it is simply not the time yet, and you can try later.
My baby start to be able to comfortably use this carrier since she was 4 months old, however, I do have a friend, who bought the exact same carrier, and her baby is able to use this since 2 months old. (for a better comparison, my baby was about 6kg at 4 months and her baby was 5.1 kg when he was born...) It just depends on your baby not the product. (and this is nothing related to your baby liking the product... that is completely different issue)
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