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Reviewed in Australia on 2 May 2020
We own 6 Sensibo devices and they work well. I'm using them with the Daikin aircons and they have been perfect.

Our home environment has 8 Alexa devices and all the Sensibo's are connected straight to that. We have setup our Automated home with designated areas so "Master", "Theatre", "Bed Room", "Office". Then the devices are named depending on what they are "x Fan", "x Aircon", "x Lights", so for us, we simply say "Alexa, turn Master aircon on" or "Alexa, turn Master aircon off".

We have also gone through and setup climate react (aircon auto turns on when room exceeds 25 degrees between the hours of midnight and 6am), and location awareness as well.

Our environment is setup as per below:
Master - Climate React between 12AM - 6AM: If Temp > 25 Degrees, Cool room to 23 Degrees. If Room 23 Degrees, turn Aircon Off
Bedroom - Climate React 24/7 (stops the teen from leaving the aircon on all the time), if room less than 22 degrees, turn off
Living Room - If all devices outside of house, turn aircon off
Bird Room - If temperature above 27 degrees, turn aircon on. If Temperature 25 degrees, turn aircon off. (We keep our macaw indoors)

In addition to this, we also have routines setup "Alexa, prepare the Theatre", when this command is issued, it turns the aircon, lights and TV on in our theatre, ready to go.

App control and web is great. There are some things that the web can do better, and other things that the app can do better. Overall, the product works well. The only downside is price, so I recommend holding off for when they go on sale. I have never paid full price for a Sensibo and usually only buy them when there is a $30-50 off promo.
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