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Reviewed in Australia on 17 November 2019
These taste very bad. The worst sugar-free energy drink I've tried yet. It has a citrus flavour, but as if made from oranges that have become far too old.

The marketing is decent. The tri-colour can artwork looks good. The packaging was not great. A couple of cans were slightly dented, the carton box (which was inside of another still closed Amazon box) had split open, and two of the cardboard sleeves (each sleeve holds four cans) couldn't hold their cans anymore. This didn't affect the final product though, and I only mention it for thoroughness.

How this performs as an energy drink, I can't really comment on. I didn't notice any boost, but the awful taste certainly jolted me awake for the time I was drinking it. I can't wait to get back to Monster Zero Ultra; at least it doesn't taste awful.

If you want to taste rotten oranges with your energy boost, then go right ahead and buy some Kanguru. You'll grimace with every sip.
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4.6 out of 5
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