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Reviewed in Australia on 27 November 2019
Before I start I bought this from and did the pre-order which provided a small discount off the price.
This version of the PC game will come with the in-game pre-purchase cosmetics (lightsaber & ship skins).

Amazon will send you an email (for the cosmetic rewards) which is a serial code that you enter into the Origin Launcher. The game is shipped to you as a physical copy but you get a DVD case with a code in it (no DVD of the game) which requires you to enter into Origin to activate and download the game.

If you are looking for the "Deluxe" version of the game which contains more (cosmetic skins & bonus video footage) you can always upgrade your edition with Origin via the store (after you have activated) for roughly $10 AUD (may vary in price with other regions).

About the Game -
This is a solid game that can be enjoyed by all (Fans and Non-fans) of the Star Wars franchise.
The game has no multiplayer or Co-op mode and is purely a single player game which can be completed between 10-20 hours with moderate exploration of world levels.

It should be noted that the game play (movement, attacks, skills) relies on precise timing and recognising enemy patterns. This is not a button mashing game and in the higher difficulty levels it is critical to ensure you 'parry/dodge' at the right time to avoid the incoming damage.

With that been said, there is a 'story mode' which allows those who just want to play the game for the story and not have to worry about the combat of the game. You can at any stage increase or decrease the level of difficult in game at any point.

It should also be noted that there is no "Game+" mode which allows you to replay the game keeping your previously acquired skills. So each new play through you will need to 're-learn' your skills.

The game is heavy on exploring and there is no 'fast travel' within levels so this means you need to work backwards to the start point of the game to exit the 'world'. Specific save points (marked on the ground) are scattered throughout the level which will replenish your health vials and force meter. However, doing so will respawn all map enemies which you will need to kill again.

In higher difficulties if you die - you lose your previously gained XP (within the level based on your last save) until you 'attack' the mob/enemy that killed you to regain that XP back. Also the game has a number of puzzle challenges that you need to figure out and in some cases due to skills (not yet acquired) you will need to revisit the level/planet again to gain access to previously blocked off map areas.

The game is best played on PS4 or Xbox One controller as the PC keyboard mappings are quite difficult and may require customising to make things flow better. All keyboard keys (movement, combat) can be customised and you can still use the keyboard keys with controller together.

Overall an enjoyable game but rather short in length and replayability will vary depending on how far you want to go with the difficulty. The game allows you to free roam so the game play is not linear in nature nor does it try to assist you or provide answers to puzzles you need to solve.

Puzzles in game are not too difficult to solve but some can be rather frustrating as you need to solve them to move through areas and have to be completed (these are not optional).

For a game with no microtransactions and no in-game purchases this is great and refreshing.
Well done Respawn Entertainment you did a good job with this one.
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