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Reviewed in Australia on 16 February 2020
If I didn't like them, I wouldn't have kept buying them. However I do have quiet a few issues with them.

1. The user manuals are appalling, making it very difficult to work out how each one function.

2. They change the user interface on every new device, and without decent manuals, it's a bit of a task trying to work out how each one works.

3. Their customer service is terrible. They seem to be more interested in your purchase details. I waited one month before I got a response to a query, by which time I had worked it out for myself. It is nice to constantly hear they are sorry about the English in their manuals. Funnily enough this one came with a separate coloured sheet with very detailed instructions on how to submit a review on Amazon. If only the same style could be applied to their scant, error-ridden manuals.

4. The latest one, where this review is located is probably the best one so far. I'm glad they have gone back to hardware buttons. The previous 'soft' buttons were awful - if you put the player in your pocket while walking, that process constantly activated the buttons, making it unbearable. While the new design is more compact and user friendly, I can't believe they took away the 'back' button. This makes it very unwieldy when you want to change folders. Terrible!!!
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