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Reviewed in Australia on 20 January 2020
Hi Oculus team,

I want to give you some suggestions to improve the new versions of the Oculus Quest which I believe is a very good VR product with immense potential.

After testing it, I found some details that in my opinion, should be improved:

1. Safe relocation of the battery far from the head.
The battery should be far from the head to avoid harmful emissions to the brain. It should be attached to the arm, shoulder or back and connected by cable to the headset. In addition to benefiting health, this would significantly reduce the original weight of the headset, achieving greater comfort and mobility in games.

2. Change the padding material of the mask.
At this point, you should change the material so that it is more comfortable and to further provide airflow, in order to avoid marks on the face after only 30 minutes of use.

3. Update the Oculus Guardian system and room-scale tracking.
It is essential to add more room-scale tracking control so that the headset can better track the user and avoid them being injured in the room.

For example, a warning should appear when you reach the limit of the user-set Guardian boundaries. It should also switch to the in-built cameras and show the real world along with a warning notification to avoid injury.

Kind regards,
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