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Reviewed in Australia on 6 January 2020
Today I should like to pay tribute to the efficient shipment of the Modoker garment duffle bag I had ordered. The original shipping window had stated it to arrive on the 17th January. I congratulate the seller and the Amazon team for their attention to my order and it was received on 6th January, twelve days ahead of their scheduled window for its receipt in spite of this time of year being fraught with holidays and delays.
I have been quite intrigued by this type of bag over the past couple of weeks and have looked at it numerous times on line in my anticipation of procuring one for myself. It was enjoyable to open the package and trial its performance with a tentative packing. I like the attractive quality of the bag, and can see how practical it will turn out to be for an over-night stay or weekend. The zippers on this Modoker functioned well with careful closure. And I was delighted with the shoe compartment. A pair of dress shoes fits into it nicely, and with two pairs of socks rolled into each shoe, one has immediately demonstrated the practical essence of this bag. That shoe compartment would even have room for a few more small clothes thus leaving more room in the main compartment for other necessities. My suit fit into it nicely too, and upon final closure, I was glad to see that the width of the duffle was less than the 22 inches it had been described as, therefore assuring of easy carry-on dimensions. I was also delighted with the toiletry bag included with this bag as it will hold such essentials without strain. Having recently purchased a travel fabric steamer....which was also an ideal product with excellent shipping service.... that item will become an item of travel with this bag too, saving dollars otherwise spent on hotel costs of pressing. I gladly recommend the Modoker, and am delighted that such a practical dual purpose product has been designed.

Allow me please (two days after the foregoing review above), to add a suggestion for easier closure for those having had difficulty in zipping-up the bag. I am quite delighted with this product and have been practising packing and zipping up seeking to streamline the process. I have found that to facilitate easier closure after the suit and shirts have been hung that hanging the bag by its handles on an over-door wardrobe hanger immediately creates the shape for easier zippering of the ends seeing as the zippers will follow the duffle contour and close easier with less snagging of the zipper in the lining. However, carrying a portable over-door hanger may not be ideal in that it could be regarded as a weapon, plus add unwanted weight. But I have also hung the bag by the handles over a door-knob to get the same duffle-bag shape and the zippers follow the contours with less difficulty.
I hope these suggestions can help particularly those who have had difficulty zippering them, as to do so when they are lying spread out on a bed is a bit of a challenge. Once the ends have been zipped creating the duffle, the rest of the packing scurries along more efficiently.
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