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Reviewed in Australia on 14 June 2020
I was excited when Amazon advertised Echo auto releasing in Australia! never believe what we read off was mentioned in a few articles that Echo auto will not release down under.

If you already have Alexa in every room of your house/apartment (like me) this is no different except that it has more microphones for far field voice recognition as it claimed in the ads, it still hears you even if you're in a car with loud music/engine/car/passenger noises. I've tried and tested to have my music on full blast with echo auto mounted on the dash - "Alexa" hears her name quite well except when i mentioned a struggled a few times before it finally heard and did what i wanted it to do (which was "to lower down the volume").

With regards to the air vent mount it came with - i'm not a fan of it as it covers 40% of my air vent (honda CRV). I tried my magnetic mounts on my dash (i have a few already mounted on: one in middle/centre dashboard, one near the driver seat just next to the steering wheel dash area and one other on the front passenger seat corner dash. I tried to see if Echo auto will work with any of my magnetic mounts-and it did (i have those round magnetic mounts-about 33CM in diameter and about 1.3CM in height-it fits so perfectly in the square shaped centre of the Echo auto.

- Note: When asking Echo auto for the nearest whatever it is you're after and if you end up asking for driving assistance/direction, make sure you have your mobile phone unlocked. It links up to your mobile phone default MAPS app and it takes over from there (I have an android Samsung Note 10+ so opened Google Maps app). If you happen to have your phone locked by default, unfortunately it won't load MAPS app and no direction will be provided.

- Also for those who are not aware yet, Echo auto connects to your mobile phone via bluetooth pairing/connection and it will use your mobile phone's data plan, just be mindful if you don't have a big/large mobile data plan and while driving on the country roads where mobile reception are intermittent.

For more features of Echo auto please read reviews from other user accounts, i'm avoiding to repeat what has already been mentioned by others.

In a nutshell, I 'm very happy with my new Echo Auto. I'm giving it 4 stars due to driving directions relying on mobile MAPS app, would've been better if "Alexa" can tell me the actual driving directions without opening MAPS on my mobile phone.
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