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Reviewed in Australia on 25 January 2020
Does he stay or doors he go!?

We've had many problems getting Deebot to keep a decent map of our house. It has a tenancy to bend our hallway so then it thinks rooms overlap and breaks the map. Sometimes it has had issues with the length of the hallway to and moving bedroom doors closer also resulting in a broken map. It also wouldn't reach the kids bedrooms until I moved its base a few metres closer. The areas function rarely works when trying to merge or divide spaces.

Navigation has been an issue at times with it being lost and breaking it's own map. We've found that once you have a good map, DON'T run in it full auto as it will easily break the map as it tries to update it continually. Use area of custom cleaning for more reliable results. It would be nice if you could lock a map in one you had a good one, or manually set some fixes.

Vacuuming is pretty decent and will surprise you. Running around our predominately hard floors it is amazing what it picks up each day. I mention this after all the mapping and navigation issues because it doesn't really matter how well it vacuums if it can't get to where you want it to.

Mopping isn't great (didn't expect much though). To get it to leave a decent amount of water down to mop reasonably we have to pre soak the mop pad, put Deebot on quiet mode and take out the brush. Only then will it be acceptable. Otherwise it just leaves a streak or two and achieves nothing.

It has been tripped up and stuck on minor things like our bar stools at times but overall in this regard it is ok.

Deebot didn't even respond to queries about the above which is very poor.

Overall I've in two minds about keeping Deebot around, but at the end of the day it has cut down our vacuuming chore massively so it's still here despite its shortcomings. If 2.5 stars was an option, that's what it would get from me.
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