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Reviewed in Australia on 13 October 2019
I was searching for a simple bicycle computer that provided speed, cadence, distance, phone alerts and orientation. The Garmin Edge 130 fulfills this purpose really well. It is well constructed, resists water and dirt very well and the out-of-the box mount is sturdy.

The interface of this device is via physical buttons around the edge. The layout is simple and intuitive if you make the small effort to become familiar with it.

I believe there is a basic bread crumbs map function but I do not bother using it. I don't even think the larger bicycle computers that I looked at in store have a large enough screen to make map functions viable, in my opinion.

The screen is easy to read in full daylight and the layout is very customisable.

The Garmin Connect application has been very easy to use and works reliably. It updates automatically and syncs with Strava to auto-upload activities.

The only issue I've experienced with this device is the battery life. It does have a simple display so you'd expect the battery capacity to be something like an old Nokia but unfortunately the battery chosen for the Edge 130 is way too small. I would probably only get 4-5 hours of continuous use from this device, so I charge it up every day after finishing my commute (ideally all lithium battery devices should be charged as frequently as possible for optimal battery health so this is not a big deal).

To be fair, my Edge 130 is synced with a speed sensor and cadence sensor, as well as my phone and GPS. That's a lot of communication and it's the reason why the battery life seems unimpressive. I still think Garmin should have offered a slightly larger battery - I would have given this 5 Stars if they had...
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