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Reviewed in Australia on 7 June 2020
I really love this pet feeder. We have 3 cats, each with different dietary needs and eating habits. This pet feeder works really well and suits our kitties' needs. We can give each different food and medication, without worrying that the others will get to it. The cats also learned to use it very quickly. We have colour coded the feeders, using the pink, green, and blue bowls and mats that are sold separately. This is of course not to help the cats identify which feeder is his/hers, but rather to help us humans. I did have to write with a permanent marker on each feeder which feeder belonged to which cat (i've done it in a place where it is covered up by the rubber mat, so it is not unsightly), because once the colour coded bowls and mats are removed, there's no way of knowing (especially when it's time to give the feeder a good wipe down as it gets a bit grubby after a while). One big issue that we have discovered with the feeders is that one of the cat's microchip didn't really want to play along. The feeder would sometimes open and sometimes it wouldn't. We assume the microchip must be in a spot a bit further down the cat's neck and is not always close enough/in range for the feeder to pick up. Luckily, the feeder comes with a tag that can be used with the feeder, if a pet/cat does not have a microchip, so this came in super handy. The only thing we have found is that the feeder is super sensitive to the chip in the tag, so the cat can just be in the vacinity of the feeder and the cover would open up/retract, which gives other cats the opportunity to get in there and eat her food. This is not the case with the cat's own microchip, as the head has to be under the sensors before the cover opens/retracts. The only other issue we have also ever had was that one of the feeders broke after two year's of use. The little plastic bar in the centre of the feeder (where the cover is attached to the feeder), that is part of the mechanism that opens and closes the cover, snapped in three. The mechanism was still working, but the feeder was rendered useless, because the cover wouldn't open and close any more. This is also the only reason why we had to obtain a new feeder and quickly. Other than that, we are super happy with these pet feeders and would definitely highly recommend them to anyone, who owns multiple fur babies with different dietary needs, or just to keep your fur babies from eating their sibling's food.
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