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Reviewed in Australia on 30 October 2019
It's an excellent smart watch for the budget, I would actually rate it above a fair few of those ~ twice the price. Step tracking is quite good and interface is good. The Mi phone app is probably my favourite out of the general "fitness" apps I use; sleep tracking, energy tracking & heart rate are good.

I'm not 100% sold on the actual exercise tracking on the bracelet, as it doesn't let you use any other functions while its recording (although it does keep heart rate on the face) which is fine but weird design choice. Similarly the exercise tracking on the app is not my favorite, but perfectly useful and fit for purpose; it should be noted it interfaces with a lot of the popular apps so its not a crucial flaw.

Another small thing is it seems to be buggy when showing notifications for spotify; keeps wanting to turn music back on when its been paused etc. There is probably a fix for it (it might just be connection lag?) , but I've not been bothered enough to check as this feature is more of a gimmick for my purpose. If you are committed to using the device to control your music I recommend reading some more reviews to see if they had any issues with it.

Seriously good device, and the price is amazing. Unless you are really looking for a specific feature & you can't keep it paired with a phone, I would recommend it to anyone interested in fitness tracking.
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