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Reviewed in Australia on 23 March 2019
I spent a long time deliberating about the SoundPEATS Q32 Earbuds due to the mixed reviews. Upon receiving them I have had no trouble pairing them with an iPhone or a Surface PC. Swapping between the two is simple but manual. Nor have I any complaints about the sound quality (too much loud music too many years ago). The only initial problem I has was with the microphone. The sound was very quiet (tested with voicemail on a land line and mobile). Upon inspection it appeared that the hole in the plastic case is not quite as free from manufacturing 'debris' as it could be. Using a scribe and being VERY careful to not touch the microphone behind the hole I ran the scribe around the outside edge of the hole (post smoothing image provided), result... good sound quality on both voicemail systems and people can hear me clearly with no volume issues. Of course care has to be taken not to damage the microphone and your mileage may vary (in other words try at your own risk). All in all very happy with the complete package. I have read some reviews regarding the noise cancellation, my only comment so fa is that it appears to make the voice 'flat' at the receiving end, clear and loud enough but 'flat'. Hope this is of assistance to those like me that are considering the purchase pf the SoundPEATS Q32 earbuds.
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