About Pay at Your Pace with Zip

Buy now and pay at your pace using Zip on Amazon.com.au. When you use 'Pay at Your Pace with Zip' on Amazon.com.au, Zip pays Amazon on your behalf and you can pay Zip back over time, as per the terms of your account with Zip. Amazon is not involved in the pay back process between you and Zip.

You need to have a Zip account to use 'Pay at Your Pace with Zip' on amazon.com.au. If you have an existing Zip account, see Add and Manage Your Zip Account on Amazon to know how to link your Zip account to Amazon.com.au. If you do not have a Zip account, see the 'How to apply for a Zip account' section below for guidance on how you can apply for an account.

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About Zip

Zip offers two products, Zip Money and Zip Pay. You can purchase using Zip on Amazon.com.au with either a Zip Pay or a Zip Money account.

Zip is a digital line of credit assisting customers with their everyday spending and life's bigger buys. Zip has two products: Zip Pay is credit for up to $1500, always interest free and Zip Money is credit for up to $3000 with an interest-free period of six months.

Visit the Zip website or mobile app to know more about the available options and to check if you are eligible to apply for a Zip account.

How to apply for a Zip account

You can apply for a Zip Pay or Zip Money account by visiting the following link: https://zip.co/amazon. Alternatively, you can go directly to the Zip website or app to apply for an account. Please note, subject to Zip's terms and conditions, privacy policy and notices and regulations, Zip will use information you provide to it in order to assess and monitor your credit and your ongoing eligibility for its products.

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