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4.8 | 1,721 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Pleasantly surprised by the quality of this product and how quiet they are in operation.

Arrive on time, good packaging, good product, would happily recommend product and seller.
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By John S
Used to cool NBN Box and modem/router as they get very warm.
Very effective and quiet fans
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By Ed
These fans are super quiet and work perfectly as intended on top of my home theatre amp.
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By Mark Harper
4.8 | 1,527 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Wonderful price, but I had to pay postage, even though the company mentioned that it was free postage. The product is great, worked like a charm, my laptop has been faster ever since, bought two 8 GB rams from Timetec. Beautiful.
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By George 123
This did the trick. No problems at all. Since installing my laptop has been much faster. Arrived faster than i expected
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By Francis Choo
Highly recommended. I ordered on Monday and received the RAM on Tuesday. RAM working great. thanks
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By Amazon Customer
4.8 | 1,039 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I absolutely love this bag. It’s stylish and perfectly sized. It not only fits my laptop but also my lunch to go plus water bottle, keep cup and some books n things. It has different little pocket areas to keep bits n pieces nearby at the front and doesn’t weigh as much as my old clunky bag which could only fit my laptop. I am so glad I purchased as it’s a great all round bag. I couldn’t be happier!
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By Jo L
I wanted to carry my heavy laptop, lunch, bottle combined with my everyday bag items (purse, cosmetics, keys, glasses, sunglasses, and all the silly things I carry along when out of the house. :)
Last week was a success! instead of having a laptop folder + lunch bag + everyday bag I could carry everything in one comfortable backpack.

I would have choose a lighter / more fun coulours if available.
Let's see the quality of the materials in time.
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By Caro
I've been using this bag for a while now, and it's nice having so much room to carry things to and from work, but the bag is unbalanced when it's just got my laptop in it, or if it is empty. It doesn't sit flat and instead leans forward to the point of tipping over. When you've got something heavy in the main area of the bag then it's fine, but a laptop in the laptop compartment wont be enough. The zipper is also a bit of a pain to open as you need to hold one side with one hand while you pull the zipper with the other. The number of compartments is also lacking, so I really just use the main area to keep everything.

Despite that, it's a solid bag that I use every day, and it was pretty cheap. There is plenty of room and the main
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By Greg Sherwood
13 offers from product price
4.7 | 15,133 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I only use Sandisk SD cards. They’re reliable.

Just beware that you won’t get 170mb/s write speeds. But I knew that going in, so I’m not upset at all. I’m quite happy with the price considering because a few years ago I paid more money for a smaller card.
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By David Norris
Bought 2 128GB Sandisk Extreme Pro 170MB/s for my Lumix G9 from Amazon website & sold by Amazon. Performance is the same as the Sandisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s for the same price. Don’t expected any faster. The reason I bought this was to upgrade to a larger card capacity. Would love to have a faster card like the Extreme Pro 300MB/s but it is way too expensive. If you intend to use this card for 4K the Extreme Pro 170MB/s is absolutely good enough. By the way the cards have been verified by Sandisk as 100% genuine or 100% authentic and I didn’t have any issue registered them on Sandisk website. Highly recommended!
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By Thai
I bought this card hoping to achieve the advertised read speeds. The card does not achieve its advertised read speed of 170MB. You will get around 90MB/s. I tested this on two cards. First was the original card that they sent and the second card was a replacement card. Both cards read speed was around 90MB/s.

I am using Sandisk Imagemate® PRO card reader with the card. I tested the card reader and my computer with Pro Grade cards, and they achieve the advertised speed almost 200MB/s.

For many, the read speed may not be important then this is an absolutely fine card but if you need to transfer large files quickly (say 170MB/s or more) then you are better to look for another card such as Pro Grade.
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By Silvis
4.7 | 6,451 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I always stress on the fact 'Works as Advertised' or not.
If it does, its a win. All vendors market their product well and its good to see products that works as advertised.
This one does.
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By Anubhav
Very nice, high quality cable. Works fine for connecting an Arduino to my desktop, and the extra length is a godsend.
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By Alwyn
just what I needed
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By Joy
4.7 | 5,716 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am incredibly picky, and specific on what I need in a bag. THIS is THE bag to end all bags. This lightweight bag easily packs all my stuff, lunch, makeup bag, laptop. Lots of pockets for little items and 2 side pockets for umbrellas, water bottles, phone etc. I hate carrying stuff in my hands and this bag allows me to be hands free!!
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By Cat
I was unsure of the quality of this bag from reviews and pictures but I am pleasently happy with what I received. The zips all seem to be good quality and the inside pockets fit my laptop and iPad easily. I really like the way it opens on the maon zip to see everything inside. Only downfall with this option is that you can't overkill the bag towards the top as it still needs to pull close to zip it. This was difficult to do when I had a travel bag with my clothes in it that was as tall as the bag. I wouldn't usually pack that much for a quick work trip so I'm excited to use this as an easy carry on option on the plane.
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By Jade Wiley
pros: can hold a lot and looks good. Comfortable shoulder straps. Good number of pockets. Handy with the USB port.
cons: top handle is only made using PU, so I wouldn't use it too often when the backpack is loaded up. It would increase the backpacks versatility if it had a crossbody strap in addition to the backpack straps.
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By Jazztyke
4.7 | 1,670 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Thank you product describe. Recommended.
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Has lots of pockets and compartments. Fits my laptop, books and other stuff... it's quite spacious yet compact. I haven't used the usb charging port and probably won't be using in the near future. Generally a good bag for the price
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By Mattie
First impression: OK size & OK quality but feels cheap.
Some compartments to organize your stuff for easy finding.
There is a strap to slip onto luggage handles too.
USB cable for charging etc.
Not much padding on shoulder straps and carry handle, both are thin & narrow.
NO padding on backs at all
Only one zip open compartment
it's a goner. Returned.
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By James
4.7 | 1,560 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
They don't come any easy to assemble than this one. It just fits together without screws or bolts. It was perfect for my application which was using a Akai APC40 mk2 Midi Pad controller on my desk in front of me. It was a perfect height. The balance was good too. The computer keyboard fits under it and is fully accessible. I have to add a couple of strips of rubber padding for the keyboard to rest on so it didn't get damaged but that was easy. Great Item.
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By Darryl
Absolutely happy with my purchase! The stand is sleek, sturdy and it doesn't take up too much space on my desk! I love the grey it comes in as well. A bit too high of a price tbh but the fact that I bought it shows it wasn't major concern for me. It might be for some so perhaps it's something to ponder on if you decide to get it. All in all, love it.
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By Fariq Kamaludin
While the product itself is good quality, the product description is incorrect.

It states = Ergonomic Holder Compact Riser Portable Design for 10 to 17.3 inch PC Desktop Computer Screen Display.

I placed my 17" laptop onto the stand and it falls back due to no sufficient support, the stand is clearly not meant for a device that is of 17" let alone 17.3"
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By V1D30
4.7 | 1,335 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
The bag arrived really quickly; I was surprised how quick.
It looks great and I love the strong material.
Plenty of space, and the little pouch in the lumbar cushion is ideal for phone, train pass etc.
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By Ian M Hurry
Had other other bags previously but this is one of the best I have bought. Just the right balance between size, balance, robustness, value for money and functionality. Travels with me everywhere as a faithful companion!
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By MakeItBetter
The bag looks good quality, strong and sturdy. Haven't used much because of COVID-19. Bought it as a gift for hubby. The product arrived well in time.
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By Sandra
4.7 | 1,137 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a very well built very nice designed laptop stand. I picked this up the other week and have been using it since. The design allows for great airflow for your laptop. I'm using a large laptop and it fits perfect, no concerns about it falling over, etc. It looks great on my desk. I'm using it at work and it's given me a heap more space on my desk.

It feels really sturdy, looks great and does a good job. I would recommend for anyone looking at a laptop stand for their desk.
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By Liam Swan
We were very happy with this laptop stand. It is not only sturdy and well constructed but also beautiful. The materials used are nicely finished and has the same look and feel as my macbook and other apple products. The stand is strong and can easily take the weight of my 15" macbook pro. It is at a good height for working on and my neck is very grateful. I like the simplicity of design, quality of finish and appreciate the strength and stability this stand provides - recommend!
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By Adrian
It is great little laptop stand made by sturdy aluminium with silicone pads for stability . It looks preety and work perfectly. My laptop never get hot becouse of Plenty rooms of two projection arms. Using this stand outs it directly at my eye level and reduce my need to slouch.
It's very good by look and works .
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By Subash
4.7 | 1,006 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a decent backpack, paid AUD 51.99 with free shipping. Arrived in a very reasonable time. The bags design is smart and sharp, there are plenty of pockets, compartments and sections to this bag so you should have no trouble fitting everything you need in it. I'm a backpacker so this will be used as much carry on luggage/day pack and I see no problems with even fitting in an extra pair of clothes and underwear along with everything else I travel with. I especially like that it has a pocket on the inside just for your powerbank so you can charge up on the go.
Cant speak as to how tough it is nor how long it will last but I think by the looks and feel of it that I will get plenty of use from this bag, no complaints from me :)
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By Jack Evatt
I ordered this product for a trip I will be taking to Europe and it looks more than suitable.
It has a rear secure pocket for valuables and the ability to add luggage locks on the main compartments should I feel the need. Very roomy and fits my laptop in perfectly with loads of room for heaps of other things.
It looks very durable and I love all the compartments so I can separate things into categories which, when travelling, will come in handy.
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By Nicole
Not sure if this is just my unit, or the same for everyone, but there is something very high resistance in the USB connector or cable that is dropping charging speeds by ~46%.

My testing involves using short, very high quality USB cables and Ampere, an android app that measures incoming current (how much power is being delivered to the phone). The higher current, the faster the charge speed.

My short and high quality cable was able to pass through 1680 milliamps of current from my belkin powerbank. I'm using this figure as the 'control' sample. When plugged into the powerbank via the USB pass-through however, it was only able to hit a max of 910 milliamps.

The internal cable is a bit long, so as a sanity check, I tested with a significantly longer 3 metre cable and saw a moderate reduction in the max charge speed, around 400 milliamps from the
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By Michael Barnett
4.6 | 11,986 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I like this backpack, it has enough pockets and areas to sort all of my stuff. The two things that I like about this backpack are it sits upright on its own, even when empty (so it does not want to fall over all of the time) and the strap provided allows me to sit it securely on top of my wheeled flying luggage. This means that I can keep all of my luggage together at the airport and then separate it neatly, without my backpack falling over or falling off the top of my main luggage.
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By Dusty Bill
The soft grey colour helps this backpack fit in in any business environement, it has gotten more compliments from people I work with than any other I have had. On a value for money basis it out does all my other backpacks I've had over the last 30 years.
All the pockets are easy to get to, the zips slide smoothly, the carry handle is soft with sufficient width to enable easy carry without cutting into your hand even with a full 12 Kg load that I occasionally have. I am seriously considering getting another to put away for the day, hopefully a long time in the future, that this one wears out.
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By Petert
The bag is great, looks good and should hold everything i need. Only downside is the stated size of the laptop it holds is up to 15.6 inch. As you can see by the photo is a very snug fit and i fear overtime the bag will split at the corners where the laptop protrudes out. I can fit it ok in the front pocket, just not the designed space at the rear.
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By Colin Partridge
4.6 | 7,631 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Initially bought the 9-11" for the new 10.5" iPad Air, but I optimistically thought it would have some room left to include the case. Unfortunately it did not fit at all. I believe without the case, it will be just right...although the zippers might scratch an unprotected tablet. And it would have been impossible anyway to fit anything bulky in the external pocket. Ended up going to with 13" which can fit the Air encased in a Logitech Slim Combo case with Apple Pen. Space left for the sleeve to expand for other tech gear if necessary. My tip is to really check the internal size of the case, and maybe go up a size or two.
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By Stephanie C
I got this case for my sister's 9.7 inch iPad. I wanted a slightly larger sleeve as her iPad is in a protective case/stand. It fits perfectly and zips up without an issue. There is a separate zipped pocket on the front which has space for her phone. Also there is a nice soft material on the inside which I believe would protect her iPad from bumps and scratches.
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By J N Savic
The colour and finish and nice, but the case does not offer protection on the corners, my laptop was damaged when dropped in the case because it fell on a corner without any protective padding.
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By Dr. J. S. Dodd
4.7 | 793 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I got my order sooner than the advised delivery date and it was just as described. I popped the cards into my computer and it runs like a brand new machine! I cannot believe it...I had been suffering from a lagging, super slow laptop, wondering how to fix it and then I got the suggestion to upgrade the RAM. I haven't looked back or suffered a lag in loading my programs and web browsers since.
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By Carlitos
Just as advertised, worked perfectly in my Toshiba Portege Z30-A
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By Peter Quin-Conroy
Ordered to replace some faulty ram - ALL GOOD! NO ERRORS!
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By Richard Collins
4.6 | 4,045 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Image is clear and well printed, very smooth texture, make sure you measure the size of the area you want to place it because it is very large. No issues with delivery and flattens out nicely on the desk. Haven't had to wash it so cannot comment on that, but it remains completely stain free for the week that I've used it. Would recommend.

EDIT- I have had it for a few months now and it's still as perfect as day one, pics after 3+months
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By Kirsty
I'm very happy with the way this product was presented. The stitching is decent and just about all the Continents are present bar the Arctic and Antarctica which would be hard to include without altering the dimensions of the desk pad.
Countries are fairly easy to read but some Capitalisation inconsistencies. I didn't notice any spelling mistakes though which is a plus. I like the colour, which is subtle but just vibrant enough to catch people's attention.

Overall it suits my setup since mine is light wood based. It came packed in a draw string bag and postage was very quick. There is no strong rubber smell apparent with other brands. Sits flat on the desk with no curling and mouse glides across it well. Would take a pic but setup is a mess at the moment. Would buy again if it wears out. Priced well.
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By Matthew Dunn
I wouldn't say it is of great quality but for the price it is certainly worth it. The size specification on product description is NOT ACCURATE and should be corrected. This mouse mat is a little shy of the regular sized 90cm x 40cm and only measured at 88cm x 39.5cm. Probably overlooked by many but not all. Other than that it is a value buy, the mat is thin, the stitch and the print is good and looks nice for the money. Obviously don't compare it to the well made glorius mats or other branded mats which cost many folds than this one. I wouldn't try washing this and it certainly is not advertised as washable, so won't try to anyway. I will recommend this mat for the budget price and the quality of it. Just beware of the dimensions. If you are someone like me who wanted a
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4.6 | 2,611 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Like... I did not expect it to be almost the size of my entire working space but, now that I have it, I am so glad it IS the size of my entire working space. I feel like I can use my mouse anywhere! Feel like outstretching your arm? NO PROBLEM! Feel like working with the left hand today? NO PROBLEM! Feel like having a hot bevvy and not damaging your desk wood? NO PROBLEMO, Karen!

Also, very foldable and ergonomic. 10/10
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By Nakita
This product is absolutely awesome, would 100% recommend to anyone. people complained about the smell but it doesn't really and it has only sat on my desk for 1 day and is already starting to flatten. Arrived really fast and has great rubber grip under it. cool design and so far doing an awesome job.
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By Karl
I know they know it smells bad. They put a vanilla sachet oderiser in the packaging. Whatever rubber they're using has a smell so bad that it gave me a headache. I ended up washing it with detergent & hung it out on the clothesline for a week. After that I sprayed it with a clear sealant... IT STILL SMELLS! ...But nowhere near as bad as before. It no longer gives me a headache either. So I'll use it until I find a better one. At least it looks and feels as good as one would hope.
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By ~S
4.6 | 1,612 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Awesome! It holds my 17.3 inch laptop with it's huge power adapter. Plus a cooling pad of the same size as the laptop, an air vacuum for the laptop, wireless charger, power bank, my book and it still has space and pockets for alot more. One down side to it that i noticed is the crooked angle of which the shoulder hangers are sewed to the bag (as seen in the photo). Not that it makes a big difference or an issue. Maybe if you're carrying it on your back for long times with heavy weight.
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By Samer
This bag has gotten great reviews by lots of overly enthusiastic buyers. So here's my low down:
It doesn't heal the sick.
It didn't reverse global warming.
I'm not more attractive.

What it did do is:
Allow me to pack my belongings in a simple and organised fashion.
Have enough space to accommodate my laptop, A4 notepads, external hard drive, rain coat, pencil case (yes, I still use one), phone, wallet and car keys in easy to use compartments.
And, it's just really comfortable.

I'd recommend it.
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I bought this for a 4 day art vacation where I had to lug around not only my lunch but all my art equipment – small drawing board, drawing pad, 2 lunchbox-sized containers filed with paints, inks and brushes, large water bottle, small water bottle, my lunch container, a self-inflated cushion seat, mini snack boxes, phone, sunscreen etc and there was plenty room for more. I'm a small person and although it was heavy with all my stuff it felt comfortable on my back and kept my back straight which was nice.

I tried using the USB charger but I dont think I charged it long enough, though couldn't tell if it was charged or not. Although there are a LOT of compartments, most I didnt use, I did love the three main compartments as they were all decent enough in size to be practical.
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By meegan
4.6 | 1,313 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
The size is little big for 15.4” MacBook Pro. But the quality is really good and is really good to protect from dust and and physical damage. This is very handy and the best part is there is an extra pocket for carrying charger and other accessories.
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By Lakshya Sareen
Was exactly as described and was delivered very quickly. Perfect protection for my laptop and much easier to carry around now. Side pouch fits adapter and power cord and mouse so everything in one place and portable.
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By Paul Down
Exactly what I wanted, very well made.
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By Kuldeep
4.6 | 1,155 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Such a perfect bargain product. Perfect for my Asus Scar III 17.3" laptop, which is huge. I had concerns that it might not fit, but it is perfect. The interior of the sleeve looks and feels like premium material. Very happy with the buy.
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By Nicholas
Excellent product, very happy and keeps my MacBook micro safe whilst looking professional
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By Jamie
Good product, delivered very quickly
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By Roman
4.6 | 1,045 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I’m currently using this bag everyday and I’m loving it! It does not hurt my shoulder after carrying it for long hours. It fits a 15” laptop and also has a compartment for iPad too. It comes with a cute makeup bag and the pockets are big enough to put everything in. I love the material, it is not thick leather like those other bags which makes it heavy, instead it is sturdy, lightweight, waterproof, and looks really professional!
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By aloeverahe
I use it for my laptop + iPad, and all my bits and bobs that I transport all day (chargers, sunglasses, pens, sachets of energy drinks, you name it, everything has a place. In the middle I have my wallet and diary and whatever else I need that day, if anything. So organised! And such a great price.
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By Anne P.
The bag is smaller than it looks and I can’t even fit in my 15 inch laptop. You need to have a super thin one to even fit it with all of the pockets inside. In fact, it better fits my iPad than a laptop and once the pockets have items in them, the laptop wouldn’t even fit in.
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By Alina Irwin