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4.8 | 43,646 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Genuine 128GB SD Card. Used H2testW to verify. Works on my Nintendo Switch.
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By Arlags
This is an excellent card. Bought for my note 9 to increase storage as I take lots of photos. Very impressed with its speed when transfering from card reader to my PC. Also looks to be made super tough. Highly recommend it if your planning to increase your smart phone capacity. Just please make sure that your phone supports higher capacity memory cards
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By Trusted reviewer
Arrived in time as stated.
Micro-SD cards are working.
But it said 30Mb/s writing speed.
I trasferd 4Gb of data to one of the sd cards, using the laptop's sd card slot. I checked the speed during file transfer. It reached about 27Mb/s at a few instances. Most of the time it was writing at speed of about 200Kb/s. So the writing speed was changing from about 50Kb/s to 27Mb/s.
I am not sure whether this speed change due to the nature of the file.
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By Dr. Fernando
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4.7 | 15,102 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I only use Sandisk SD cards. They’re reliable.

Just beware that you won’t get 170mb/s write speeds. But I knew that going in, so I’m not upset at all. I’m quite happy with the price considering because a few years ago I paid more money for a smaller card.
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By David Norris
Bought 2 128GB Sandisk Extreme Pro 170MB/s for my Lumix G9 from Amazon website & sold by Amazon. Performance is the same as the Sandisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s for the same price. Don’t expected any faster. The reason I bought this was to upgrade to a larger card capacity. Would love to have a faster card like the Extreme Pro 300MB/s but it is way too expensive. If you intend to use this card for 4K the Extreme Pro 170MB/s is absolutely good enough. By the way the cards have been verified by Sandisk as 100% genuine or 100% authentic and I didn’t have any issue registered them on Sandisk website. Highly recommended!
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By Thai
I bought this card hoping to achieve the advertised read speeds. The card does not achieve its advertised read speed of 170MB. You will get around 90MB/s. I tested this on two cards. First was the original card that they sent and the second card was a replacement card. Both cards read speed was around 90MB/s.

I am using Sandisk Imagemate® PRO card reader with the card. I tested the card reader and my computer with Pro Grade cards, and they achieve the advertised speed almost 200MB/s.

For many, the read speed may not be important then this is an absolutely fine card but if you need to transfer large files quickly (say 170MB/s or more) then you are better to look for another card such as Pro Grade.
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By Silvis
4.7 | 8,896 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Fantastic case! Perfect!! so much better than the tech 21 evo rox case I had. It’s feels great, looks great and offers protection for the camera and screen edges . the plastic is sturdy enough it doesn’t peel away from the corners when you take it out your pocket like the tech 21 case did. Also the glass finish on the back doesn’t have any air bubbles like the apple clear cases have.
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By James C.
I purchased three different cases for my iPhone XR, this one was the cheapest and the best. It’s a great fit, but what I really like is that just as it has a raised outline on the rear of the phone to protect the camera,it also has a raise on the front of the phone too, this give the screen more protection.
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By J4217
I’ve had the case for about 2 months now and it’s started to go yellow in the edges. It looks terrible against my bright red iPhone. It shows dust underneath the case. It shows scratches and fingerprints very easy. Disappointed
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By Oliver Freeman
4.7 | 5,747 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Makes such a difference to product photography when you reflect the light properly - very impressed with the lighting that can be achieved using this set.
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By Mick B
to take anywhere and get that light adjustment you need. portability makes it fun to go and experiment so photography skills
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By Stephane
This replaced another reflector I've had for 15 years. It is so low cost compared to my original one but quality looks good so far. Happy with Purchase!
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By Andrew Francis
4.7 | 5,000 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I received this SanDisk promptly within the timeframe advertised, and I am very pleased with the result.
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By Hendrik Boddendyke
Great speeds. Record 4k on these with ease.
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By tony nguyen
By Staya
4.7 | 1,717 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Fits my phone or ipad no problems and I can charge either in any orientation. Stops the camera on my phone from being scratched too. Sits at a perfect angle on my desk or kitchen (for reading recipes or playing songs and has a soft pad on the back and bottom to stop it and the phone from sliding around. I got two. Now I'm thinking about getting a third to keep at work. Probably the only thing that goes against it is that it is not compact i.e. it takes up a bit of volume. But I'm not planning to store it any time soon, so happy to accept its larger size for the strength, practicality and stability it brings.
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By James Hewison
Could not hold my Pixel XL with case in place without falling off the stand. Was not much good to the cause. Width of the phone grip area is approx 15mm, claims of usability with a case was not substantiated and so no good if your using a case. Had to return with great regret. The seller did ship very promptly and that was appreciated.
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By Robert
Great looking stand for the price and quality was fantastic. I also appreciated the fact that the branding was on the back and didn't detract from the look of the stand.

My only negative is that while the stand is quite sturdy, I did have an issue where I found it can be somewhat easy to knock the stand over if you are using it in combination with a larger device sitting upright such as a Galaxy S10+ with case attached. Other than that, the stand didn't have any issues when used with devices in landscape mode, even larger devices such as an 11inch iPad Pro.
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By Matthew Kairys
4.7 | 1,690 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was getting some black spots on my images that could not be removed with a thorough blow from my Giottos Rocket, so I decided to have a go at cleaning the camera sensor myself. This kit had decent reviews and was reasonably priced. The instructions were clear enough and each swab was individually sealed. Each swab was a tiny bit short for my Canon APS-C sensor, so I used two in the recommended manner - with a drop of fluid - and tossed them away. The procedure was quick and easy, not as stressful nor as difficult as I had imagined. Just be gentle and steady. To my delight the images from my DSLR are now spot-free once more.
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By AKA Crow
This kit successfully removed a spot that's been bugging me for some time on my Pentax K-r. Now I can take some decent street photographs again.
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By aussiedeafman
The width is narrower than my nikon D500 cropped sensor and solution does not drop easily. The solution cleans properly leaving no residue.
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By Philip Siao
4.7 | 1,620 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Seems like it is well constructed ... comes in its own case too which is really handy.

I personally love the silver one for reflecting the sunlight for outdoor portraits if it's cloudy.

The translucent one is brilliant for defusing the sun through it on days that are too sunny, and the white as a reflector for the flash/speedlight for indoors.

It is super light and so easy to pack after your all finished.

I know it not technically what it's designed for, but I recently also used it as a portable backdrop for a quick portrait I needed to do ... worked brilliantly!!

Really happy with this purchase.
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By Diamond
This does the exact same job as more expensive reflectors. Very portable and easy to use. Seems to be incredibly durable, and is of excellent quality after a few weeks of abuse.
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By Steven Petro Perdikis
does what it said on the box and does it well. very easy to fold back up too.
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By The lad with the stuff
4.7 | 1,287 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great value. Shipped on time. product works fine. After 6 months of use still seems in perfect condition, indicating it is durable. A very handy item.
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By David Graieg
Exactly what I needed, flexibility with different types of bounce yet compact for easy storage. Great value for money.
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By Andrew777
The picture of the product gives the impression that it consists of 5 individual reflectors - it's not!

It's a pocket that is zipped around a collapsable frame and while it has white, silver, gold, and black surfaces only one surface can be used at any one time.

None-the-less it's good quality.
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4.7 | 1,230 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Product worked perfect on Sony A7Rii and A7Riii, no issues at all...

The product guide supplied reports you to remove the battery from mirrorless camera's however I found this not to be correct for the Sony Mirrorless units... reason being is if you remove the battery or power off the camera the in-body image stabilisation system moves the sensor around allot making cleaning difficult... Best to perform the sensor clean option in the camera menu which will 'lock' the sensor in place then you can lightly clean the sensor using the swabs without it moving all over the place.
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By Jonathan C.
Works fine. Just don’t put too much fluid on to the stick otherwise you’ll be wasting more sticks trying to remove the dried up fluid off the sensor. You actually need to press harder than imagine to lift dust and dirt off sensor. Advice is to do everything in a sterile dust free environment. Especially if it’s a Sony. The heat from internals will suck dust in while you’re cleaning like a fly to a bbq.
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By The guy from Dakara Dirt
These are described as being cleaning swabs for full frame sensors. But the swab is too large to fit the narrow mirror box of the Nikon D850. So, to me, they were useless, unfit for purpose, and better off in the rubbish bin. I wish I hadn't wasted my time ordering and trying them. Better off taking camera to a professional repairer.
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4.7 | 1,155 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
So many USB C adapters/hubs use Display Link which is software driven. This means you need to mess around with their driver and the performance isn't great, nor is the hit on battery life/cpu usage. This adapter is perfect as the HDMI port uses USB C alt mode so you get the full performance of your GPU and 4K output works well. The pass through PD charging works well and is able to keep my macbook pro fully charged while under heavy load.

This adapter means I can reduce all my cables down to a single one that is easy to plug in.
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By Jaimyn Mayer
Product as described.. Haven't had an issue with heating.. Work with my xps 13 when I plug in hdmi, wireless keyboard mouse, hard drive on at the same time with consistent performance..
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By sunnysshrestha
I had a look around online to see what was the best USB C hub for my Macbook 12". Given that it only has one USB C port I had to invest in a hub. I was looking at getting the Satechi port which plugs in and sits on the side of the MacBook but decided to get something with a short cable to the hub. I was really glad I did in the end. The quality of the product is great. I am using it to connect my macbook to pass through power, HDMI monitor and keyboard. Its good because it doesn't heat up even after hours of use. The underside of the hub has a rubbery finish which means it keeps it and the surface under it scratch free. I have had no issues with disconnection or power issues since using it. Plug connects well and is sturdy.
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By Laura
4.7 | 1,110 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
So far I love it. No complaints. Affordable, lightweight, comfortable on my back, great adjustable compartments, doesn't feel cheap. Enough space for my 6d mark ii and 2 other lenses and then some! Front pockets great too. I was able to fit a thick book and my tablet in the front. It doesn't have space for a laptop but I wouldn't be travelling around on photo trips with my laptop anyway. There also wouldn't be much room for food and large snacks. Doesn't bother me.
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By Leigh
This is really a great camera back pack that is well designed for one camera and accessories. The camera is nestled in the middle of the pack giving added protection. Plenty of room for a iPad or book, filters, meter, cables, another lens or two depending on the size of the lens. I’m very happy with this pack.
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By B. Eibisch
I love everything about this bag. The colour is perfect for me because I can easily identify it amongst a sea of black bags. It’s the perfect size, fits all my equipment and is well made. I one hundred percent recommend this bag to anyone who is looking for a camera bag. It’s worth the money!
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By Sunflower
4.7 | 1,095 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Folds down so small I forget I have it sometimes! Which isn't great as whenever I use it in a frame it just saves so much time colour grading. Has worked perfectly for every white balance picker I've done in Adobe Premiere and Davinci Resolve. An essential piece of gear in my bag!
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By streamer
Item was exactly what I ordered.
Shipping was fast, even with standard delivery, which was free (with other purchases that meant a total order over AUD39).

If you want to reproduce life-accurate skin tones in your videos, you need to custom white balance and this simple piece of gear allows you to do that. Worth ever cent.
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By Paul Douglas
Works well .
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By Owen Davies
4.6 | 25,044 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Purchased the film for my daughters instax camera, she has not stopped snapping off pictures from the time our delivery arrived. Many thanx Amazon & Harris great product.
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By Christopher Browne
I had purchased this film along with the Kiipix Photo Printer which is a cheap alternative to Fujifilm instax mini. I would not consider the results to be the best of quality with this combination which is understandable. Every picture taken is a bit grainy and the color is a little washed out. Film is about 1.5"x2.5" in size. These films do not come cheap. Apart from that in today's world the images look old and out of the 90's

Its probably a novelty purchase, something you want to buy if you want to take a snap when friends come over and you want them to have a souvenir or maybe for kids to play with. Hence, I had average expectations and not disappointed with the purchase.
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By Sam
Both 10 pack cartriages were faulty, kept getting stuck in the camera. Never had a problem with any other film. Complete waste of $20
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By sarah
4.7 | 679 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great little light source. Small, portable, decent battery life and can get very bright for it's size. Best of all is that the light itself is well diffused so it's not uneven by any means.
Easy to charge via micro USB, allowing it to be compatible with your power bank too. The carry case is a little bulky though but it has a good quality clip that you can hook on to belt loops or to a bag quite easily.
You can also remove the diffuser very easily. It's attached to the body with magnets that are strong enough to hold it in place. It comes with a darker plastic filter that you can place in between the diffuser and the body to alter the light output through the diffuser. You can use cellophane to change it to any tint you like. Highly recommended!
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By Amazon Customer
I am using this light source for videoconferencing and online speech therapy sessions. Because of the placement of my windows in my home office and lounge room my face is often too dark for clients to see all of my facial expression. I needed something I could easily adjust and manipulate to achieve the best lighting possible for clients to see my facial expression and articulation of sounds. It was exactly what I needed to add to my current work space. I still have other light sources in the room, but this comes in handy as a quick fix when needed.
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By Marina Arrebola
"The light works really well" would be an understatement. The product is great, charged quickly and lasted for over 2hrs 30mins on max brightness. Was shipped in such a short amount of time as well. Highly recommended if you want a small pocket light that does an amazing job.
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By Frismo
4.6 | 3,865 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I got this to use on customer PC's when I do work on them, so I wanted a USB 3.0 Speed to be able to Boot an OS from, AND to keep the card Write Protected when I use an SD with say, Antivirus Software on it, so the target PC can't attack the files.

Works perfectly for that purpose, and the second slot also allows to throw in a second card that you backup things to, if you don't have another USB Stick at the time.

Easier to have a small box/wallet of SD/MicroSD cards to carry then a stack of much larger USB Drives.

Very good device.
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By Marco Piampiani
i bought a camera from the thrift store but the software that i had to download to transfer the photos onto my laptop was too old and incompatible with the ios version i had on my mac. so i bought this SD card adapter as a last resort and im so happy with it !! works super amazing with no issues at all !! super easy to use.
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By eller
You don't really need to think too hard about this one. It reads SD cards and doesn't require any setup, just plug and play. The cable is rigid enough to support the card reader on its own so just stick it in.
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By Mark Aspinall
2 offers from product price
4.6 | 3,127 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Daughter will be very happy 😊
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By Warren kelly
Great value for money
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The item wasn't sealed with sticky tape or something to indicate it wasn't damaged. Also the box was dirty proving to me the care taken with this product
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By Jenan
4.6 | 2,901 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought one of these to load the SD cards for my raspberry pi devices. Works completely fine, at a decent speed. I can't speak to the exact speeds as I didn't test, but it's plenty fast enough for installing linux onto an SD.

The entire build is plastic, and seems pretty solid. Great value for money. Warms up a bit but haven't had any issues with heat.

Something like this would cost more than $70 in a department store. Great purchase.
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By Beau
I tested it with a micro SD card in an adaptor but the PC would not boot nor shutdown. It would boot if I removed the SD card and shutdown. Using an SD card from a camera it functioned as expected.

From this I conclude that the micro SD card is faulty and shall purchase another. BTW: when that card was finally recognised, don't ask me why, I could not format it.
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By Stuart Bates
Cerainly improves the reading speed of SD cards compared to a USB2 reader.
The cable is fixed attached to the device and a bit short if you want to connect it to the rear USB3 connectors of a desktop PC.
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By MyName
4.7 | 587 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a great tripod with a monopod built in; this is something you will normally be paying over $100 for. When the knobs are tightened, none of the swivels budge. I will recommend this product the next time somebody asks me about owning a tripod.
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By Nate
I don't want to discourage someone not to buy this BUT if you're in a budget then buy this.
Some stuff: Please don't judge me I'm also new in camera gear stuff so basically this is my opinion
*Cheap (enough to not surprise your parents!)
*Good enough for beginners (like me)
*Can handle any camera dslrs/mirrorless (except very heavy lenses and large sliders)
*Very cheaply made head cant handle to attach a large slider or a very heavy camera lens and if you do add some heavy camera lens or a large slider (it's alright if you have two tripods to support a slider) then it will start to make some cranking sounds and stuff)
*Not sturdy enough especially the hook to anchor weights underneath the tripod head was made with PLASTIC so basically if you put heavyweights out there for a long period of time then expect that would break (Personally I don't attach weights
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By sitharrr
I've used it a couple of times so far. It's good for basic photography. It is very light and flimsy. It wouldn't be useful if shooting in windy conditions and it's too flimsy to hold large lenses. It would probably fall over. Though it does have a weight hook so you can add a sand bag to keep it steady. I've mostly used it for fireworks and have noticed a little bit of movement in the photos. I've added a photo to show my results with fireworks.
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By Notoca
4.7 | 477 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
For the Price, these are a steal! Spring stops on the inner tube is nice to have at this price point and the feel really sturdy, they don't feel cheap, over kill for my home studio and limited location use really. The only thing I don't like was the fact that it is riveted together, I honestly don't see that ever being an issue, as I can replace with bolts in the years to come anyways.
FYI This does not come with a carry bag.
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By luke
Great for light or heavy lights. Sturdy and affordable
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By Chamo
I love these light stands. They are nice and solid, heavy enough to be stable without being too heavy, seem well made and the height is awesome.
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By Tim Fowler