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4.4 | 2,771 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Absolutely the best heart rate monitor on the market.
Forget spending hundreds of dollars on a gimmicky watch, all you need is the H10 and connect to the free Polar Beat APP.
I love this so much I bought 2.
And AMAZON delivers on time every time.
Thank you AMAZON
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By Allan
Bought this to replace older model Polar HRM. The monitor is simple to use and the stats are easily readable in the Polar Beat app on your phone. Using phone to track workouts is much easier than trying to read work out data off a small watch like older models.
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By Lynda Day
Brilliant performance and connectivity. Added this to use with smart watches (Garmin Instinct and Apple Watch) as wrist heart rate is just not accurate for me when exercising. This solves that problem!
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By Amazon Customer
4.3 | 1,786 customer ratings
81% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I used to be a York Pedometer fanatic but since encountering the 3D Tri Sport will now no longer go past this pedometer unless a superior is produced.
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By Amazon Customer
Great product.
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By Paddy
By Janice Muir
4.4 | 676 customer ratings
83% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
The band is a great value for the price... The color is cool and fit on nicely with the fitbit watch... The band feels pretty similar to the original one... However due to covid 19, it might take more than a month to reach you...The customer service is helpful in this situation, very supportive and efficient.
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By hel
As described. I've had 3 of the 'stock' wristbands from fitbit break at the buckle. The rubber is too thin for the stress of my wrist movement.

This band has a much thicker bit of rubber around the buckle so I have some faith this will last much longer than the stock bands. The band is a perfect fit for my alta HR and is very comfortable.
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By Ebb
The bands seem quite good for the price and function just like the original band off the fitbit. Only time will tell if they last as long as the originals. The downside was these bands took forever to arrive (ordered mid-April and arrived start of June). I've never had an item take that long before yet the seller was prompt in responding when I asked for an update, however they could only provide tracking information while the items were in China.
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By Adam W
4.2 | 16,997 customer ratings
78% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
After looking across the whole fitbit range I found that the Charge 2 offers majority of the features and still looks like a Smart Watch. It's important to note that it isn't a Smart Watch but still has some it's features such as call and message notifications plus variable faces through the fitbit app.

If you're looking for an inexpensive fitness tracker then I would highly recommend this!
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By Michael Prepost
After many months of problems with the Garmin vívofit (failure to reset, lost steps, failure to count fitness minutes, wrong time), I gave up and ordered this fitness watch. The advantages of the Garmin are long battery life (mine lasted almost a year), waterproof cover, and light feel (almost never had to take it off). The FITBIT Charge2 needs recharging every 4-5 days, is water resistant (but not proof - so shower seems okay, but no swimming), and it heavier than the Garmin. Other than that, though, the FITBIT is a more useful fitness watch in every respect. The display is easier to read than the Garmin and after 5 months no problems, except the connect icon keeps disappearing from my laptop toolbar. In contrast to Garmin Support (who tended to be stroppy and unhelpful), however, FITBIT support chat was fast, polite and helpful (solution was just to reinstall).
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By David Walter
Got it as a gift for a friend, works as expected and it's working as a source of inspiration for her.

My only gripe is more with the seller than the product & that is that I ordered 2 of them, but only one shipped. The other one I got a message saying "there was a problem with your payment details for this purchase". I checked with my bank and other systems and can confirm there was no issue at my end blocking it, so it's either an amazon or seller thing. Just weird as it worked to buy one of them but not the other...
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By Josh
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4.2 | 9,730 customer ratings
80% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Useful although navigation not necessarily instinctive.
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By Amazon Customer
Still learning how to use it. I'll get there! It'll take a while for this oldie to understand the technology.
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By Jane
Love my Fitbit, keeps me motivated, easy to use, easy to log food etc. Would recommend to anyone that was thinking about buying one.
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By pina holland
4.3 | 780 customer ratings
85% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
It did arrive later than stated but that may have been because of Christmas and the stress on the postal system. I have had one before, an older model, and all the things that were a bit of a problem, has now been fixed. Really like the fact that the weather is also added to the face. Not sure I would like to try swimming in it, that is what destroyed the older one, so I'm not game to try this one. Lots of new things this one can do that the older one could not, especially having the indoor cycle and free training, 2 things that was not on my older one, that I really wanted, so I'm very pleased with it.
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By Dragon Lady
We purchased this particular band for Christmas for our 12 yr old daughter who does competitive swimming. We searched for a watch/band that was water resistant and could measure SWOLF. In my research this particular brand/band came recommended on a number of sites as a budget option that is on par with the fit bit. So far so good. Yet to test It out swimming with the SWOLF option through the Huawei Health app. Updates are easily done too and it’s been pretty easy to figure out even the the instructions were all in Chinese as well as the bands writing! We were a little worried at first but the app is pretty self explanatory and changed the band to English.
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By Rebecca
When received there were no instructions at all, and the displayed language was Chinese. After searching online for a while I discovered you had to firstly select the particular Huawei model on your phone, then before pairing it, reset your phone's language to a different language (just use another English country) before resetting it back to your own country's English. Weird but it worked. The Huawei worked great for a couple of weeks but then it suddenly couldn't display all the sleep details. No amount of resetting has cured that. It's also very disappointing that there is no apparent facility for downloading the records to a spreadsheet etc. Surely that's a basic requirement. Otherwise, it's quite comfortable to wear and easy to take off or put on. Display brightness has 3 settings and you need to have it bright to see it
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By Doug T
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4.3 | 482 customer ratings
84% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Small, lightweight and waterproof so doesn't get in the way. Dual connectivity over ANT+ and Bluetooth means you can connect to Zwift and your Garmin watch, for example, at the same time. Optical sensor works much, much better on the big arm muscles instead of the wrist as with watches. Doesn't suffer from not having enough moisture on the belt like chest straps have.. And with internal backup memory very reliable and redundant data!
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By Ruben Philipse
I love this heart rate sensor. I had to replace my old Polar FT4 and after reading some reviews I decided to buy it.
I use the sensor for jogging and some indoor workouts. The polar app is really helpful and the sensor is very accurate. I highly recommend this sensor.
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By Ricardo Vasquez
It works well for breaststroke and fly, good for freestyle provided the swimmer breathes to the same side as the sensor, but doesn't pick up too well in backstroke if the head is in the water, Some swimmers experience water leakage in the goggle as the sensor holds the strap proud of the temple.
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By coach
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4.1 | 4,031 customer ratings
76% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is my second purchase. The first one I used to leave in the shower after washing it so that it hung to dry with the unit dangling down. Having the unit still attached to the strap caused it to stay wet for a while due to water dropping down slowly; subsequently, the seal failed, and the unit was ruined.

So, in summary, great unit, works well, but take the unit completely off when letting the strap dry.
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By Chris
I have not problem with the device. But the apps' functionalities is limited in my opinion. It only desplays your current heart rate, you have to be responsible to the rest on your own (i.e., to control how you do the exercise to maintain HR zone). The app could be more interactive to user while doing exercise, support exercise plan (e.g., cardio, fat burn, endorance, etc.). Besides, the thirdparty apps linked to Wahoo apps are not interesting.
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I used a heart rate monitor from another company for years but somehow lost it. I bought this one recently based on the positive reviews. It's comfortable; that much I can say in favour of it. However, it often doesn't pick up my heart beat at all, and when it does it will fluctuate between non-existent and 190+ bpm. It's clearly a defective product. It is not just sitting on a table, unused. Total waste of money. I strongly recommend against buying this.
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By Amazon Customer