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4.8 | 2,174 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've purchased many vinyl covers over the years and these are hands down the best ever. I'm just about to order more to replace all of my existing covers as it has transformed our record shelves. They look so tidy and clear now! From a distance it barely looks like the vinyls have any sleeves on them. A couple of my bulkier vinyls are a bit thick for them but this is not a big deal. Very happy!
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By J. Day
7" vinyl 45rpm are hard to come by. These are quite thick which is great for protection.
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By Mick@SydneyAUS
Rugged, wrinkle-free and crystal clear covers. They make even my oldest record covers look like new. After buying 100, I decided to buy sufficient to do all of my albums. The only bad thing is that the manufacturers will only ship one pack of 100 per order. I have tried to order 200 at a time and the order gets reduced by Amazon to one pack of 100 at checkout.
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By Amazon Customer
4.8 | 219 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
The delivery arrived within the estimated delivery time. The product is very well packaged within a thick box. I also purchased the their king size mattress with memory foam to go as a set. I am pleased to see that the parts are individually wrapped (I guess it is to avoid abrasion) there is no damage to the metal nor timber components

The bedframe comes in parts, which made it easy for me to bring each of the member separately to my bedroom upstairs. The screws and parts are well packaged with clear label to indicate screw types that correspond to the illustrated instruction attached . It also comes with allan key, and a tightening tool. I do not need any extra tool of my own, which helps me to get on with the assembly right away.

Illustrated instruction attached in the package is very clear and make it so easy to
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By Aliza
I have purchased the King Bed and mattress (Mattress with Memory Foam) at the same time and am super happy with the products. The design is amazing --> looks great and the mattress is super comfortable. I was a bit sceptical buying a bed and mattress online because there is no way to try it but after reading a few of the positive reviews I decided to give it a try, considering the low price. It arrived within a few days and was super easy to assemble (the instructions are very easy to follow). This is by far one of the best beds/mattresses I have ever slept on.

The only thing that I wasn't happy about was the way it was delivered: the delivery company has just left the package downstairs in the lobby instead of ringing us and bringing it into the apartment. It wasn't easy for us to carry it upstairs, because it's quite heavy. Other than that, I'm very happy with the purchase and would highly recommend it to anyone.
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By Elena
The bed frame and mattress arrived separately but in excellent time with no hassles. Easy for me to assemble on my own and excellent quality for the affordable price. I have never purchased furniture online before, but have already recommended Zinus to a few friends. Carefully packaged with everything needed to put it all together. Looks great!
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By Melanie C
4.7 | 981 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
My son and I had fun putting this together. It is sturdy and ideal for his needs. The top chipped when one of the legs we were taking out of the box, slipped and struck it...DOH!!!! But we coloured it in with a black marker and no worries .. just be careful as you take everything out of the box, as it is packed in tight.
It’s a good gamers desk. My son enjoys the mouse pad it came with, too.
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By Victoria
Desk is very high quality and very well made will last for many years. Cosmetically very appealing. Very sturdy and will handle the most aggressive gamer. Cant fault this product it is exactly as they describe it and even better in real life.
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By john
Gaming desk arrived ahead of forecast schedule. Easy to assemble and the parts all seemed high quality and even has extra fixings of each type in case you lose one..a nice touch. Finished table looks awesome!!
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By Tony
4.7 | 870 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Since I'm studying from home, I decided to purchase a lap desk. Most desks I saw looked too small or flimsy. The Cooper Mega Table is exactly what I've been looking for.

It's sturdy and well-built. There's enough room for my MacBook Pro, tablet, phone, A4 book, AND my cup of coffee! But it's not TOO big. I have a queen-sized bed, and my husband has all the space he needs beside me. My son also uses it on his single bed.

I've got a bit of a tummy on me, and I can easily bring the desk right up as close as I want it due to the slight cut-out in the design. It doesn't hurt to rest my arms on it, thanks to the slight sloping at the front. I can fold my legs beneath it or stretch them out. It's the perfect height.

Aside from using it for studying, my
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By B. Leilua
Solid construction. I've had no back-pain since I started using this laptop. It offers plenty of space to put a big laptop such as MacBook Pro 15 inch; not just that, you could easily fit razor 17 inch 2020 on it as well. Although I should mention it, if you're using it in titled position (Which I always do), it's going to be hard to put a mouse on the table itself.

If you're looking for a solid constructed table to use as a base for your laptop to get some work done without straining your body while lying in your bed, look no further!

I recommend this product.
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By Sandeep Bansal
Very Big size and strong table. But need to improve a few things.
1. Table legs enter between sofa seats. Better to change table size little bigger or smaller.
2. Phone holder needs a hole for a phone charger.
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By James
4.6 | 3,267 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
holds my 32inch
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By isaac
Great quality the mounting bolt is f***ing thick asf your monitor is safe UwU.
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By Anon
I was hesitant on spending a bit more money than I'd like to on a monitor mount - but I figured with my new 34" gaming monitor I wanted it to be held up with a quality stand. This stand is so clean and nice looking - perfect for that minimalist look. Free's up so much space on my desk! I also love the added cable management hooks and holding spots for the allan keys so that it's convenient and easy to re-adjust (not that I've ever changed it from its set height).
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By Eyad
4.6 | 1,051 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have hummed and harred about whether or not to buy this product and I finally did it and I am more than glad I did. It is a quality made unit and I wouldn't have a problem recommending this to any of my friends and family. I have had it only for a short time, but if you get one you will straight away be impressed with the product. I use it with a 13" macbook air and find it very sturdy and safe to use. The height is great for my neck and shoulders, so I don't get knots in my muscles and so far have found it a joy to use.
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I initially bought the Kensington SmartFit Laptop Stand ( ) from OfficeWorks but returned it due to it not being able to bring the laptop screen up to the right height for me. I'm 187cm tall without shoes...

This stand is awesome! It's lightweight, packs down to nothing and is very stable. I have no reservations recommending this product! I would love it in titanium or aluminium instead of plastic, that whole thing about micro plastics everywhere... !
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By Tommy B.
This product is very light to carry around and with leveling, it makes it easy to match your eye level reducing your pain on neck and back.
One thing that I wish it was better is the quality of the plastic material. Some of the it is quite sharp and need sanding to make it smooth.
In overall, I would highly recomment this to people.
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By Travish
4.8 | 82 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
The bed frame was pretty easy to assemble and comes with two Allen keys and a clear set of instructions. A small person like myself didn't have trouble putting the parts together. The wooden planks come with velcro to prevent sliding on the metal frame and glue strips to stick your mattress to prevent it from sliding. I was skeptical about the sturdiness of a hollow metal bed frame but I've done a few jump tests and its solid as can be. I highly recommend it for someone who would like some extra storage space under the bed for a good quality bed frame on a budget. Arrived in 3 days.
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By Ahalya
I ordered this bed based on photos and other reviews. But it was nor what my wife wanted. That was my big mistake. I found this bed to be exceptionally well designed, manufactured, packed and presented - with remarkably clear and easy assembly instructions. Now, even my wife is happy with it. Little wonder Donald Trump is so worried about the Chinese competition.
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By MasEnt
Best flat pack bed I've ever had. Joked with my husband it was designed by a woman. The numbered instructions the tool provided the package the screws came in was all so fantastic, great care was taken to make a quality product that was so easy to assemble definitely recommending to all family and friends. And most of all it feels very sturdy the slats were long planks easy to put on, could not be happier and hope it lasts for a good few years.
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By Livia
4.6 | 254 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Surprisingly heavy box but easy for one person to assemble in 15 mins. All the fixings for different VESA mounts included. (5 different screw sizes). all the parts are well finished and edges rounded - you are unlikely to skin your knuckles. TV held securely. Wheels are better than average but only suitable for smooth terrain - they could be easily switched/upgraded if a lot of relocation is required in a school or commercial situation.
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By Dan Phillips
Our Samsung TV had mounting holes at different depths, so this "universal" stand didn't work out of the box. I had to go to a hardware store to get longer bolts and other bits to ensure it was mounted at the correct angle and secure. Also, although probably required for the stability of large screens, the base legs do cover quite a large area. Do carefully measure out just how large the base area is and consider if that's ok for you.
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By Nick Westgate
Overall a very good quality product but if you are thinking about mounting a 32" TV especially a TV with narrow space between the brackets then its almost impossible to mount it in the center on the stand as the two TV stand poles would not let you complete the last step of securing the TV with two screws so that it doesn't move sideways. I achieved it by mounting the TV slightly left/right so that the two TV brackets do not face the TV stand poles.
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By Kamran Changezi
4.8 | 63 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have purchased the King Bed (Zinus Ironline Metal and Wood Platform Bed Frame) and mattress at the same time and am super happy with the products. The design is amazing --> looks great and the mattress is super comfortable. I was a bit sceptical buying a bed and mattress online because there is no way to try it but after reading a few of the positive reviews I decided to give it a try, considering the low price. It arrived within a few days and was super easy to assemble (the instructions are very easy to follow). This is by far one of the best beds/mattresses I have ever slept on.

The only thing that I wasn't happy about was the way it was delivered: the delivery company has just left the package downstairs in the lobby instead of ringing us and bringing it into the apartment. It wasn't easy for us to carry it upstairs, because it's quite heavy. Other than that, I'm very happy with the purchase and would highly recommend it to anyone.
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By Elena
Ordered this mattress about 6 weeks ago, and very happy with this purchase. I’ve tried out over 5 dozen mattresses in store, and couldn’t find a perfect mattress that was comfortable and didn’t make a dent in a wallet. So, ordering a mattress online was a bit of a gamble, especially considering there were only 2 reviews here. But it turned out to be a very good purchase, it’s very comfortable and quite comparable to high end mattresses. The delivery was quick and hassle free.
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By Adel
I was nervous about buying a mattress online which didn't have a no quibble return option, but as it was about half the price of others and had good reviews I decided to risk it. So glad I did. Top quality mattress and such great value. It also didn't have the chemical smell that the memory foam mattresses have when first unwrapped and was comfortable from night 1 (our memory foam one took a couple of weeks to soften up). I highly recommend this mattress!
PS This is my first review on Amazon but wanted to leave one as reading other reviews really helped me make my decision :)
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By AbbyA
4.5 | 6,275 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this product for a couple of non-tech savvy friends. There were two goals - make the TV easier to clean/dust under and also to bring the IR receiver on the TV above the soundbar placed in front of the TV. This fit the bill nicely. It was very easy to install and seems reasonably sturdy. (For reference, the TV is a Sony 60" LCD). The instructions were easy to follow and it didn't take more than about 10 minutes to get it installed.
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By Andrew Piland
We bought this for our new 65" TV that otherwise would not have fit on the TV table. It was easy to assemble and attach to the TV, resulting in a stable base. Great price too. I would recommend this product.
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By Kay
The TV stand/Bracket does not hold a 65 inch flat screen.
The 65 inch flat screen is way too heavy for the stand .
What a waste of money ..
Pathetic advertising product
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By Georgios Triantos
4.5 | 2,730 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
An absolutely wonderful product. I bought it because I have Parkinson's and when reading the book jumps up and down so with the mind reader I can prop it up to the height I need and place my book on the stand and it's fantastic. Plus I use it for lots of other things as well which require a hard surface. Fantastic.
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By Wes & Sandra
Exactly what I wanted - light weight, yet sturdy, perfect cushions in place to sit on your lap - or could also sit on a table or desk. 7 different adjustable positions, 8 including fully flat. Top even locks in place, and has a carrying handle! Just love it, also a retractable lap that you can use to hold the laptop in place, or fold away if you don't want to use it!
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By Flying-Diva
Everything about the product is great except the that the surface isn't non-slip. This means that your notebook slides towards you, if you have it an any kind of an incline. I have put a rubber mat on it to stop that but wouldn't have expected to need to do that.
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By ActionBillboards
4.5 | 1,348 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great stand! Perfect and exactly as shown. You do have to do some assembly but it’s super easy and very stable! Would recommend
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By R. knoke
Ordered this item (bought 2) and they arrived very promptly, are exactly as described. Very easy to assemble and tidy up my desk ! They look smart and serve the purpose I wanted them for. My desk was a mess before these arrived. I would highly recommend. Thank you for a great product.
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By Animalia
nice rubber feet included though its very edgy, have to be very careful when i am putting it on the table and when putting it back.
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By Wayfarer858
4.7 | 83 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This bed is awesome! I wanted to wait a few months to post the review in case it turned out bad, but this bed is as great as when I first got it.
1-It comes in a box, and the box is HEAVY. This is the only bad part, and lets be honest- what bed isn't heavy?
2- It's comfortable enough for a back and side sleeper. You can't feel anyone else move on the bed which is nice if you are sharing it with someone who dances in their sleep
3- It's not too firm, but you don't sink in it
I was hesitant to buy it because of the lack of reviews, not testing it beforehand, and the cheap price. This is one of the best beds I've owned. The price is amazing, and hopefully it'll last me a while. It got to my house 3 days before it was supposed to,
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By Katie
I was a bit unsure how this would go, buying a mattress online, without trying it. But I googled Zinus and they are a very popular brand overseas. I decided to take a chance and definitely don't regret it. This mattress is super comfy and after sleeping on it for two nights my back has never felt better.

I can't believe how cheap it was. Our previous name brand mattress cost almost 10 times as much but this one is better. It has "motion separation" too so my wife isn't disturbed when I roll over in the middle of the night.

Delivery, unpacking etc was all hassle free.

Highly recommend.
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By Greg Barnett
the price includes the delivery, which delivers to the door, which is fantastic. I (male in 30s) could manage to carry them to the room but still quite heavy. The mattress is firmer on the sides and feels a little bit softer in the middle. I have been using it for a month and it is comfortable and happy with the purchase.
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4.6 | 146 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this for my kids. They like to paint everything, I mean everything that including floor. After I saw this drawing desk, this is the one what I was looking for. The surface is very smooth and also including leg cover which give extra protection and fixed effect. Plus, it is not very heavy. My kids can carry it to anywhere to inspire their ideas. Overall, this is a good product.
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By Peter
If you suffer from any kind of chronic back pain, this item could be your version of salvation.
It's four legs and drafting table styled lit let you sit up properly having no chance to bend your
cervical spine, thoracic spine, and your lumbar spine. About six days after starting using this item,
painful sensation on my feet disappeared.

I have worked for one of the biggest company as a mechanical engineer and studied the first year of
medical science. Considering my personal experience and professional knowledge, you hardly find
better items on the Internet.

However, there are few things the company has to consider to change to be a more valued item.
One of the most significant issues is the angle of the top layer of the book supporter. There are few
clever way to maintain the almost perpendicular angle not letting the lit fall forward. (I actually
modified the table ...and I read a book sitting on the
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By Young Chul Sim
beautiful and handy desk. i use it often on bed. the surface angle is adjustable, making writing papers or drawing or laptop easy. I wish it could be bigger (dont we all....)
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By Duckman
4.5 | 680 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
- The stand is good quality.
- The instructions are clear and I found them easy to follow.
- The packaging contains almost everything you need (other than a Phillips head screwdriver).
- They look good
- Cable management is pretty good
- Great value

- It was supposed to contain a USB hub but was not included. I only paid AUD $77 so I'm not too bothered but at the normal price I'd expect it to be included.
- The arms won't allow the monitor to be raised more than ~50cm off the desk. So it won't work if you want to raise it to use as a standing desk (unless your desk itself can be raised).

Overall I'm very happy and would highly recommend.
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By Mike Cunneen
Unit arrived in good packaging and feels really solid.
Despite the picture, the unit does NOT include USP ports, but rather space for you to install the correct cables. No idea where to find these.
I felt the Instructions were useless, but at the sametime pretty straightforward to install.
When using the recommended size monitors, the "elbows" go a fair way back (30 to 40cm), meaning the table can not be close to the wall. or the monitors need to be pushed out towards the front of the desk (in your face).
So regrettably, I would have been better off purchasing to single units (which I had in my last setup), for greater control, and allowing the desk to be closer to the wall.

I have used these elbow units before, and at first awkward to adjust, and this was not different. I knew this prior to buying so wasn't an issue.
Cable placement
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By Tim
Does not fit the LG 27UK850-W 27" monitor I own. The VESA Mount is too large on the arm and does not align within the bezel. It does fit my 23” BENQ. The arms and construction appear to be good quality but the height adjustment flexibility is limited. I’ve only just got it but disappointed it cannot fit my LG screen.
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By tommyaustralia
4.5 | 653 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Because of Covid-19 I now work from home, and spend 10+ hours a day in my not-so-great home office chair.

After 4 months I was getting back and leg pain, and in desperation bought this cushion (and the Bloodyrippa Memory Foam Lumbar Support Back Cushion, which I also recommend). I chose it for the price, and because it was in Australia and I wanted it fast. With Prime it turned up in 2 working days.

My chair is so comfy now! All pressure is off my spine and my sciatica has cleared up. Brilliant.
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By Kindle Customer
I thought I was being clever buying myself a massaging office chair. But whilst the massage feature is great, the rest of the time I’m sitting on a massage knob sticking up right where my right bum cheek is for 10 hours a day and makes me sit funny trying to avoid it therefore causing me back problems too! Instead of buying a new chair I saw this cushion and have been using it for 2 weeks now. It has saved ‘ol righty!! It’s a very comfy cushion and has solved all my problems instantly. Would highly recommend if you have an uncomfortable chair.
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By Weez
I love the cushion it's very comfortable and makes a cheap office chair feel like a high end one. My only criticism is that the zipper for the cover is tiny for the product making it hard to remove and wash. The cushion only has a zipper opening only on the right-hand side of the cushion, and given the different shape of the cushion, you will have to squeeze the cushion out to remove it. Cleaning would have been much less of a hassle had they put the zipper the on back side of the cushion. My zipper also jammed and now wouldn't close properly.
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By Finxers
4.6 | 104 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very sturdy and secure frame. Comes with non slip tape so mattress doesn't move.

Nice and high of the ground, lots of storage space underneath with minimal obstructions. Recessed legs so you don't kick or hit your shins on the corners like other bed frames. Easy to make/buy a skirt to hide the frame legs for aesthetics if required.

No tools required, hand tighten wing nuts for easy assembly and disassembly, each piece can be folded and carried and stored very efficiently if not in use (see photo).

Delivery was fast and box was light enough to carry by myself.
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By Peter
Using the frame in my room, really sturdy, decent storage underneath, and the only bed frame I’ve ever had that doesn’t squeak during adult activities.
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By Shinayd
After a delay in shipping (and a change of couriers to rural QLD) my bed base arrived bright and early today. As someone who has a bad back, I was able to manoeuvre the parcel, and put it together in about 5 minutes. Instructions were simple to follow, and the hardware was the best packaged of any DIY purchase - ever!

My only con is that moving the base is tricky if you’re moving by yourself. The centre joint tries to pitch the frame, and the bolts holding the two halves together can twist the frame. However, if you’ve got someone to help, that shouldn’t be an issue and the very light frame made up for the frustrating minutes I spent trying to move this into its final position.
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By Dallass
4.4 | 816 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I really like this.
Easy assembling, activity wall included and cheaper& cuter than buying at major discount store such as Kmart, Target.
Shipping to WA only 1wk.
Thank you!
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By Mai
The playpen arrived earlier than stated, is of great design and was a good price.
Easy to put together and sturdy.
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By Susan Wood
like: colorful. cute shape. play panel was fun.
dislike: can only make 90 and 180 degree. only about 1.8m*1.2m in size. a bit smaller than expected.
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By Rebecca
4.4 | 516 customer ratings
84% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great footrest pls note you wear shoes with this. I had another footrest, much more expensive but I actually prefer this one because I can alter the tilt by moving my feet.
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By Lady Nigella
Fast delivery and good service, very good product and well made
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By Jim
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By Tc
4.6 | 55 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've been using this cushion for a couple weeks now.

Its been a great addition to my office chair as the gas lift recently broke and sunk down to the lowest level so this has been good to raise it up. I also got it for the long working from home house that I'm currently doing and to be honest its been very comfortable. My only concern would be that it may be too big for some chairs, but it is fine for mine and the grippers on the bottom keep it from moving (and me sitting on it).

It has kept it shape enough for me to keep using it for the time i've had it, and I don't expect it to sink much more, so i'd recommend this to others if needed!
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By Ben C.
Seriously! By far the best Cushion Pillow! Ask my Sciatica :)
I've tried others, but this one does a much better job. The combination of memory foam and orthopedic position, corrects the posture and makes the lower back feel supported and relieved from pain!
Great product! Recommended to anyone who cares for their lower back present/future health!
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By Damian
This cushion is not the prettiest you will ever own but it's quite comfortable. Before this, I was sitting on a normal cushion and wanted a memory foam thicker cushion for my home office chair. The design of this cushion pushes your back into a better straight sitting posture which can only be good right? Also because of the raised part at the front, it naturally separates your legs so much less likely to cross legs. The cushion is quite thick, not quite a memory foam comfort, and it feels quite compressed after just a few weeks (I am not heavy). All in I give it the thumbs up because it forces me to sit in a better position when at my desk.
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By Pauline