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4.8 | 777 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought my Sony MDR-1As second-hand and the seller had lost the original soft carry bag. This didn't bother me because I wanted a hard case anyway. I did some looking for suitable hard cases and came across this one. I liked the stylish black with blue highlights and decided to give it a try. It arrived promptly and was exactly what I was hoping for. It fits the headphones nicely and keeps them safe, with accessories that are useful for carrying it around. I'm very happy with it!
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By G Williams
Just received this hard case and it does the job perfectly. The only down side for me is the zip sticks a little bit but that could just be mine. Other than that, it is fantastic. A little expensive compared to others, but worth it.
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By Amazon Customer
Purchased these for my Sony CH700N headphones. Very sturdy case, fits the headphones perfectly. The small detachable compartment for cords etc is really good.
The case is large, but given it is for headphones that do not fold, this is to be expected.
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By Veronica Lanham
4.7 | 963 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Thank you for this adapter. I've bought quite a few but this one is perfect. Much appreciated...
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By Savvart
The item was delivered pretty quick, great material and well made. Works great for my Casio keyboard.
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By Nguyen Cung Hoa Hien
Great product, works great. Only issue was the packaging... Seemed very excessive and a huge waste of plastic for a very small item.
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By Harley Freeman
4.6 | 5,353 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
The material on the outside feels better than the original Bose and the seams look to be stronger. But there is something just a bit different about the foam. It's not as soft or maybe it's not as hard, or maybe it's not as thick. This in no way makes the product any worse, it's way better than having foam falling out.
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By Greg Cockburn
Going from genuine BOSE ear cushions to these is a step-down. Having used my bose for so long I forgot how comfortable they were. Rather than going with a $5 version from eBay, I went with something I'd hoped was a little more premium, especially at the asking price. These are not bad if you are short for money, does the job well enough - but can start to feel uncomfortable if after long periods of usage. You can definitely buy cheaper knock offs in my personal opinion. If you have the extra $10, I would definitely recommend ordering directly from the BOSE website. Delivery and service were all great.
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By J
These cushions were unfortunately very dissapointing. They are noticeably smaller, less cushioned and feel harder than original ear cushions. They were so uncomfortable that I ended up returning them and have since purchased the official Bose replacements which are much better.
Photo demonstrates the difference in padding. Save yourself the hassle and just get the proper Bose replacements.
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By Ben Salerno
4.6 | 1,713 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Hands down, the best ANC headset money can buy.

- The ANC is insane. I wear these in the office, and at 30% volume cannot hear conversations next to me.
- Extremely comfortable and lightweight. I get Cervicogenic headaches, and heavy headsets will trigger these headaches. I can wear these for hours without any pain at all.
- The audio quality is good. Not amazing, and on the default profile, the bass is a little heavy. The bright/excited preset is the best for me I've found.
- The battery life is amazing

- The microphone leaves a lot to desire. Muffled and hard to hear in high ambient noise scenarios.
- The accompanying app needs some work - not as feature rich as one would hope, although is certainly enough to configure headphones.
- The headphones does not have smart Bluetooth; you can only connect to one device at once. What? Is it 2010?

Overall, the cons of
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By Jake
I had a pair of Bose QC35's and I loved them. Super comfortable, good noise cancellation and pretty good sound. I read that these Sony's are better in every way. A tall order ... that the Sony's more than live up to.

The noise cancelling is amazing. Sound quality blows the Bose out of the water. Nice and comfy too, and better battery life. Very, very happy.

About the only negative is they don't do multi device pairing like the Bose does; you can only be connected to one music source at a time.
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By Daniel Hill
I replaced my Bose QC-25 wired set with this expecting to have better quality audio and the same other features I was having on my Bose set. I was quite thrilled when I heard the quality of audio and how well it does on noise cancellation. The app is not perfect but offers quite a wide range of high tech options and features.

However, I was quite disappointing to note it's below-par mic and Bluetooth performance.

Mic quality issues: Almost all of the recipients of the calls I made with this were complaining they couldn't hear me and the audio was muffled. I wasn't even in an area where there was a lot of background noise. Tried calling on my commute on the train and it was completely unusable and the other end couldn't understand a work I was speaking. Very disappointing.

Bluetooth issues: During calls and even listening to music, there are
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By Ruwan Hettiarachchi
4.8 | 364 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
These might not look it but they are solid as a rock, very high construction quality.

The storage arm folds up when not in use and secures well so you don't have to worry about getting snagged on it. The arm is also very well padded where it is in contact with your headphones, so no need to worry about long term wear and tear.

Can also be adjusted via included tools to mount on a vertical surface.

Mounting clamp is dependable and easy to use.

Really happy with these, keeps my nice Sennheisers off my desk and out of harm's way.
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By Duncan O'Halloran
Comes with spare set of screws and allen key, though not needed for installation. Simple installation, screw and you're good to go. Padded soft anti-slip material where the headphones rest. I'm pretty happy with the item.
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By Lawrence Chong
I really like the portability as it folds up which is an extra edge to over all its offering. I can now fix it on my desk and headphone finally has a nice resting place.
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By Ivan Skinner
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4.5 | 60,315 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Love these. They’re my first wireless earphones and I use them for running too. I had to buy inner ear addition pieces and now they’re awesome.
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By Amazon Customer
these are awesome! I got mine today and they’re great, they work well but there’s always a but, the case seems make a clicky noise at the hinge, and if i push it side to side it clicks too. Apparently most people have this but would be nice if they were fixed somehow. Overall great product, i definitely recommend these!!
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By Caitlyn
These are fake Apple airpods. Do not be fooled!
The packaging is all off - the Airpod image is off centre, the font is wrong and text out of place, and the quality of the packaging is terrible.
Don't pay $200+ for fake airpods!!
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By Emily
4.5 | 12,139 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
You get different size ear buds which is awesome. People can hear me when I talk on the phone, also a big plus.
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Works as advertised, no problems pairing and fits well
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By adis
Great design, especially wireless case charging and charging the earbuds from the case when it's removed from the wireless charger, brilliant function!

Great sound and super comfortable, easy to use and wear for long periods.

IPX8 rating a bonus for sports use.

Fantastic value for money and makes you wonder why other earbuds that don't have half these features cost so much.
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By Gusmac
4.5 | 3,449 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I already have one of the original AfterShokz Air headsets and was very impressed by the sound. So when I heard that a new improved model with the transducer positioned for better conduction and improved 'sweet spot', I couldn't resist buying the Aeroplex.
They are a bit on the pricey side, but the clarity of the sound is incredible - you have to experience it to appreciate how good it is.
Being open-air in style, this headset makes live recordings really come alive, almost like being there.
More importantly, since I have no traditional hearing bones in one ear, I am finally able to appreciate stereo sound in a way that I never have before, due to the bone conduction method employed in the transducers that completely bypasses my normal ear canal. Instead, both ears receive a balanced signal that provides many hours of listening pleasure.
These headphones are perfect for anyone with noise-
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By Australian Customer
The Good:
Excellent sound, that's the main thing for me. Number 2, My ears have nothing in them and they don't get ore or uncomfortable, ever! I have worn them, listing to music for four hours straight and battery on medium. Not sure of the total time but it comes with some big claim of 8 hours battery time.
The Charger is great, as the apple magnet charger laches on and chargers fairly quickly.
By adding earplugs, you can improve the bass sound by 10 folds. the sound is good with no earplugs but great sound with earplugs.

The Bad:
$250. know what I'm saying. around $120 would be more palatable.
When at the Gym if you strain or even squeezing your jaw, the sound goes tinny. This is rare but happens now and then on the odd occasion.

The Ugly: (Not good, not bad)
These look good and have
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By Lorry Bucci
Been looking for ages to find a set of headphones that I can run with. Buds fall out, wires get caught etc. Aftershokz are awesome, set and forget. Easily synced with my small Agptek player via Bluetooth player, I can now run hands and wires free for as long as I want. Waterproof is good to have. Aeropex headphones are everything I wanted.
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By Duncan Paterson
4.5 | 2,659 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Headphone stand, easy snap together assembly. Slides around a bit, but a bit of bluetack fixes that.
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By Scott N.
Nothing is perfect. But, this stand certainly exceeded my expectations considering the price. Its made of aluminium base and the stand with a plastic holder at the top. It certainly looks nice and does fit my headphones. I checked my QC 35 and my cowin e8 and both fit well, then again both headphones are wireless and don't have cords sticking at the bottom. Its easy to assemble and move its position around the table. I had no issues charging the headphones while placed on this stand.

However, my cowin e8 fits a bit snug around the stand, as there is not much space between the 2 ear cups. Therefore i need to use both my hand while I remove or put back the headphones onto the stand since the stand is light and therefore has a tendency to topple or get pulled away from their position. They certainly don't match
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By Sam
I'm not sure why these things cost so much, but if you want a headphone stand, this comes easily packed as 3 pieces (base, stand, then headphone holder)
Most of it is aluminium, the holding component is some sort of silicon/plastic.
It's 'lightweight' and but look, it gets the job done
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By WeberLiu
4.5 | 1,533 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This product fits well, the ear padding is good quality. The inner fabric piece with the R & L printed on it is a thinner fabric than the original Bose fabric but it looks the same and does effect the sound quality at all. I would recommend this replacement kit.
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By nathalie pardillo
They turned up they fit. Product indcited they were genuine but they were not the same as the genuine product. They still work fine.
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For what you pay they're really quite alright, super comfy. My only gripe, and it's a big one for me, is they don't fit the qc35 ii properly. They'll go on but you have to be super gentle so they don't fall off. It's not a huge hassle, you can just put them back on, but it is tedious
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By Apathet
4.5 | 1,522 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I had to decide whether to wait for the Jabra 75T to arrive here or go for the Freebuds, and was eventually swayed by the free wireless charging pad in this deal! I'm glad I did. The buds are very comfortable in-ear. I have worn them for hours at a time and you hardly know they are there. Plus they don't move as you walk and talk. The noise cancelling is excellent too. I was working in a fairly noisy environment the other day and was able to completely block out the noise while listening to music and on the phone. And the sound quality on the other end of the phone was reportedly excellent too. I'm very happy I chose these.
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By Wayne M
The fit well, have a convenient charging case and sound pretty good (They're a little light on bass, but that's as expected from this design). Microphone has been good in my experience too.

- I consistently get about 2 hours of use with each bud (Noise Cancelling off, Volume ~50%, primarily during voice calls). This is a little unfortunate as I often have Zoom calls that go for 3 or so hours
- The Noise Cancelling mode does next to nothing
- The side controls are quite unreliable, it works about 33% of the time in my experience. Also the Google Assistant trigger only works with the screen on (I use a OnePlus 5)

So they're generally alright for podcasts and calls, but the short battery life and unreliable side buttons are underwhelming since they were part of why I chose these buds.
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By Joseph
The earbuds were purchased and used for three months. Have been using Jabra, Plantronics and Samsung earbuds in the past primarily for phone calls and it was found that this pair of earbuds is performing the worst among all the previous earpiece. Only last for 1 hour and 45 minutes for continuous call and I was told by Huawei this is the normal battery life. in saying that, the left and right earbud could be used individually and charging is fast. This compensates the drawback of short battery life of the earbuds. Other than that, the sound quality and noise cancelling is good. Not much background noise could be heard by the other side when making phone call. It is still a good choice and hopefully to have battery life improved in the next generation.
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By Kelvin Ng
4.4 | 50,272 customer ratings
84% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Purchased these for my brother to use while exercising in the pool, absolutely brilliant and a range of at least 15 metres with his phone in a backpack placed about the middle of the pool! ,Now understand these are not used for swimming as Bluetooth does not work underwater but used for walking up and down the pool without having to be bombarded with outside noise, the ipx8 rating gives peace of mind should they fall out which is highly unlikely as the fit and comfort are outstanding,I own a set of soundpeats which are very good but not as good as these and not ipx rated, added bonus is music control from his Garmin watch (no control from earbuds) and the sound and comfort are awesome ,for the price with ipx8 rating these are an absolute best buy 👍
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By John
Arrived today and so impressed in quality of packaging ,product and sound.Tried out after a simple pairing to my iPhone and worked straight away with a great base and mid level sound.I then swapped over to Sony’s best over ear cans and found sound comparison close from my $70 buds to my $500 cans.Would recommend for anyone with a active lifestyle ,additional phone calls received was clear and good distance.
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By Brad Cook
After having watched some reviews on the product on YT and having tried many other earbuds of the same class as a tech hobbist, I was pleasantly surprised with the sound quality on these. So far I like what I hear. The controls are easy to use and the quality of the earbuds themselves are great and the battery is fantastic. The audio feedback with a voice to let you know it’s connected to first device or second device and which is left and right earbud is also great. The sound stage is huge and the bass and treble and mids come through very pleasantly. Definitely on par with much expensive earbuds in the market.
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By D’Fdo
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4.6 | 454 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
These are the original ear cushions. They took a little work to put on, but the instructions were clear, and I had the cushions replaced in about 15 min.

It's made a huge difference. The original ones had started falling apart, which is why I had to buy replacements.
I highly recommend replacing your cushions at least once a year (providing they don't fall apart from heavy use sooner).

Overtime, even if they LOOK okay, they still gradually deteriorate, and a fresh set will make your headphones feel new again. The gradual wear is super hard to notice over months of use, but popping on new cushions is like a fresh pair of socks or underwear.
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By Beau
I bought these because the original cushioning was old, had some parts coming off. I noticed that it was also much softer than the replacement. After replacing the headphones feel much more comfortable.

- Good quality, not smelly
- Clear instructions
- Comfortable like the original cushioning

- It's easy-ish to replace, but a bit tricky. Mine got some spots where the cushion didn't completely close the gap. I didn't notice any problems with the sound though
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By Francis
Expensive but I wanted to put genuine pads on my headphones , might try aftermarket next time. I was disappointed that when I was fitting one of the covers that are marked either L or R when I took the tape of the sticky strip it ripped the whole strip off so it doesnt stick inside my headphones.
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By catman
4.4 | 1,953 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I spent a long time deliberating about the SoundPEATS Q32 Earbuds due to the mixed reviews. Upon receiving them I have had no trouble pairing them with an iPhone or a Surface PC. Swapping between the two is simple but manual. Nor have I any complaints about the sound quality (too much loud music too many years ago). The only initial problem I has was with the microphone. The sound was very quiet (tested with voicemail on a land line and mobile). Upon inspection it appeared that the hole in the plastic case is not quite as free from manufacturing 'debris' as it could be. Using a scribe and being VERY careful to not touch the microphone behind the hole I ran the scribe around the outside edge of the hole (post smoothing image provided), result... good sound quality on both voicemail systems and people can hear me clearly with
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The soundPEATS ear buds provides user with an enhanced audibility and maximum portability including all security measures. These bluetooth ear buds are compatible with all sorts of devices and can be carried around at personal ease. They provide user a chance to maximize the efficiency at workplace including the provision of a comfortable environment at home. They can be used during all sorts of physical activity. These earbuds are made ensuring that no damage of any sort is cause to the ears. High recommended for students and entrepreneurs ..
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By Mir Hamza Ali
Well packaged and accesorised at this price level. Both the earbuds and charger/carrier unit is nicely molded and well built. The magnets holding the earbuds in for charging is pretty strong and does require a firm grip to remove - you get better at it with practice. Pairing and connecting was error free and seamless. Not much push button features to mess around with .. just the basics but works for me. Fit was ok for my ears. Had the Jabra 65t earlier but dropped them somewhere. The shape of this carrier seems to keep the unit in my pants pocket more securely. Battery life is alright (about 3 hrs) and charges fast from the carrier .. also you can use one bud at a time to further extend continuous usage time .. infinitely actually hhh. I reckon one of the best sub $50 wireless earbuds in the market. Gave
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By Amazon Customer
4.4 | 1,357 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I usually don’t write reviews on purchases but these True Wireless headphones blew me away for the price of AUD$42.99 so I thought Id share my experience.

I’ve been using my trusty Soundpeats Q30 Plus Bluetooth wired headphones for the past year and a half which are also amazing headphones as well and are still going strong, but I wanted to try a pair of truly wireless headphones while training.

Being an in ear earphone kind of guy I was looking at a number of in ear bluetooth wireless earphones, besides the Apple Earpods which I’m not a fan of.

After much researching I narrowed it down to two. A competitors in a similar price range, and the Soundpeats True Wireless.

The reviews I read about the competitors was they weren’t loud enough and didn’t push out enough bass, so I decided to go for these Soundpeats.

I was a little bit apprehensive if they’d
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By Rambler76
I've been looking to buy in ear Bluetooth earphones for some time. Previously I've used the following Bluetooth earphones/headphones

Sony MDR-AS700BT - Behind the neck headphones
Plantronics Explorer 500 Mobile Bluetooth Headset (single ear)

I'm no audiophile. My needs were purely in ear earphones that are not expensive, uncomfortable, quality (build and audio), footprint and have good battery life.

Pricing is always an issue as you see some brands well over $200. I've always thought if they are worth it or not. That much for a product that can be easily lost, broken, eventually stop working due to battery life, etc, etc. On the other end of the scale, if you go cheap, you get what you pay for. There are so many cheap alternatives. I cam across SoundPeats on a bargain website where they were mentioned as great bang for buck. At just under $50 Australian, I decided to give this new
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By moeytru
Great case build and really high-quality product! Connection setting is really easy, and the touch function actually works very well! I never expect it will be so great on the music control and sound quality at this price, but the build of the earpieces are solid and definitely worth it! The sound bass is really good on this earbud!

- Sound, the bass is great, you can hear the crisp of detail; the noise isolation of the earbuds are also perfect!
- Design, the matte finish is very nice and smooth. Light-weight and really comfortable; it also comes with 2 sets of silicon earpieces for your sizes preference. They are very low-profile. people barely notice when the bud is in the ear.
-Connectivity, you have your Bluetooth 5.0, right? Then enjoy the great connectivity and all control features. Very easy to pair and just took me about 2 mins ish to finish all
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By Mike W
4.4 | 1,319 customer ratings
85% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
My intention was, living in an apartment with two others, to be able to watch TV without bothering them and neighbours. For this it performs well, functioning with or without the speaker bar ( the sound has to be changed to PCM). The headphones are attractive quality leather, though the pressure does hurt my big ears after awhile. The controls are fairly rugged though the volume doesn't change easily. The bluetooth now auto-switches on with the TV and bar, which is nice, it pairs rapidly and easily and carries a long way. The trouble is that it interferes with wireless reception by the Smart TV so that youtube, netflix etc wont connect and I have to route the through the Blueray player or else turn the unit off. Perhaps there's a workaround.
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By JoeF
Works great with long battery life but initially had problem with setup on TV. I could hear free to air TV but not some streaming services like Netflix, Stan or Prime. Also some streaming free to air 'catchup' services worked fine but the ads had no audio. The TV needed to have the sound output set to Pcm. I must admit the support staff were great and followed up continually until I had bothered to change the settings but all is now good.
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By Mr Lew
The concept is long overdue, just what the doctor ordered . Frequency range in another matter, overloaded towards the bass actually muffled. I bought the set because being hard of hearing but quality is so low I have to wear hearing aid to lift the upper frequency. When the TV sound is up to enough for the normal hearing I get an echo effect due to lack of sync. When I switch to streaming TV such as Netflix I get a piercing metallic cracking sound so have to resort to switching off.
If I watch regular TV alone (tv sound off) and my hearing aid in then sound is fine but hearing aid and headphones not exactly comfortable for a full movie .
When tv was analogue my Sennheiser were far better.
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By smiley
4.4 | 1,135 customer ratings
85% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Finally I have a working solution for this. I've had 3 different audio cables that are supposed to take a TRRS and split it into a mic and a headphone plug. None of them have worked properly. This was plug and play, as it says. Windows recognized and installed the device within seconds. It is a Realtek audio adapter equivalent to what you'd find built in to most PCs. Works fine with both my iPhone headset (apple genuine old style) and my gaming headset. Totally rock solid and sounds great to me. Having a separate audio output I can control independently of my main speakers is actually a hidden bonus.
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By CascadeHush
This resolves an issue that I had. The device works well, not audiophile grade, but certainly CD or better. Port works for both input (microphone) and output (amplifier and speakers)
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By JB113Mc
I have preciously purchased your product and was very satisfied. However this time, I believe I have received a product of extremely poor quality. The adapter would sometimes cause all sounds from my headphones to become a muffled screech and cause the mic not to work either. To fix this I had to unplug and replug everytime. FYI, I believe this is not the headphones fault because it works when I use the normal aux jack. This screech really hurt my ears. I am very disappointed with UGreen.
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By Edison
4.4 | 980 customer ratings
85% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I got these earphones for my daily beach walk to listen to music to motivate me to go further. I particularly wanted a set with a cord so that I could pin it onto my clothes as I was concerned that they could fall out of my ears and I would lose them in the sand. When I got them I was really pleased that there is a little clip that you can use to clip onto your clothes.

The set has quite a comprehensive instruction book, but I managed to get them connected and working on my iPhone 5 with the quick start sheet provided. Once I got my phone to recognise them, it was pretty simple. I put on some music from Utube to test them and the sound was very good, the sound from both earbuds was balanced and the volume was just right.

Included in
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By Kevin
Unbelievable Bass from such small drivers! These In-Ear SoundPeats Q30 headphones will shake your brain... when it matters.
Fire up some hip-hop and you'll think you're at a concert, or in a car with 12" subwoofers, it's very surprising how much kick these little guys have.

Their use case is for exercise and fitness activities, to zone out from the world and into your workout. And they do just that, the silicone buds and wings create an excellent seal from the outside doubling as earplugs almost. Presumably, you'll be playing upbeat tempo tracks, and leaving your Opera mixes for another time when at the GYM, so being Bass focused headphones are a perfect match for the presumed music genres for a workout. You don't buy a Ferrari for Supermarket runs, or a Kia Carnival for Track day, so purchase these headphones for their primary use and therefore their presumed target music genre.

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By streamer

- Great product for the price
- battery life is good
- sound quality is good
- Fit is good
- well made


- Treble seems over powering in some cases.
- Bluetooth cuts in and out at the start (not always), then works fine after
- Talking on the phone, people on other side has mentioned the sound feels distant
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By Amazon Customer
4.3 | 10,632 customer ratings
84% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
It’s under $100, it’s good for sports, I did few rounds of Tabata and it holds tight. It’s like ear plug so little to no noise when in use. Really surprised with noise reduction around me.
Loud and clear when making phone calls.
With this price mark I have no complaints and I definitely recommend it.
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By Jun
Really good sound quality and noise cancelation! The battery case is solid and very portable. However, I did find the earbud fit a bit strange from my old ones (which sadly died) as they protrude out from my ears more than I was used to and are a generally larger size. I actually found them a bit uncomfortable and awkward for a while but I’m now used to the shape and can easily put them in without the initial awkward fumbling.
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By Emily Marshall
Very happy with the product. Sound quality, and build quality are above what I’d expect for the price. They stay in while your running, they are water proof (worn them in the shower, no problems) and they work well for phone calls. This is exactly what I am after. The charging case is a little larger than the AirPods I’ve just come from, but for the price this is more of a minor quibble than a real problem.

Overall very satisfied :-)
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By Amazon Customer
4.5 | 379 customer ratings
85% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Not sure why would ppl buy $50-$150 headphone stands being sold here. This is what a headphone stand should be. , simple, decent looking and $10.
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By Anubhav
Great headset stand, looks clean on my desk
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By Steve Zhou
Nice stand
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By jaimesalgado