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4.7 | 20,819 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was mainly tossing up between these and the Sony 1000X M2 for a while. I looked at a lot of different brands and reviews and the what made purchase the Bose in the end is their sheer comfort and quality.

As someone who would get a lot of ear and head fatigue to the point of extreme discomfort, this was my number one priority. These headphones are by far the most comfortable pair I have ever tried - I can wear them all day without any signs of discomfort, in fact they make great ear muffs in winter! The build quality is also excellent. They feel very premium and sturdy unlike others at this price point like the Sony's which definitely feel more fragile. They are also noticably light weight.

Their noise cancelling is also far superior to any other pair on the market. It's like being sucked into a vaccum
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By Hugh Grest
I've had a pair of QuietComfort 25 headphones for a number of years and I wouldn't undertake air travel without them, they are that effective. With the new QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones I've found the noise cancelling to be at least equal to my previous headphones and the audio excellent on the devices that I use. The bonus with this model being the lack of wires which could/would get in the way over the coarse of long 14-15 hr flights and the built in battery eliminating the requirement of replacement batteries. Pairing them to my iPad and Android phone was a breeze using the Bose app and I've never had an issue flicking between movies/music on the ipad and music on the phone. As with the previous pair I've not had any problems wearing them for the duration of long haul flights. The battery life is
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By Pete McShane
My primary reasons for getting these are the active noise cancelling and wireless bluetooth. The ANC is amazing, I am super pleased with it and it helps when I am sitting at my desk in a busy office.
Two active connections is a feature I didn't expect I'd use but it is amazing. I have music playing through my phone, and I take phone calls either from my phone or my business chat application.
Battery life is as expected and the device charges very quickly.
I highly recommend these headphones to anyone looking to focus in the busy world around us.
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By Simon Green
4.7 | 5,265 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
The material on the outside feels better than the original Bose and the seams look to be stronger. But there is something just a bit different about the foam. It's not as soft or maybe it's not as hard, or maybe it's not as thick. This in no way makes the product any worse, it's way better than having foam falling out.
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By Greg Cockburn
Going from genuine BOSE ear cushions to these is a step-down. Having used my bose for so long I forgot how comfortable they were. Rather than going with a $5 version from eBay, I went with something I'd hoped was a little more premium, especially at the asking price. These are not bad if you are short for money, does the job well enough - but can start to feel uncomfortable if after long periods of usage. You can definitely buy cheaper knock offs in my personal opinion. If you have the extra $10, I would definitely recommend ordering directly from the BOSE website. Delivery and service were all great.
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By J
These cushions were unfortunately very dissapointing. They are noticeably smaller, less cushioned and feel harder than original ear cushions. They were so uncomfortable that I ended up returning them and have since purchased the official Bose replacements which are much better.
Photo demonstrates the difference in padding. Save yourself the hassle and just get the proper Bose replacements.
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By Ben Salerno
4.7 | 2,675 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Quick delivery and functions well - All Good!
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By Troy H
Impressed with how well these slot into place into my headphone amplifier. No static or issues, great product.
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By NateD54
Does what it is set out to do
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By Joshua
4.6 | 5,910 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great product. I use it to combine my Surface tablet's audio with my PCs audio. Combined with software such as Mouse Without Borders or Synergy both devices are more or less combined.

The one downside is the male connector. While useful for splitting audio into 2 devices, it makes it difficult to plug in headphones or to speakers with a non-removable AUX input. If it were 3 female AUX jacks, it would be much more versatile as a simple aux cable could be used to provide a male connector. I've ordered a (difficult to find) f-f connector, but while its disappointing to see, it's still cheaper than combining audio using a mixer.
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By Scott N.
Exactly as advertised. Would buy again. Appears to be good build quality.
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By Andrew Brown
Awesome quality. No dropouts. I had a different splitter before but always had connection problems but this make is Rock solid. Love it
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By Dean Crabb
4.6 | 5,757 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Postage was very fast. Product appears of good quality at a good price as with other ugreen cables i have bought.
Would definitely buy more.
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By Graham
Good quality product. Feels durable and high end at great price. Haven't noticed any deterioration in sound quality with my Bose headphones.
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By Will
I had an old set of bose headphones and rather than spending the $$ on bluetooth connector and buying new bluetooth headphones I purchased your extension cable, works nicely, thank you
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By Scott Cansdell
4.7 | 963 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Thank you for this adapter. I've bought quite a few but this one is perfect. Much appreciated...
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By Savvart
The item was delivered pretty quick, great material and well made. Works great for my Casio keyboard.
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By Nguyen Cung Hoa Hien
Great product, works great. Only issue was the packaging... Seemed very excessive and a huge waste of plastic for a very small item.
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By Harley Freeman
4.6 | 3,462 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I already have one of the original AfterShokz Air headsets and was very impressed by the sound. So when I heard that a new improved model with the transducer positioned for better conduction and improved 'sweet spot', I couldn't resist buying the Aeroplex.
They are a bit on the pricey side, but the clarity of the sound is incredible - you have to experience it to appreciate how good it is.
Being open-air in style, this headset makes live recordings really come alive, almost like being there.
More importantly, since I have no traditional hearing bones in one ear, I am finally able to appreciate stereo sound in a way that I never have before, due to the bone conduction method employed in the transducers that completely bypasses my normal ear canal. Instead, both ears receive a balanced signal that provides many hours of listening pleasure.
These headphones are perfect for anyone with noise-
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By Australian Customer
$250 felt like a risky purchase but I'm happy to report that they work as advertised. Occasionally if a truck blasts by or you're running into gale force winds (we get them a lot here in Tassie) then you might struggle to hear your audio but other than that I've had no problems while running 5/10/21.1k's. Music sounds okay as well, although not as good as a decent set of earbuds, but I walk home from work at midnight a few times a week so being able to hear someone creeping behind me is more important that pristine audio :-)

Tip: If it is windy just pull a buff or headband over your ears and the audio is perfect.
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By Jason M
The Good:
Excellent sound, that's the main thing for me. Number 2, My ears have nothing in them and they don't get ore or uncomfortable, ever! I have worn them, listing to music for four hours straight and battery on medium. Not sure of the total time but it comes with some big claim of 8 hours battery time.
The Charger is great, as the apple magnet charger laches on and chargers fairly quickly.
By adding earplugs, you can improve the bass sound by 10 folds. the sound is good with no earplugs but great sound with earplugs.

The Bad:
$250. know what I'm saying. around $120 would be more palatable.
When at the Gym if you strain or even squeezing your jaw, the sound goes tinny. This is rare but happens now and then on the odd occasion.

The Ugly: (Not good, not bad)
These look good and have
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By Lorry Bucci
4.6 | 1,751 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Hands down, the best ANC headset money can buy.

- The ANC is insane. I wear these in the office, and at 30% volume cannot hear conversations next to me.
- Extremely comfortable and lightweight. I get Cervicogenic headaches, and heavy headsets will trigger these headaches. I can wear these for hours without any pain at all.
- The audio quality is good. Not amazing, and on the default profile, the bass is a little heavy. The bright/excited preset is the best for me I've found.
- The battery life is amazing

- The microphone leaves a lot to desire. Muffled and hard to hear in high ambient noise scenarios.
- The accompanying app needs some work - not as feature rich as one would hope, although is certainly enough to configure headphones.
- The headphones does not have smart Bluetooth; you can only connect to one device at once. What? Is it 2010?

Overall, the cons of
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By Jake
I had a pair of Bose QC35's and I loved them. Super comfortable, good noise cancellation and pretty good sound. I read that these Sony's are better in every way. A tall order ... that the Sony's more than live up to.

The noise cancelling is amazing. Sound quality blows the Bose out of the water. Nice and comfy too, and better battery life. Very, very happy.

About the only negative is they don't do multi device pairing like the Bose does; you can only be connected to one music source at a time.
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By Daniel Hill
I replaced my Bose QC-25 wired set with this expecting to have better quality audio and the same other features I was having on my Bose set. I was quite thrilled when I heard the quality of audio and how well it does on noise cancellation. The app is not perfect but offers quite a wide range of high tech options and features.

However, I was quite disappointing to note it's below-par mic and Bluetooth performance.

Mic quality issues: Almost all of the recipients of the calls I made with this were complaining they couldn't hear me and the audio was muffled. I wasn't even in an area where there was a lot of background noise. Tried calling on my commute on the train and it was completely unusable and the other end couldn't understand a work I was speaking. Very disappointing.

Bluetooth issues: During calls and even listening to music, there are
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By Ruwan Hettiarachchi
10 offers from product price
4.5 | 60,196 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Love these. They’re my first wireless earphones and I use them for running too. I had to buy inner ear addition pieces and now they’re awesome.
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By Amazon Customer
these are awesome! I got mine today and they’re great, they work well but there’s always a but, the case seems make a clicky noise at the hinge, and if i push it side to side it clicks too. Apparently most people have this but would be nice if they were fixed somehow. Overall great product, i definitely recommend these!!
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By Caitlyn
These are fake Apple airpods. Do not be fooled!
The packaging is all off - the Airpod image is off centre, the font is wrong and text out of place, and the quality of the packaging is terrible.
Don't pay $200+ for fake airpods!!
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By Emily
4.5 | 12,126 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
You get different size ear buds which is awesome. People can hear me when I talk on the phone, also a big plus.
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Great design, especially wireless case charging and charging the earbuds from the case when it's removed from the wireless charger, brilliant function!

Great sound and super comfortable, easy to use and wear for long periods.

IPX8 rating a bonus for sports use.

Fantastic value for money and makes you wonder why other earbuds that don't have half these features cost so much.
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By Gusmac
Works as advertised, no problems pairing and fits well
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By adis
4.8 | 386 customer ratings
98% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I originally bought these to commute to work and I’m impressed.

The performance of the noise cancelling is amazing. I cannot hear the train and people chatting with noise cancelling and music on.

The stage 3 COVID-19 lockdown is back in Melbourne and so is working from home. I’ve been using the SoundSurge 90 for music and phone calls. The microphone is great. No one on the line has complained all week.

Yes I have started listening to music again. Sorry podcasts. The sound delivered by the SoundSurge 90 is very good. The bass pumps nicely and the sound has good treble. Another plus is that battery lasts me all week on a full charge.

And now the sad news my girl has “kidnapped” them and I have to get another pair.
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By Peter
I initially throught that I would buy an extra more affordable noise cancellation headphone for my son to do his home schooling. It turns out that he is now using the old one and I am using this one.
The product is quality-when you have an overall look at the headset, the way the logo is imprinted, the quality of the plastic and earpads, it all looks and feels like a quality headphone which surprised me since the price was only 99 dollars. What really surprised me however is how it feels when you wear it. I've owned 2 pairs of noise cancellation headphones in the past and always thought that being heavy and pressing too much on the ear was a standard feature..I thought this unit had very little pressure on the ears which was definitely a plus. I cannot fault the noise cancellation. I was working during the
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By Kevin T
Pros: High value; good sound quality; good noise cancellation - key of this headphone
Cons: Not ideal for sports; relatively heavy

Given the pros and cons I think this is a headphone that serves its purpose well. I mean to use it at home, on transportation, and in office. So sports performance doesn't matter to me and I don't think over the head headphone is good for sport anyway...The most impressive pro is the human voice sound quality, I personally can't tell much difference between this one and Bose QC25 and Sony wf-1000xm3 is only slightly better, the background has a tiny bit hype but won't bother me. The call quality is decent, but I only made one call in the office, haven't tried on the street. But it claims to have a noise cancellation microphone, so I believe it should be ok. The battery life lasts a couple of days for
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By PhoenixEX
4.8 | 374 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
These might not look it but they are solid as a rock, very high construction quality.

The storage arm folds up when not in use and secures well so you don't have to worry about getting snagged on it. The arm is also very well padded where it is in contact with your headphones, so no need to worry about long term wear and tear.

Can also be adjusted via included tools to mount on a vertical surface.

Mounting clamp is dependable and easy to use.

Really happy with these, keeps my nice Sennheisers off my desk and out of harm's way.
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By Duncan O'Halloran
Comes with spare set of screws and allen key, though not needed for installation. Simple installation, screw and you're good to go. Padded soft anti-slip material where the headphones rest. I'm pretty happy with the item.
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By Lawrence Chong
The metal holder feels solid and the finishing is good.
The design is flexible with 4 screw holes behind. You can fix the screws in such a way that the tightening knob can be either horizontal (left or right) or vertical (up or down) to suit your needs.
2 extra screws and a hexagon key provided as well.
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By Vincent Tang
4.5 | 3,491 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
If you're looking for a solid noise cancelling headphones for a decent price, these are it. I tried the Bose QC35 wireless, and here's my comparison: the Bose blocks out almost all low pitch noises (ex.- airplane, washing machine, dryer, and roommate watching television). What the Bose doesn't block out fully are other people's talking loudly, unless you raise the volume up a bit higher. Now, the TaoTronics: These are the most closely comparable to the Bose in comfort and weight. The ANC is actually quite noticeable, and blocks out my washing machine and dryer sounds well. However, they didn't block out loud TV volume (which Bose does), at all unless you raise the volume quite a bit.
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By Eric
I'm really pleased and pleasantly surprised with these headphones. I've been using them for a few weeks now, mainly to watch TV late at night. I've found that:

- The Bluetooth connects easily every time and stays connected with no drop-outs
- The battery life is fantastic. I use them a lot and I recharge them every day or two because I don't want them to run flat, although there's never been any indication that they're getting close to going flat. I have no idea how long it would take them to run right down but suffice to say that you can run them for hours and hours (days?) with no problems and they recharge fast
- They are very comfortable. I normally have trouble with headphones getting uncomfortable on my ears after a while but the material on the part that sits around your ears is very soft and I've
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By Paul
1. Above average sound quality for the price,
2. comfort wearing experience, inbuilt microphone that allows you to talk while listening to music,
3. Bluetooth can connect to multiple devices simultaneously.

1. No instructions re how to operate the buttons
2. White noise in the background when NC is on which is annoy when in a rather quite place (if NC is your main concern think again before pull the trigger)

All in all good value for money, especially when bought it with a discount code.

Edit: Got contacted by their support person and they were very helpful. It turned out the white noise/ buzz sounds when NC is on was because it was a defected unit, they helped me got the pair replaced with a new one and it is now working perfectly.
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By David Liao
4.5 | 2,663 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Headphone stand, easy snap together assembly. Slides around a bit, but a bit of bluetack fixes that.
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By Scott N.
Nothing is perfect. But, this stand certainly exceeded my expectations considering the price. Its made of aluminium base and the stand with a plastic holder at the top. It certainly looks nice and does fit my headphones. I checked my QC 35 and my cowin e8 and both fit well, then again both headphones are wireless and don't have cords sticking at the bottom. Its easy to assemble and move its position around the table. I had no issues charging the headphones while placed on this stand.

However, my cowin e8 fits a bit snug around the stand, as there is not much space between the 2 ear cups. Therefore i need to use both my hand while I remove or put back the headphones onto the stand since the stand is light and therefore has a tendency to topple or get pulled away from their position. They certainly don't match
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By Sam
I'm not sure why these things cost so much, but if you want a headphone stand, this comes easily packed as 3 pieces (base, stand, then headphone holder)
Most of it is aluminium, the holding component is some sort of silicon/plastic.
It's 'lightweight' and but look, it gets the job done
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By WeberLiu
4.5 | 2,097 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I had the Q20s before these, and unfortunately there was an issue with the noise cancellation on my particular pair. After returning them and watching comparison videos of the Q10 vs Q20, it was obvious that the Q10s were the ones for me.
I believe they have clearer sound with a wider soundstage. As I'm listening at home I have no need for the noise cancellation, although the noise isolation is still very good. The USB-C charging is a godsend as well (something the Q20s lacked). Mo regrets about returning the more expensive ones for these beauties.
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By Daniel H
Probably the best pair of headphones i've had for only $70, and I own Beats Studio which is 5-6 times that price. The quality is so crisp and doesn't distort at high volumes, the bass is unbelievable especially with the bass up function. Even on the highest volume, sound won't bleed that heavily for others around you.

The battery lasts an unbelievable amount of time, I can listen to it all day and it will only go down 10-20%, I don't know how you did it but I'm impressed. The Type-C and quick charge functions are amazing, 5min of charge for 6 hours of listening.

The mic is a decent quality, I could make calls and didn't have an issue with people hearing me.

And finally, multipairing comes in very handy to connect to your computer and phone at the same time. I will definitely be buying from Anker in the future.
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By Kiri Raveendrarasa
I have used them for about 45 hours so far, and a few hours ago I received a low battery warning, but they are still going.
I have the volume up a bit, but I expect about 50 hours. Others claims 30 or 40 and deliver about 10-15.
The sound is really good also.
At first there was some crackling noise, but I changed the settings on the equalizer on my laptop and it disappeared.
They sound good for both music and movies/TV.
Would def buy again.
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4.5 | 1,058 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very useful of you need to a splitter for two people to listen to a single headphone output.
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By willy tinoyan
As advertised, with quick delivery.
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By rgr52
The product appears to be of high quality, however the microphone component does not work at all with Bose QuietComfort headphones. When I trawled through past reviews, I found others with the same headphones have the same problem. Might work fine with other models of headphones, but buyer beware.
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By Dr Andrew
2 offers from product price
4.4 | 4,688 customer ratings
83% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've been using the Bose 700 for the last 28 days now so thought it's a good time to share my views on it.
Before buying the headset I spent quite a long time in reviewing it online. Two significant negatives that I gleaned from my hours of reviewing it online were: a) Compulsory to enable GPS Location in phone to use the headset, b) Bose Music app faces connectivity issues with the headset.
Now that I have used it for a month let me clear up these two first. Bose 700 uses a Bluetooth standard that most recent phones support called Low-Energy Bluetooth. In simple words, Android developers have made it mandatory to have GPS Location enabled for external apps (like Bose Music) to connect to devices using Low-Energy Bluetooth. This is why during first setup of Bose Music app with the Bose 700, and any other future instances where you
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By Thomas
If you are listening to music these headphones perform well and the noise cancelling is excellent. But I bought the 700s specifically for the voice isolation, because I make a lot of calls for work. When it works it is brilliant. Unfortunately, I'm experiencing lots of glitchy sound dropouts and connectivity issues across multiple applications (Phone, Teams, Whatsapp, GTM). Hopefully this is addressable via firmware updates but at the moment I'm going back to my ever-reliable QC 35s
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By Kevin Bungard
Do not buy if you have IOS. It currently is a known bug. How they released this product knowing this is beyond me. Massive breach of trust. Returning them. (BOSE ID: 120 954 0976)
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By Travis
4.4 | 3,494 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought these for my Dad because he didn't want to have to hear the news when other family members watched the TV. Unfortunately, no noise cancelling headphones currently available can silence the human voice completely -- especially the high pitched hysterics. Words like "rayciss", "faschiss" and "orange menace" are designed to pierce and penetrate. They are nearly-imperceptible with noise cancelling engaged but, sadly my father's pre-frontal cortex still functions exceptionally well. He can hear the words and knows when someone's trying to sell him something so he still gets angry. Thankfully, these headphones also have excellent sound quality. He's able to pump Disgustipated by Tool at the same time. This not only drowns out the pitch, it's also a great soundtrack for the coming revolution. He can smile, knowing that at least the ironies aren't lost on him. It's keeping him sane for now.
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By Chani
These are pretty good headphones for the price, especially if you don't want to pay top dollar for Bose. The microphone doesn't seem to pick up what you're saying for the first second, though, which can be annoying (but this is probably pretty common for wireless headphones with mics; it would be nice if it had an option to just listen all the time regardless of whether it can hear me speaking or not).
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By Marc Fearby
First, and most importantly, the Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones sound beautiful. They offer crisp detail, rich with clarity and deep resounding bass (some reviews say the bass is too heavy but I haven't felt this). I have no issues at all with the sound, and the charging is amazing and they last for hours. Furthermore, the noise-cancelling is excellent, if you are inside and not outside.

My issue with these headphones is the build quality. Being so affordable, these headphones are (understandably) made of plastic. And although the plastic does not feel breakable, it is ironically noisy; the plastic build causes the headphones to creak and click when I move my head. So, even though you have this amazing sound quality and excellent noise cancelling, the plastic around your ears will make noises when you move, which is really annoying. What’s the point of building such
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By Amazon Customer
4.4 | 2,772 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a great value. It was a good fit and I like this one better as I'm able to see the light on the front as others I have purchased I was unable to see it. I will be buying another one in a different colour.
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By Kaz
- Really happy with this purchase
- Definitely protects the case well
- Nice to touch and feels like a quality product
- Would recommend you get this
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By Amazon Customer
Fits AirPods well, I am happy with the case as of the first day. I guess it just the durability with time that will tell
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By Honest review person.
4.5 | 709 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Sturdy good quality long lasting wireless earbuds

Love these sound peat wireless earbuds.
1. Easy plug and play - after pairing up the first time they pair up automatically when taking these out of the case
2. Sound quality is good- very similar to other more expensive earbuds
3. Sturdy charging case which makes storage easy
4. Long battery life so makes it convenient to use
5. Reasonable price for value - would recommend to buy

The call quality can be improved but given the price and all other features still very good value😊

If you find this review useful please press the ‘helpful
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By Monica Wong
I’ve had a lot of wireless earbuds and this one is one of the best value ones I bought so far. Considering the price, the quality is top notch.
Sound quality is really good.
Battery life can last up to more than 5hrs of use. Although I can’t always use an earbuds for more than 2 hours before taking a break. The case itself can charge the earbuds several times before you need to charge it.
The silicone buds included are very comfortable as well, very soft and conforms to inside my ears.
Very happy with this one.
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By Archerwin
Amazing bang for the buck.
These earphones are so convenient and versatile. I can just open the case and they connect seamlessly to my IPhone 6s. The high quality case has a satisfying magnetic click when opening and closing. The case is also a charging station for the earphones, making it almost impossible to run out of battery.

They have a very clean, sleek and modern design; very fashionable! The audio quality is amazing. It has punchy bass and very clear mids, highs and lows. I could compare these to my $100 Sennheiser Momentum earphones.

These earphones are extremely comfortable to wear, as they fit snug in my ear. The silicon tips create a seal that blocks out any white/background noise. I use the Soundpeats often on train and bus commutes to and from school. The gesture buttons on the side are also extremely convenient as they allow me to play, pause and
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By Ludwig D.