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4.8 | 1,263 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
No problem at all. Compared the design and results with my friend's one she bought from chemist, both same level.

Noticed one thing, with these cheaper end product, even you'll get result showing pretty instantly, you should let it test for 20-30sec to commit to a stable result.
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By LL Sydney
We only received our product yesterday, but are happy with the way it works and the looks as well as the quality of the product. Will keep using it and see how it goes
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By vera
Liked: Perfusion reading, ECG type pulse display, warning flashing display for low saturation and high heart rate, many display orientation options.

Disliked: Very small figures for perfusion reading, unnecessary "finger out" notification which utilizes space which could be used for larger perfusion reading digits.
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By Graeme A Beal
4.6 | 3,277 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Worth the spend, stays warm all day or night, bought for my 19 year old cat who loves it. As others have said it’s quite hard so I put it under a blanket.
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By Jessica
Puppies few weeks old ,found it very safe and kept warm all night.
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By Lorraine Norrie
Works great. Despite being super hard, our puppy has still put deep scratches in it and is destroying the cover. But these can be purchase separately.
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By Alex
4.7 | 155 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Soft tissue,

Warm tissue,

Little balls of tissue.

Happy tissue,

Sleepy tissue,

Purr Purr Purr
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By Tomie Phan
It's not as soft as you might expect for a 3-Ply tissue, but is still okay. Tissues only fill up about three quarters of the way in the box, and when running low, you really have to dig in to get the last few pieces of tissues.
Although, it is a good product for regular use and won't hurt your nose. It is good value while on special ($12 for 12 boxes), but if buying at full price, I'd heavily stay away and veer towards other brands that may be cheaper.

Although, if you suffer from allergies, etc, and use tissues excessively at one time, Kleenix is a much more suitable brand for tissues as they are much softer and nicer for your nose.
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By James
I couldn't wait to finally finish these off!

If you think these are soft, then you have never used Kleenex Aloe tissues. I thought I would take a chance because these were on sale, but not only were they highly uncomfortable, they are also difficult to get out of the box. It would appear the box is made larger than it needs to be (probably to make people feel like they are getting value) and the cardboard cut outs on the bottom to help prop up the tissues is useless.

Give these a miss and buy some Kleenex instead, your nose with thank you.
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By Blackspot
4.8 | 83 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I love these dishwasher tablets; they are easy and convenient to use and offer superior cleaning in comparison to other tablets we've tried. As a Finish fan I use them with Finish Rinse Aid and the Finish cleaners and I'm never disappointed with the results. The slimline packet fits neatly under the sink, but holds so many tablets it takes ages before it needs to be replaced!
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I have always used Finish tablets and this Quantum range has been the staple at home for some time. This is AMAZING VALUE for this product, and it arrived in a few days! AWESOME
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By Louise
These tablets really are excellent after using the powder for the last 3 months. Bit dearer but worth it when doing a tough wash or large load.
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By Matt H
4.5 | 193 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Used it for about 1 week since arrived . I felt the jet power quite strong on the first time and used to it later on. Anyway , the review is as below

- three mode to adjust the jet power , suggest to start with low one before your teeth used to it
- long charging hours , could last for 5-7 day for 1 person use
- able to floss my teeth in 360 degree angle
- water proof
- easy to handle

-water tank could be slightly bigger but not too big as it will get heavier

Special note : the seller has given an Australian adapter as well with this product , no need to buy additional adapter for it

Overall , I am happy with this product
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By Voon Chin Lai
I have had more cumbersome and expensive Water Picks in the past. This cheaper unit does the job better and is more portable IMO. Feels like quality, and it's handy lightweight design is appreciated. This Flosser certainly cleans out the gunk your brush cannot. Great buy for my application. Yeah, the "soft" setting does the trick for me. I would start on that setting as the next step up can be a bit harsh on the gums if you are not used to using a power Flosser. This unit has plenty of grunt believe me!!!
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By Peter D
I bought this product a week ago after reading all the positive & negative reviews.
I was looking for a faster method of cleaning between my teeth apart from the piksters i currently use, which take a while to do twice a day.

I found this particular water flosser was not cleaning in between my teeth as well as the piksters do.
You have to close your mouth whilst using it or the water sprays everywhere, therefore impossible to see what you are cleaning in your mouth.

Unless, you have gaps Between your teeth, the size of The Grand Canyon, it is very difficult for the water glosser to do a proper job.
I found i was still getting out particles between my teeth with the pikster afterwards.

Also the water tank is tiny & found i had to
Fill it on average 3 times for a clean.
I found it is also better to use warm water
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By Ashley Dunn
4.5 | 152 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Pressure wash for the gums

- more gentle than flossing
- deeper clean vs flossing
- faster than flossing
- tried a battery powered one in past, pressure was dismal. This one is extreme
- large water reservoir
- many interchangeable heads
- handy travel bag

- large unit
- an Australian plug would be so cool

Overall quite pleased. Maybe my dentist will become a little poorer
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By Hansen Li
I was skeptical yet hopeful about this one, but it's absolutely blown me away!

What would take me a good few minutes with flossing, is done in 30 seconds with the Dentjet.

It was a bit confusing at first, with the number of attachments that were available to me, but after a bit of reading, I actually only use 2 of them.

I definitely suggest starting on a lower setting and working your way up. I found that using a high setting on my front teeth was fine, but had to lower it on my rear teeth, as it hurt a bit.

I definitely recommend this product!
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By Matty
DentJet Professional Dental Care Kit Teeth Cleaner Water Pick for Teeth with 7 Nozzles is a very cheap unit and does
not floss your teeth properly and there is no pressure in the water flow even at max. I would never recommend this item to
anyone if you are serious about oral care. I have used a Waterpic flosser in the past and found it excellent - it was more expensive than the DentJet but it was well worth it so I will be going back to that brand. I thought $60 for the DentJet was not exactly cheap (medium range price) but I was misled, so you are better to wait till you can buy a quality product. There is a saying (you get what you pay for) how true. I thought Amazon was a trusted outlet and would vet the products it sells
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By Julie
4.7 | 77 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Fairy Platinum All In One dishwasher tablets definitely clean better than Finish Quantum and they clean the machine too! (The cups and glasses also seem to dry better.) But best of all, P&G have finally dialed back the lemon fragrance which was the only thing keeping me from giving it five stars before I bought this latest formulation.
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Very similar to finish quantum max. Get rid of grease, cleans all pots, pans, plates silverware. Basically does what it says it does. No issues. Recommend it if you can get it when it goes on special price. Cheaper than supermarket price.
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By The Minimal Tech
cleans and dissolves great and leaves no marks. (i have had to use 2 tablets and rinse aid to other big brands tablets to be effective)
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By Rachel
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4.7 | 67 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Finish is usually my dishwasher brand of choice. The rinse aid keeps the glasses and crockery streak free. In addition a bottle also lasts a lot longer than expected considering the size so it always feels like good value.
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By Julian
I managed to get the 500ml for the same price as the smaller (250/300?ml) bottle at the local supermarket, so that is worth it. As for quality, we always use Finish rinse aid as it works the best that we have found so far
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By David Rawsthorne
Does the job, my dishes come out dry when washing cycle is finished. However the bottle design is bad, the bottle neck has a design that will cause the liquid to flow at un-predictable direction, causing spilling. You cannot basically just pour the liquid into the rinse aid compartment. You need to squeeze it to control the flow. Remember: squeeze, not pour.

Originally tore the wrapping label to see how much the liquid is left but later realized there is a small translucent line at the side so you can see how much it is left.
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By Amazon Customer
4.8 | 51 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
We have bought these a few times now. The 540 wipes lasted our family nearly 8 months which was great, and it was only with the COVID19 situation going on that our usage of the wipes went up. (a family friend was going through chemo so we were using these for wiping down surfaces and door handles each day)

The packs they come in are nice and convenient, and the box works well for a family environment. We have 1 packet in the bathroom, 1 in kitchen, 1 at dining table, and the rest are in rooms around the house. I rather like this product as I have birds and am wary about spraying things in the air. This product works really well for wiping down surfaces, or quickly cleaning small sticky hands from the kids.

The package is resealable, but I wouldn't recommend leaving it in a car on a hot
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By Arianna
Never had disposable wipes before, now I can't live without them
great for:
- bbq cleaning (not the cooking surface)
- toilet/shower/bathroom cleaning
- anything grimy and oiled
- Surface disinfection
- stain removal on hard surfaces

My only gripe is the level of liquid, sometimes i will actually 'wring' out a wipe before using, otherwise i generally will go-over with a drying paper towel/cloth if i want it dry asap. Can potentially leave water-marks on surfaces after using if too wet, you have to get used to the right amount of wetness to apply!
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By Dan the man
I loved this product due to the convenience of having the x6 packets. It meant I could leave a packet in both cars, both bathrooms, in the laundry and under the kitchen sink! Also great value! I love the fragrance and the fact the wipes are not too soapy. Everything i use the wipes on feels super clean and I like the fact the product contains no phosphates. The only thing I would change about this product would be to make it flushable down the toilet for convenience.
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4.9 | 40 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Although the product has a wide range of uses, mine specifically are reduced to spraying pillowcases and loads of washing exposed to the elements a tad longer than desired, when hung out to dry.

In both cases, they are just used in the interim until I can properly wash the items, but thi is a product that excels in doing just these jobs.

Pillowcases can easily become musky in a few days. Spraying the febreze onto the case is an easy job; each spray releases a satisfactory amount of liquid and is easy to aim and distribute over the surface. Freshness is restored into the garment/item instantly and in my observation softens the fabric, too as well as being quick to dry.

All previous odours are removed, and replaced by the fresh scent of febreze, which is not so perfumed that it might cause headaches/nausea like some colognes, it's more the pleasant smell
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By nodanime
Can’t go wrong with this beauty. Best scent of any febreze - not overly powerful and smells fresh and natural - and the fact it kills bacteria means it helps not just mask stinky couches and rugs, but kills it at the source.
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By Trem
Love love the smell!! Will definitely be buying more!! Smells so clean and fresh. I bought the extra strong smell and it smells so good too!! Definitely recommend!
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By dale hart
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4.7 | 51 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
With our dog and toddler, these have become an essential part of daily life. Great to wipe down toddler tables, with crayon, crumbs and liquid spills on them. The moisture in these wipes helps to loosen grime or dried up dirt from many surfaces around the home.
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By Neil C
Good packaging in terms of access and seal to stop them drying out. As a cleaner they are good for cleaning sticky residues on rangehoods and for revitalising grout behind cooktops. The antibacterial quality is a bonus. Useful to have in the car glovebox for hand cleaning while travelling. A versatile product.
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By Ian Feeney
I have found this product to be great for cleaning bathrooms and bench tops. Leaves surfaces feeling clean and smelling fresh. These wipes definitely cut through grease & grime. And the thing I love most is they don’t leave a soapy residue like some other brands do. The peel back lid is also great quality- it reseals well and wipes remain moist.
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4.9 | 30 customer ratings
100% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This product makes a massive difference to your wash and dry's the product well before the cycle finishes.
It also brings up the pans and glassware without any spottage.
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By Lisa J
I've never used this before and a friend recommended it. A little messy to use but lasts a long time in the dishwasher. Glassware comes up nicely.
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By The Domestic Guy
The difference in the feel on the glassware is significant. Forgotten how much better it is when you use a rinse aid.
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By Matt H