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4.6 | 3,962 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
After having cables chewed through by cats, I bought these sleeves to protect the Christmas tree lights last year. They worked great and removed the temptation. I like the fact that they use a zipper as it makes it easy to include many cables easily, as well as bulky cables.
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By Greg Sherwood
Good product. The quality was fine.

Only thing I would do differently in the future would be to get something with velcro instead of a zipper as it would make things easier to work around an existing setup. The zipper requires you to cut holes in the fabric to branch cables in another direction.
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By jlong
This product is great for managing your untidy cables. They are a bit short so sometimes you may need to use two of them together. I bought these on a lightening deal and would happily buy more however not at its current price. They just scream 'worth about 50cents each' so $15 AUD is a but steep.
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By Joshua Nathanielsz
4.6 | 1,961 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great value multimeter.
Autoranging can be a little slow at times, and the temperature probe is a little temperamental, but overall it's great value.
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By Luke
As a hobbyist novice, this unit is a great buy. It worked as described with easy to use instructions and the auto-ranging makes it extra easy to use.
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By Shannon Jones
The meter is decently sized with a big LCD screen with optional backlight (disabled on power-on for battery savings). The leads are long enough for most needs, the plastic doesn't feel cheap, feels good. The stand is sturdy, magnet is a bit of a gimmick, instruction manual is good and everything is nicely labelled. The adapter is fine too, however I'd prefer if capacitor and transistor testing was built-in (just in case I lose the adapter one day... since the meter doesn't come with a case).

Hold/Max/Min/Relative and Manual range features are absolutely great to have, I've been missing them in another multimeter I've had until now

One weird thing is that when it detects continuity (on continuity mode) the beep length has a set minimum so if you there's continuity for a split second it will keep beeping for longer. But at least it gives you certainty that it's there.
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By Piotr C
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4.8 | 572 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
The extensions reduce the tendency to snipe. They were simple to fit. The only drawback is that the rear table does not fold up due to the large dust ejection port. These items are not available from DeWalt Australia so I was extremely pleased to find them on Amazon. Delivery was very quick, price was good and I would recommend them to 735 owners.
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By Barry Powter
Work perfectly and easy to install and remove.
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By Greg
Great addition, it does reduce the snipe but definetly required for the extra support, Dewalt should sell these with the actual planer. Easy to fit
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By Daljit Nahal
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4.6 | 1,705 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
After much research, I finally bit the bullet and bought a Schlage Encode, and I'm so glad I did. I love this lock! Installation instructions (especially the online interactive instructions) made it easy to install, although I did have to make a few minor modifications because it didn't quite retrofit to my old lock fittings. Now that it is installed, everything seems to be working perfectly. The Schlage Home app makes it super easy to lock/unlock the door (great to do from the car when you have an armload of shopping or from bed if you're not sure the door is locked), set up user codes for specific dates and times (which I need for my Airbnb guests) and notify me when the door is locked and unlocked. It can be set up to automatically lock or not after the door is open (great for when people leave to ensure
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By Kath G
Looks fantastic., Easy Install, Easy to use
- Their Own App works very well
- Automations all work very well with Yonomi (Cant use the Ring integration as Amazon Key isn't in Australia)
- Love the autolock after x mins

Two things...
- A child-Lock option would be a nice feature! The only negative... A little too easy for my young kids to open the door now from the inside... My wife and I get an alert on my phone/watch when the door unlocks, but after COVID will have to add a latch-up high.

- A simple is the door closed sensor would be so easy to do with say a magnetic sensor. Really wouldn't be hard at all. (Yes you can add another device to sense if the door closed of not, but as the lock is there, would be a good feature to add)
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By Eric Hoy
Having received this lock, it took a mere 10 minuted to remove the old lock and install the Schlage Encode. Setup via the Schlage app was smooth as butter and integration with Alexa a breeze. We are now a key free family!
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By Anthony butler
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4.8 | 536 customer ratings
97% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Have used it for over a month and have to say, its a great hammer! Great quality! Currently using it for daily DIY's.
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Good hammer....I didn’t expect it to rust so easily😢
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it's like they didn't even try with the handle mould, still had plastic excess on the handle. hammer bit pretty uneven. like the line worker just couldn't be bothered finishing it off properly.
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By Alan L
4.5 | 5,267 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a great starter multimeter for the DIY electrical and electronic hobbyist. It is very easy to use - just connect the leads, turn the knob to the appropriate measurement, and measure away. The external shell of the multimeter is plastic, but I think the construction is still relatively solid considering how inexpensive this multimeter is.

I bought this multimeter for some DIY work on my car's external dashcam battery circuit. The multimeter worked great in checking the diode direction, DC voltage/current, and circuit continuity to ensure my DIY modification work as intended.
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By Enoch Ko
I'm no electronics guy but I just needed a basic multimeter to test continuity from turntable arm back to the RCA leads. This multimeter did exactly what I needed out of the box and saved me potentially $100s in potential non required repairs once helped me isolate the problem.
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By A Wade
Cheap digital multimeter. Manual ranging. Pretty accurate when I compared it to the Auto Electrician's one. Pretty reasonable device for the price. Just a bit plasticy, but you get that. Put it through some serious amps and it still hasn't blown up. I consider that to be an absolute win.
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By Benno
4.5 | 1,899 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was an avid user of Belkin Wemo smart switches (I had 7 in total) until they left the market a year or so ago. As such, I decided to give the TP-Link Smart Plugs a go. Have to say I have not been disappointed - so much so that I now have 9 of them spread throughout the house. Unlike the Wemo's I haven't had any issues with the TP-Link switches becoming unreachable. The TP-Link's simply work - and work well. They are almost instantaneous when you switch them on or off via the app. They also work well with Amazon Alexa (I haven't tried them with Google Home yet). I currently use them around the house for such things such as:

1. turning the beer fridge off Sunday night and turning it back on again Friday morning so I have a cold beer when I finish
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So close. Yet so far.

This product has it all. As a product solely on it's own, it was easy to connect, simple to set up, and works flawlessly with Google Assistant.

* Easy to set up.
* Linking was simple with the Google Home app.
* Convenient on/off switch that's easy to manually control.

* Bulky.
* You cannot reset the useage counters without fully removing and adding the device again if you want to test another appliance.
* Did I mention bulky?
* No memory when changing power points.

A few things that would make this device amazing:
1. If you can reset the counters/info via the app.
2. It had a memory module of sorts that stored information (such as Wi-Fi etc)
3. Dual usage timezones rates (to work out cost effectively)

It works as intended and would highly recommend for the right price (<$30).
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By Nicholas Bailey
Handy little product but if you have two power points you will loose access to one of the outlets as the plug ‘real estate’ is larger than I thought when looking at the pictures of it online
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4.6 | 816 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This kit was used on a new workbench. The instructions that came with the kit were good and accurate. The lifting mechanism worked superbly with minimum effort and the castors rolled nicely, even on rubber matting. I am extremely happy with this product
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By Harold Hackworthy
these castors work great, they are simple and very effective
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By Mark
well made, it will last
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By salex
4.6 | 774 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I love it and so do the delivery guys.
There are enough sound options to change it every day ! I made the mistake of not buying an adapter for my AUS powerpoints but that was an easy fix.
Has a strong enough connection that i can plug the receiver anywhere in my house
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By Alex
lots of different sounds
very loud
pretty good
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By Pearl
Works well. I'm happy
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By Robyn Bishop
4.4 | 4,793 customer ratings
85% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I purchased the NoCry Professional Knee Pads, but that's not the only reason why I rated them 5 stars. It is because NoCry is an amazing company who Genuinely go out of their way to make sure the customer is completely satisfied. The After-Sales service is well above any other company that I have ever dealt with.

Now onto my NoCry Professional Knee Pads.

These are extremely well made and very comfortable to wear. But they didn't fit all that well and they slipped and moved out to the side of my knees. BUT! I have to STRESS this is NOT a fault with the product, instead, it is MY OWN FAULT. I bought these to wear in the roof space of my home, I am checking the wiring and because the outer shell is hard they didn't suit crawling along rafters.

As I said it was my fault that they were not
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By Amazon Customer
These are fantastic! They have a hard plastic outer shell with soft padding inside that cushions your knees very well. I found that they support your knee's with an emphasis of padding surrounding the knee. It feels like you are kneeling on soft cushions. They are very sturdy and strong. I wore them for many hours moving around constantly and they stayed on perfectly and comfortably needing no adjustment whatsoever. Totally impressed.
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By Antony
Love these knee pads, heavy duty, thick/ solid/ strong, can't go wrong with tis one's simply the best knee pads.
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By ata8
4.5 | 941 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have used the Ironclad Ranchworx Work Gloves for some time and they are the best. Durable and well fitting.
When my local hardware store stopped stocking them and I was not happy with the substitute offered, I searched Amazon and found them and for a lower price.
Ironclad Ranchworx Work Gloves are reenforced and elastic fitted on the wrist and back of the hand. Great all round work gloves.
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By Buff
These are the best gloves ive ever used. We live on a small acreage and these gloves are used every day from collecting firewood to qorking in the shed.
You won't be disappointed.
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By Amazon Customer
This is my second pair of these gloves. The first lasted about 3 months before completely falling apart, but that was a lot of digging, getting my hands in to the dirt and rocks clearing crap out of post holes, lifting and moving rocks and bricks etc. so was not completely unexpected.

These are really a great feeling glove and great for getting work done. Importantly they have a reinforced supposedly kevlar strip along the index finger and thumb which is perfect for digging and other garden tool use. Other gloves I've had always would wear through their before anywhere else leading to blisters.. Not these gloves.

You can really feel what you're doing still in these. I've had them on and been able to still drill in screws and other fiddly stuff if needed quickly.

I would make an effort though to avoid getting them into dirt. Previous pair came apart all
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By A Wade
4.4 | 2,013 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I purchased this camera for security use, I am very happy with this product. It was delivered very promptly. The quality of the photos is good with a choice of size up to 12mp and is easy to use.
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By Kindle Customer
This camera did exactly what it’s supposed to do. We used it to see who was lurking in our street (sus activity) and also to detect what cat was getting into our yard. The night vision is great and day vision superb. We were surprised as to the distance it would begin catching motion. Highly recommend.
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By Julie-Anne
We've had a lot of our plants eaten overnight so I wanted to see who the culprits are. This camera has done exactly what I wanted - revealing a young Kangaroo coming in after dark & having a good feed.
The camera is so good I have bought a second one so I can cover the front & rear gardens every night. Possums are the other culprits I believe so hoping to catch them at it !
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By Clive Roberts
4.5 | 764 customer ratings
85% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
They have a strong stick, come in a good variety of sizes and protect my floors from marks from my chairs
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By Bethan W.
Surprising very very high quality. Thick, great stick and a range of sizes
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By Kyra Worden
Useful product, good for putting on the bottom of legs of chairs and small tables to protect timber floor from scratches.
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By David J MacFie
4.7 | 325 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have been looking at these for a while, and took the plunge on Prime Day for a good price. this little beauty is awesome.
Small with a magnetic base to fit on a small bracket included, and runs on 2 x AAA batteries. the instructions say they will last for 2 years, so I will have to wait to find out :) Piece of cake to setup and seems to work reliably 100% off the time so far. I think I need more of these now... I will have to wait till they are on special again.
Other reviewers talk about a temperature sensor and lux sensor in the unit, it is not documented anywhere but yes they exist as long as you are using Apple Home. I am using Alexa and these sensors cannot be accessed as yet
Great value
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By Jeff R
I've had an Echo Dot (Alexa) from Amazon for a while now and wanted to add some smart devices to it, so I bought this and two Philips Hue bulbs to try it out. The set up took a bit of concentration, but before long I had the lights connected to wifi via the Hue Smart Bridge and was controlling it all via my phone. Step one done.

Then it came time to connect it to Alexa. The downside here is that I had to link my Amazon account to the Philips Hue system in order for it to work. This technically means a computer somewhere on the Internet is relaying messages from my Echo Dot to the Hue Bridge for me (even thought they're only meters from each other). The advantage is that I can control the lights from Alexa but also from anywhere via
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By Mark Radford
While useful, the fact that it only allows one action for each button is not ideal. That is, each button can be a scene or a state, but not cycle through and you will need another button for off state. The other Philips switch is more practical, unless you need a battery free alternative.

UPDATE: You can modified the operation of the device using Philips developer kit, API commands and JSON.... if that made sense to you, then you will find altering the commands so that a single button pressed once turns on, pressed again turns off - this way you can have this remote control multiple rooms, even one button for on/off the entire setup.
If not, then you will either have to stick with the basic function or look at alternative app to control your Philips Hue setup that allows customised buttons - you will have to pay for this.
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By Patrick