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4.7 | 739 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This ticks every box.
For a small area this does a very good job. We have open plan living and on high it definitely spreads the aroma around well. On low it will
Maintain the fragrance that was already dispersed.
The lights are very nice, remind me of a night light and can be used as a set Color or to automatically toggle through them all. It can also function with the light completely off.
On high this unit lasts a few hours, I find half a day. On low it lasts all day and even into the night. It’s usually empty by early morning.
It has an auto shut off when it is empty and if you overfill it, although on, it will not function.
The oils that come with it smell amazing, last a while and are quite strong so you don’t need too many drops. Bare in mind they smell nothing like their
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By Flex
I almost didn't buy this product as I couldn't find any information whether the light can be switched off as this wasn't a feature I wanted to use in my office. The good news is that it can, which allows it keep its clean professional look.

When first using the product, I filled the water to the maximum level (500ml) and was disappointed by the slow flow. However, as soon as the water level dropped to around 400ml, the flow dramatically increased and I am now happy with the product - I just won't fill it beyond 400ml.

I recommend this product for use in a small office or bedroom.
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By Ash
Nice one 👌👍 quiet big but it's beautiful
Love love those lights 😍 ❤️😍
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By Yhane Holland
4.7 | 612 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
As a school teacher of 20+ years we want to teach our grand daughter to tell the time using Analogue.
We researched online for a suitable clock, large and clear enough to go on her bedroom wall.
We liked the look of this Teaching Clock by Owlconic.
Well it arrived today and put it bluntly - it is awesome!
We love the fact that is is clear and easy to read, user friendly colours - I know our grand daughter will love it.
The big test was... I put a battery in and it worked straight away.
Thank you Owclonice for a great product
Highly recommended
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By T. Robinson
Our 5 year old does too. Lots of great features with it being silent and the fun bright contrast of the colours make it really easy to read. I love that it shows the concept of ‘half past’, ‘quarter past’ and ‘quarter too’ as this is always confusing for the little ones. Really great value for money and an amazing learning tool. We love it so much we have bought one for my niece for Christmas as well and now I have what to get all my son’s friends for their birthdays sorted as well! Love giving quality fun gifts that are actually educational! Thanks Owlconic!
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By Gav Davies
NOT SILENT AT ALL. (Can you hear me shouting this?). Completely misleading advertising.
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By Georgia
4.6 | 4,014 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I suffered from extremely dry skin and contact dermatitis this winter.. we moved into a new house that required a gas heater so this honestly saved my skin! It's great that its portable because I moved it into the bedroom when we slept, and the timer was great because it would auto turn off when it reached the right humidity levels.
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I had previously bought a Breville humidifier which broke in 2 weeks and had to return and found the TaoTronics humidifier with so many reviews. I have been using this for a week and a half and my husband and I love it! Its perfect for the winter nights were now experiencing and even better for me because of my psoriasis. No issues, easy to use, quiet (except for the occasional glugging water sound) and the mist control is amazing. We use it on the low setting and uses half a tank overnight.
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By Dianne
This is a great little unit and better than anything I could find in Australian stores. The auto-off features work well, the reservoir is huge and the digital humidity readout keeps my partner happy.

I don't like having to clean these things but it's pretty easy with this one. If you have hard water you will probably have to filter it as suggested too. The water here in Brisbane was leaving a fine white mineral deposit around the room until I started filtering the water.
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By Jamie
4.7 | 386 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This lap table is perfect for a Microsoft Surface user who also wants to use a mouse without it slipping off the table.
It doesnt have the tablet slot at the rear which is helpful for the Surface because of the back stand
The only change I would wish for is that there is a lip on the rear so that the stand has no way of slipping off. I put a bit of black tape on the edge to prevent this.
Unfortunately I have to buy 2 of these as our delivery was stolen from the back of our van once received. Someone has a nice new lap table (Xmas Grinch!)
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By Jo Leigh
The item itself is quite good for what it is.. however the price is abit steep.
Does its job and it's very stable.
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By Derek T.
product description advertises it for a 17" laptop when it doesnt fit a 17" laptop, in fact the thing is designed for a 15.6" laptop however the seller is advertising it as fits most 17" laptops. waste of money and time dealing with this crap.
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By Moe
4.6 | 2,522 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have these insulated bags in x3 different sizes. Absolutely love the product!! This set of 2 insulated grocery bags can keep frozen vegetables, juice, meats and more cool on the ride home from the store. At the same time, the insulation can also keep hot foods warm, making these reusable grocery bags versatile. Durable and strong handles & You'll appreciate that the tote folds flat when not in use.
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By Jalayne Errity
This is a smaller version of my favourite product (the Extra large 58cm tote) but overall the product is the same. Easy to use, strong and durable, collapsible with generous sizing to carry an assortment of hot or cold items thanks to the insulated interior.
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By Jalayne Errity
I had held off on this review for a while waiting to see how the bags held up over time.
They are just as good as the day i bought them, Massive capacity(about double ALDI cooler bag capacity), and very strong, as i often fill 1 bag to the brim istead of using two.
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By Lei-Tsi Hoult-Tarrier
4.5 | 1,347 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great stand! Perfect and exactly as shown. You do have to do some assembly but it’s super easy and very stable! Would recommend
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By R. knoke
Ordered this item (bought 2) and they arrived very promptly, are exactly as described. Very easy to assemble and tidy up my desk ! They look smart and serve the purpose I wanted them for. My desk was a mess before these arrived. I would highly recommend. Thank you for a great product.
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By Animalia
nice rubber feet included though its very edgy, have to be very careful when i am putting it on the table and when putting it back.
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By Wayfarer858
4.5 | 1,012 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Fast delivery. Items works well. Personally I find the slowest fan speed even a little too fast. Isn't very noisy, but if you use it while you sleep it is a soft hum). The cable is 1.2m, which is fine, though a little longer could be handy depending on the situation. No complaints for the price. Has been working well for six months.
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By David Graieg
i was impressed with how quickly i recieved it. I bought for camping but we havent gone yet but when i tried it out it was just as described with a good stream of air. perfect for what i need.
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By the chrisco
Fan is practically silent on the low speed option which is great if you want to have a light breeze while you are sleeping. The high speed option really creates a good breeze, quite impressive for a USB fan.
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By Willypunter
4.7 | 154 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Appears to be strong, had some heavy stuff in 1 and it didn't break, so can't fault that at all. Big one is big enough to hold a potato bag, which is what I'll be using that one for, the smaller ones may be as shopping bags for fresh produce. Recommend these if you need a strong breathable bag
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By Scott Arbon
This handy set of reusable grocery bags comes with three different sizes. Ideal for your eco-friendly shopping trip.
The mesh fabric is tough and durable, I do find them to be extremely strong, even when filled with many items. With a high weight capacity you’re still likely to be able to haul all of your groceries with this set. The bags are also easy to clean – simply thrown into the washing machine to get rid of smells, stains, and other casualties of shopping. Then line dry the bags before storing them away for future use.
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By Jalayne Errity
no what I expected. the bags look very different from the picture.
The look very cheap and have a terrible plastic smell.

it was a waste of money!
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By backfrangetta
4.5 | 575 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought these because they were half the price I have seen in stores. They have great colours and tend to last a long time. The thickness of the tips works really well as they colour in larger areas faster than our other markets. Quality at a great price point.
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By Aggie
Just as described. Cheaper then buying it out the ships sometimes! The colours work well and honestly I think the tip of the Texas are amazing and very durable.
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By Anoirah Lee
These are my preferred markers for my son. Vibrant colors and easy to clean off from carpet or wall. Never leaves a stain and can survive the open cap for days.
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By Farzan Qureshi
4.5 | 292 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This air purifier does a great job to clean a bedroom’s air from allergens and dust. This seems to be a rebranded popular Levoit one used from Amazon US to work on 230/240volt electricity. Replacement filters currently can be found by searching for “LV-132 Replacement filter”.

I used a power meter and at the lowest setting it is ultra quiet (can barely hear it) and uses only 16 watts. At medium setting it sounds like a desk fan and uses 26 watts. At the highest setting it sounds like a desk fan on a high setting and uses 48-52 watts.

Note: Before first use, you need to open the bottom of it and take off the plastic wrapping protecting the air filter!
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By Amazon Customer
Noticed the difference within a hour and feeling alot better what a life saver this unit is, highly recommend this to anybody who is looking for air purifier for their bedrooms. It does excellent job at cleaning the air including dusts. You would want to keep the fan speed on 1 while you go to sleep as fan speed 2 is abit noisy and fan speed 3 is alot noisy but good to use in the day time. I put fan speed 3 in the day time, and then at night I use fan speed 1.

UPDATED: Running this great little unit 24/7 for the last 3 months and have to say I'm quite surprised how much it collects on the filter which you can see in the photo. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
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This is an initial response. I will a write follow up review in a few months time. The unit is compact, lightweight and aesthetically pleasing . The quality is good and it comes across as durable. The noise level of the fan is as follows: 1) like a loud pc fan and not very intrusive, 2) as loud as a medium size air con unit across the room, if next to you, you will have to raise the volume of tv or pc, and 3) pretty loud and I would not sit next to it. A few meters away is manageable.

I bought it to combat the putrid smoke of bushfires and prescribed burns endemic to where I live. We are talking real dense smoke, dense enough to turn streets lights on in the middle of the day, covering the entire place for days on end. So far, it has
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By sam
4.4 | 816 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I really like this.
Easy assembling, activity wall included and cheaper& cuter than buying at major discount store such as Kmart, Target.
Shipping to WA only 1wk.
Thank you!
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By Mai
The playpen arrived earlier than stated, is of great design and was a good price.
Easy to put together and sturdy.
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By Susan Wood
like: colorful. cute shape. play panel was fun.
dislike: can only make 90 and 180 degree. only about 1.8m*1.2m in size. a bit smaller than expected.
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By Rebecca
4.3 | 1,495 customer ratings
81% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
As my reverse-cycle air-con is a bit older (around 5 years), I was worried the sensibo sky might not work with it, but it was easy to set up and works perfectly. The only issue I have had is when I had it plugged in at a place that wasn't in a direct sight line of my air-con but once I moved it is fine. The app is very easy to use and the controls are much more intuitive than my old air-con remote. Works perfectly with google home as well.
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By Ant
We own 6 Sensibo devices and they work well. I'm using them with the Daikin aircons and they have been perfect.

Our home environment has 8 Alexa devices and all the Sensibo's are connected straight to that. We have setup our Automated home with designated areas so "Master", "Theatre", "Bed Room", "Office". Then the devices are named depending on what they are "x Fan", "x Aircon", "x Lights", so for us, we simply say "Alexa, turn Master aircon on" or "Alexa, turn Master aircon off".

We have also gone through and setup climate react (aircon auto turns on when room exceeds 25 degrees between the hours of midnight and 6am), and location awareness as well.

Our environment is setup as per below:
Master - Climate React between 12AM - 6AM: If Temp > 25 Degrees, Cool room to 23 Degrees. If Room 23 Degrees, turn Aircon Off
Bedroom - Climate React 24/7 (stops the teen from leaving the aircon on all the time), if room
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By Arianna
I’m actually very disappointed in this. For the price it sure does have a lot of issues. If you want it for the sole purpose of using with Amazon Echo it’s a waste of money. When I ask Alexa to turn on AC it processes the command but then says the device for Sensibo isn’t working. Perhaps Sensibo needs to roll out an update to fix this?

The good news however is if you haven’t brought this for voice command, the sensibo app for the mobile phone works perfectly. No issues.
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By JustAGirl
5.0 | 38 customer ratings
100% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
You literally cannot go wrong with this paper
good thickness
never jams (in my experience)
white as snow (unlike some other papers that come out purple)
and also really enjoyable to write on (matte feel as opposed to some glossy-feeling paper)
and a decently priced paper
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By WeberLiu
The product is great, just not sure why each box of paper needed to be put in another box? Made it difficult for the courier to deliver.
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By Jason
Great Australian product, can't go wrong. Quality paper which I've been using for over a decade.
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By James C Steadman