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4.7 | 7,181 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
My dog likes them. My cat isn't overly interested in them. She prefers a moving target that she doesn't have to move herself.
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By Danielle Bull
The cats were trying to get the mice out of the box while I was opening it and after a couple of weeks they're still being carried around and rolled on. Great value
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By Elise S.
I feel bad saying anything negative as I spent less than $3 on this and they were shipped from the US to Australia for that but the cat hasnt been even remotely interested in them! Not sure if the catnip fell out in the Pacific but the cat hasn't even looked at them!
Plus they were delivered to the wrong address. In the wrong street.
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By Andrew J Williams
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4.5 | 5,101 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
My kittens have all kinds of toys, some of which I spent much more money on, but these are by far their favourite. I have hardwood/tile floors through the house, so the springs roll/bounce/skitter satisfyingly. They are a perfect size and shape for the kittens to pick them up in their mouths or their claws to throw them around, so they ca
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By Emily Boegheim
These are such a simple idea, but my kitten absolutely loves them. She hasn't stopped playing with them since we got them, its the one toy I can leave out all the time and don't need to rotate to keep her interested. Safe enough that I feel confident leaving them out for her to play with when i'm at work too. Brilliant cat toy!
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By Sarah Hibbert
Three of our six cats loved these (mum and two kids) the other three didn’t phase them.

I think it’s a hit or miss whether they will love it but I’m happy half our babies did. They just get lost under our furniture now lol.
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By Amazon Customer
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4.4 | 2,504 customer ratings
82% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Cat liked it so much the strings wrapped around the middle lasted less than 30 seconds (as can be seen in the video taken just after it arrived!). If the middle part was a ball of string rather than strings wrapped and glued it would be better. Shouldn't have been surprised as other reviews indicated this happened quickly but lived in hope
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By cat carer
After the rave reviews I was so looking forward to getting this. Unfortunately the cat couldn't care less. Could be the crinkle noise inside I realise now the cat doesn't like. I'd try it again if there was a version without this. It's well made and looks great, I'll give it to another cat owner and they may have more joy.
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By cat carer
Our cat ran off with the entire thing and the handle broke off. It's not great quality.
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By Glenn Matthew Hill
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4.4 | 1,104 customer ratings
84% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
My Bengals are masters of manipulation, they try to barter for access into my office by offering me their toys. These mesh mice have become their latest currency. They only do this with the things they deem precious.
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By Safari
Oh my cats totally love these chew mice they have had loads of fun with them.
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By Elisa
Quality product. Well made and safe for little furballs.

Unfortunately, my 1-year Burmese was not remotely interested in either of the mice.
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By Mr. Brad M
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4.2 | 934 customer ratings
77% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Ratingagain, as I had to get more... one is already dead, 2nd one soon... they love it!!!
I got 2 cats, #1 loves it. He is hyperactive, going on 4 years old but the energy of a kitten. I hope the novelty won’t wear off too soon. But so far it seems like we got hours of entertainment to go.... and possible accidents, when I trip over
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By Ricarda Rudawski
I purchased these Cat Crazies for my 2 new birbaby kittens and I wasn’t disappointed. Although one of the kittens loves them more than the other, they both enjoy them. I love watching them play with them. One packet won’t be enough as they end up under the furniture during their wild play sessions.
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By Sue - Australia
One cat ( out of three) loves these.
Only bad thing is they are regularly lost under fridge or furniture.
They are a hard plastic ring ( like a milk container lid ring) that is easily swatted by your cat all over the house.
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By Debra
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4.0 | 9,614 customer ratings
73% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent product!

My cats have had this set up for about 30 mins & they haven't stopped playing with it! They were trying to kill the tail before I could even assemble the toy lol.

My cats are hard to entertain & this is clearly a winner. The arm that holds the tail swooshes around & also bends, so the tail isn't alw
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By jubilee
Our cat has had lots of fun with this toy, and we have enjoyed watching him play with it. This was our first motorised cat toy purchase, and we now have 3. The main issue with the toy is it didn't take our cat very long to work out how to "game" the system. Now he regularly positions a paw where it will catch the moving part when it eve
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By Scott Williams
Unfortunately, my 1-year-old Burmese didn't take to it.
This gadget also takes quite expensive little LR44 batteries and seemingly will wear down pretty quickly.
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By Mr. Brad M