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4.8 | 1,399 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Products were perfect and I was concerned as I usually like to buy from the manufacturer but Amazon was cheaper
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By Bree
This is a great quality exercise product. Easy to use and can accommodate your improving strength.
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By Richard
I must admit, that upon purchasing this product, I'm quite dissapointed. It's not what I expected; and its very difficult to set-up. Additionally, when I tried it, I found that there was no resistance. They need better instructions and much more manageable conveyor belt systems.
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By TRX Fitness Plus
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4.7 | 3,496 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I use for training in weightlifting at gym, is good, confortable, light, and beautiful
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By Mose
I use it while playing badminton and cricket. It gives me great comfort while playing.
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By Vikas S Kulkarni
Good product as advertised and sent on time . Thank you
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By george
4.7 | 2,365 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I’ve waited a couple of months before writing this review to make sure the Blackroll lived up to the hype. Spoiler alert, it definitely does, and then some!

I purchased this to replace a generic foam roller that I bought from one of the large sports stores which ended up warping a bit. I did a bit of research this time around and I found out that the Blackroll was considered the gold standard for alleviating muscle tension and knots. I wish I’d have known this before I bought my old roller. I’d previously thought that all foam rollers were the same but the Blackroll is in a different league. I feel like this is giving me much better results as the energy transfer is much more direct than the soft foam of my old roller (plus it’s not going to warp on me). With the Blackroll I don’t have
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By ryan
This is an excellent foam roller. Definitely on the harder side, but I think it's what makes it a lot more effective than other rollers I had in the past.
It works great for full body self myofascial release and I think it will last me a long time. Normally my other rollers lost shape after a while or got soft and deteriorated with frequent use. Not this one.
I can tell the Blackroll is super durable. I do not have it for too long yet, but I have given it a good amount of use indoors and outdoors already and it still looks like new. I can even stand on it for balance exercises and it has not at all given any signs of softening or anything.
Definitely recommended.
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By Ben
Initially I was worried that the Blackroll foam roller was too hard/stiff, but after using it consistently now for several weeks, I can't imagine ever going back to my previous foam roller (which is quite soft). I was advised by a friend that using my original foam roller wasn't actually getting into the muscles and ligaments properly because it was too soft. Though I was gritting my teeth the first few sessions with my Blackroll, my body adapted and I can honestly say that it has been one of the best additions to my rehabilitation and conditioning regimen. I highly recommend this product!
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By Christopher M.
4.8 | 758 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This bike cover is a perfect fit for covering my 3 bikes. The fabric is of a good quality and the drawcords at each end and the centre strap keeps the cover in place. The loops at the top make it easier to remove the cover. All in all I’m very happy with the cover.
I wish I had discovered this product years ago.
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By Cameron mcFarlane
Loved the quality of the fabric. Beautifully made , perfect fit for 2 e bikes. Would highly recommend.
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By Mario
Good bicycle cover. Made with strong material and large enough to cover the entire bicycle really well.
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By Athena
4.6 | 1,348 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
These are excellent for the price.

Come's with a few great attachments, like 2 straps for your legs, two handles, a door brace, and small bag.
You'll need the bag, so I'm glad this product comes with one. They flop all over the place and can be annoying if you're trying to store them somewhere without a bag.

Also comes with a little booklet with a few exercises that can be done with this product. This is fine, but you'll be better off doing an online search, and watching a video or two on how to use this product effectively. You can't just pick up the easiest band, wave your arms around a bit and expect to have had a good workout.

All bands are the same length, so they can be combined together to add more resistance.

Super strong design. I have no worry about the handles coming loose.

They're very light and portable. If
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By Beau
I’m extremely happy with this set of workout resistance bands! If you're short on cash or don't have enough space to set up weight lifting equipment, this is a good alternative. They’ve been wonderful for stretching and provide me a way to change up the exercise routines regularly without becoming boring! What I like the most about this set is I can exercise my whole body, and easily adjust the levels of tension depending on what part of my body I want to work out! The five different bands are clearly marked to show lightest to greatest resistance, from 10 to 40 lbs resistance, and can also be combined together to create an even greater challenge to work with. The grips are cushiony and large, comfortable to use and slip proof! And the bands are made with a very flexible, durable latex, instead of rubber, which is another plus. I
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I was skeptical of this product due to the low price point. However, the actual product superceded my expectations and I am happy with the purchase so far. I received everything as described in the product description and the bands are made out of LATEX but did not have an overwhelming odour as others have described. The bands are easily attachable/detachable with the carrabina attached handles. The door attachment is a simple contrapment which was intuitive in its use and easy to set up. I would recommend this product to individuals who may be starting out in their strength training or trying to supplement intermediate gym training on their rest or deload days. For more advanced strength training, it would be preferrable to go for more expensive options or dumbells/barbells as it's hard to estimate exactly how much resistance you are using with this band option. Overall, 5/5 for value
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By Esther Tseng
4.6 | 1,346 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I received the waist bag yesterday. I would like to thank amazon for many things. Firstly, the good quality. It is exactly as pictured and described. Good size that it can accommodate all my portable things like money, cards, phones, tools and even more. Secondly, the delivery time was accurate and as anticipated. Thanks!
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By Sam
nice product, keep my phone, wallet and my stuff safe, you can use it while travel, riding bicycle, etc...strong strap and easy to put on too. Overall, great product !
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By EvansH
This is a cheap one so you cannot expect great quality. A lot of pockets and hydro repellent surface. It is a little bit tricky to adjust around your waist. But again: you pay less you gain less
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By A.Quaglieri
4.5 | 5,539 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this for next to nothing and it has served me extremely well. Definitely is leak proof, even after several washes in the dishwasher!

Note: The red 'plug' can be pulled out and washed to prevent it getting yuck, would recommend pulling the bottle apart when washing. Pulling it out does not effect its ability to be leak proof.
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By Jack
I've been using Voss bottles for years and have broken a few as a result of it being glass. I've always been a fan of wider mouthed bottles as it's easier to clean. Found this one for $5 so decided to buy a couple. Initially the silicon mouthpiece had a real plastic/rubber smell to it so I decided to soak it in detergent to hopefully counteract the smell. After soaking for a day, I put it back on the bottle and it still had the bad smell. I decided to take it out again, give it a good wash and air dry it for over 24 hours. I could still use the bottle without the silicon mouthpiece but there was a slight drip everytime you opened the bottle. After 24 hours, I put the mouthpiece back and there was no more smell. The drip was no longer present as well
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Good packaging, bottle feels sturdy and has that 'Voss' water bottle look. The middle tapers in a bit which makes it easier to hold which is a pretty small but welcome design element. Easy to refill too.

Silicone mouthpiece still has that rubbery smell after 1+ week or ownership but its easily tolerable. Nice colour too - subdued, matte, and, dark red.
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By Jren
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4.7 | 495 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a fantastic product, very robust, larger than standard drink bottles (will not fit in a normal sized car cup holder) and the magnetic feature that holds the cap in place while you drink is great. Very happy, 10/10 would buy again.
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By Cameron Parrett
Very good quality, magnet is weak enough to not stick any unwanted items, but strong enough to keep the lid in place. Its a lot more transparent than the picture though.
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By Preston
I really like the bottle but the photo in the description is a bit misleading. Looks like a chute straw coming from the top but it’s a handle to carry the bottle. I bought it thinking it would make drinking while driving would be easier but it’s not what I thought it was. Still a good bottle but expensive just for a cap that has a magnet for the inconvenience of not using a finger to hold a cap back.
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By Thirsty driver
4.5 | 2,920 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
My wife and I love these buffs very good material stretches easy over my head without going out of shape.
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By Peter S.
Awesome head bands!!! So versatile!
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By Lila-May
These were fantastic for the price. Bright colours, good elasticity and will suit my needs perfectly 👍🏻
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By Caroline King
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4.5 | 2,848 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Use for retraining walking after diagnosed with MS. While I was initially concerned about size have realised that they are meant to be snug.
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By Amazon Customer
No dramas with my order. Got them fairly fast. They fitted perfectly because I ordered the same size as other vibrams I have. I wear a USA 10.5-11 in Vibram but a 12-13 in most other " normal shoes".
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By nathan rowley
Great fitting shoe. The toe pieces are hard to get used. The overall feeling of the contact with the ground is great. Surprisingly good grip.

A few unforeseen issues. The shoes start to stink after not very long wearing them. Some anti bacterial spray helps but the smell is still there. Useless in the wet. Your wet will be soaked. Soggy feet for the rest of the day.

I'd recommend these to everyone
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By Curtis
4.4 | 4,746 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Had the Mi Band 3 for over a year now. Bought in Jan 2019 to track my steps and length of time and heart rate when I exercise at gym.

Battery Life is great - last weeks almost a month
Shower with it, swim in the surf with it - No issues.
Tracks steps no problem - AND it syncs with Apple Health no problem. (and therefore Pokemon)
I have found the Heart rate is accurate when exercising.
Receive SMS no issue.
Oh.... and it is a watch

The app on your iPhone is not intuitive, while it tracks your steps, weight, heart rate during exercise, etc. to get to all this information is not intuitive.... BUT it is there.

Wrist Band loop broke after a year. Bought 4 new wrist bands on Amazon for about $15.

I would happily recommend the Mi Band 3.......It is not flash or sexy, but it does work and does
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By Bobby
This was delivered to my address in Australia from China on the 6th day after ordering. I find this a decent time frame.
This product came in a small box with the monitor, wrist band and charger and instructions in Chinese.
The product was easy to assemble. I needed to google the setup instructions in English as there was no insert that explained this. I did email the seller asking for help and they responded within one hour giving easy to follow instruction.
The instructions for setup were easy to follow online. You must set up the app on your phone and then blue tooth sinc the Mi band to your phone. The time and data should update automatically.
The monitor is quite small with small writing. It shows, time, date, steps, distance, calories burned, battery life, heart rate, weather for today and the following two days, exercise, notifications, stopwatch, alarm, find device, screen,
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By Ljp80
I bought this band to replace a fitbit I had returned. I had 3 fitbits in a row and the band broke on all 3. I couldn't bring myself to buy another one and I didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars. This tracker is cheap and has almost all the same features as the fitbit. I don't think the sleep tracking is as accurate and the reminder to move I don't find as useful but otherwise it's a good substitute. For the price it is fantastic value. The band so far is good although difficult to get the tracker in and out. Would highly recommend this product for anyone who wants what a fitbit alta hr does but doesn't want to spend all the money.
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By Jodi
4.6 | 451 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Works well. Never had one of these before. Better than holding phone whilst running
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By David Landau
Great idea and great for keeping hands free whilst walking and running. I found it a little squeezy when it came to holding my iPhone 10, the gusset needs to be more generous, I can imagine it would not accomodate the larger style phones, otherwise a good product.
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By Ronaldo
Perfect size for larger phones. Slightly smaller than expected around waist so check measurements but otherwise well made.
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By Sue Craig
4.6 | 351 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Best water bottle I've ever owned. Going on 3 months now and it's a strong quality excellent bottle.
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By Toby Robinson
Amazing, I work in the out back of Australia where it gets about 40 degrees Celsius regularly in summer, this bottle keeps my water cool and is perfect for these conditions as it's also durable
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By Matt
I just got my new Highland Peak Stainless steel water bottle, I can see why its one of the best water bottles in the market. it looks great, stylist and I love the black color wrapped around the logo.

Well done.
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By VatosComics
4.6 | 339 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I really like these socks. They are have good cushioning and are comfortable and warm
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By Jack Ch
So far so good, comfortable and keeping the blisters away.
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By Random Aussie
Used these in Himalayas. Good sox.
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By Genes are Clever
4.5 | 495 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very smart and comfortable track pants, true to size
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By michelle
Warm and cosy. Perfect for winter run or biking.
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By Mevesh
Hello, what happens is that the pants that I have bought in the description say that it is water repellent when it is not like that, and then I have bought it just for rainy occasions, how can you help me?
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By Juan David Jimenez castano
4.4 | 993 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Fantastic product. Fast postage. Very happy with purchase
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By Amazon Customer
Great fit perfect for running
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By Loz A
concept is great, costumer service is great. however, if i were to suggest an improvement it would be to reinforce the stitch running the length of the belt, the one that creates the pockets.
it is a simple running stitch, mine tore in several places on the the first use. I have since turned it inside out and reinforced the stitching with a cross stitch.
it would be great and 5 stars if it came this way.
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By timothy
4.5 | 442 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
it is a wonderful waist pack, would be better if it was a inch or so wider but apart from that it is excellent... seems of good quality so far... i use it as i am a type1 diabetic and i do landscaping, cleaning etc... so i can always keep my glucometer and jelly beans at the ready... aswell as my phone and a few other small items... definately recommend 👌
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By Kent Farenas
Zippers are great and close up nicely to protect your gear. Would certainly recommend for sure.
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By Kevin
Great bum bag plenty of room in each pocket, and generous belt.
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By Julie Key
4.4 | 718 customer ratings
83% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I use it more as a thermal for the winter nights and it’s just great for an under garment and extra layer of warmth
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By Christian Hanna
Fit's perfectly. I normally wear 32 in jeans so I got the large size. Easy to run in and straightforward to wash. Great for the price.
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By translucent18
Good fitting
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By Ash