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4.4 | 12,985 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I wasn't sure what to expect when I bought this product - I thought it might make the housework a bit more fun, rather than than actually making life much easier. I was really impressed! When introduced to a new room, its movements look really erratic for the first five minutes or so, but it ends up being really thorough about the dustier bits and covering all the ground even if it doesn't take the most obvious route. It's picked up loads of dust that I'd never known was there. It leaves the room with that nice newly vacuumed smell and lines in the carpet. It's good at knowing when to stop trying to eat things - cables, bag straps and so forth. It's good at freeing itself when it gets stuck, and at not getting stuck in the first place. I'm wondering if I can teach it to bring
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By Eleanor, Melbourne
A great vacuum if you're lazy. I hesitated to purchase a robot vacuum for ages because I thought if not top of the line, why bother? Instead I did nothing. Well now I have Harold! He is dumb, he can't map, he can't avoid things well, and he cries when stuck - but he can vacuum way more than I would. I have 3 cats and wow he picks up SO MUCH FUR! Seriously, stop waiting for the perfect smart vacuum and just get this.

It's also fairly easy to maintain the vacuum. Had it for about 2 months and all is in good order. He sucked up some liquid so I popped in a new filter - it does say you can clean them but is not clear on how. Usually I just tap the excess dust off.

The little hands can also be rejuvenated with boiling water.
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By Lynneh
After research on numerous robovacs the Eufy came in as one of the best.. BUT i was strongly disappointed when i used the vac and found numerous faults. Firstly the drop sensors didnt work and the machine fell down a 70mm step. The vac then kept getting stuck on another lip of carpet in another room causing the vac to run out of battery as the machine didnt turn off it just sat there spinning its wheels. I then found the vac didnt suck up dirt and dog hair as well as its supposed to, i placed the vac in a room 2-3 times over just for it to suck up the hair and it still didnt pick up everything. I wasnt expecting the vac to be perfect but i was expecting it to at least be able to vacuum the floors as its supposed to. Ive owned an iRobot
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By Amazon Customer
4.4 | 418 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I do like this machine, which has 3 functions together. I tried it directly when i received it. App is easy to follow, the instruction is easy too. I just tried floor one of vacuum, which is tile & wood, looked amazing. I did the research which showed me it could remember several maps of floor. Looking forward to trying that later on. Recommend! Have to try this product, and you will love it. in addition,i tried multilevel function and split the level to different area which is sooooo healpful. This is my best of the best housework helper ever.
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By Sophie WU
After a couple of days of using it I feel confident to write this review. First of all the Deebot appearance is very simple and elegant. The set up of the machine was super easy following the dummy manual which comes with several languages. I am very pleased that I can set it up with Chinese voice as it would be easy for my parents to operate the machine. The App that it links to is very easy to use and smart in terms of following your instructions. The first time you will have to follow your Deebot to build a map of your home so this step takes a bit of time but it is worth it. Make sure you set up virtual walls with the app on places that it may be get stuck so protects the machine. The App allows you to set up suction level of
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By Cocozi
Does he stay or doors he go!?

We've had many problems getting Deebot to keep a decent map of our house. It has a tenancy to bend our hallway so then it thinks rooms overlap and breaks the map. Sometimes it has had issues with the length of the hallway to and moving bedroom doors closer also resulting in a broken map. It also wouldn't reach the kids bedrooms until I moved its base a few metres closer. The areas function rarely works when trying to merge or divide spaces.

Navigation has been an issue at times with it being lost and breaking it's own map. We've found that once you have a good map, DON'T run in it full auto as it will easily break the map as it tries to update it continually. Use area of custom cleaning for more reliable results. It would be nice if you could lock
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By Michael Goulding
4.5 | 167 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
We purchased this unit after our Neato botvac broke down after 3 months and gave up on dealing with Neato's post-warranty support.

My only point of comparison is the Neato that we previously owned. It was good enough to sell us on robot vacuums but it broke down after 3 months of constant use, kept getting lost and kept bumping hard into furniture. So far so good with this Roborock but it has been just under a month so fingers crossed that it doesn't breakdown also.

We also live on a one floor 3 bedroom apartment with mostly hardwood floors, some tiles in the bathrooms and a light rug. No stairs and sudden drop offs for the Roborock to contend with. We don't have any pets but we do have a small child.

Good points
- Maps out your area and shows you this on the app
- Can add exclusion
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By Thong Nguy
This little guy is awesome and well worth the money. We have only had it for a couple of days but have already been impressed. The first time we used it the floors looked clean but we were excited and just wanted to see it go. It did the whole house 82m2 in 83min and the dust bin was full. On the balance setting is surprisingly quiet.

We have 2 French bulldogs who shed a fair bit but their fur is short and the same colour as the floor so it’s very hard to see.

Last night we came home to a bit of a disaster with the dogs after they had gotten into something we had foolishly left a bit too low and there was basically sawdust everywhere. I set the Roborock to zone clean x2 and it did an awesome job.

- excellent solid floor function (we have no carpet)
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By Jonathan Lloyd
This robovac has been great on all my carpet and hard floors. Like any powered brush, these are not designed for shag rugs/carpet.
After cleaning my house with my Dyson V9, I was surprised to see that thus unit managed to pick up 3 full bins (1.5L) of dust.
I was so impressed I purchased a second unit for my parents, who are loving the vac as well.
Pros - long battery (more than enough for my place).
After the first couple of runs the dust bin is ample for a full run.
Both came with Au plugs.
My place has never been cleaner.
App and firmware are being upgraded regularly, which has improved the overall cleaning cycle.
Mapping and virtual no go zones is a vast improvement.
Sends updates to my phone and I can remotely start it.
Has scheduled clean-ups.
Washable filters.
Great suction and mopping has been good for semiclean floors.
Appears to have a dirt sensor (I
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By Brett
product price & FREE Delivery. Details
4.6 | 88 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
We use this multiple times per week to keep the house clean and overall we’re very happy with it.

- Easy to setup.

- Does a great job cleaning wood, tile and carpet.

- Good phone app.

- Cheaper than other brands, but quality and performance is still excellent.

- Can give a ‘brush blocked’ error on thicker carpet, but you can use the app to tell it to resume.

- Occasionally gets stuck in difficult areas and you have to go move it.

- Sensors need a wipe from time to time.

Overall it’s a great unit. Having to get up and move the unit a couple times if it gets stuck is still much better than having to vacuum the house manually. Very happy we bought this unit.
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By Shannon
Very impressive machine. Has been working for 2 weeks now and does a very good & thorough job. Mostly hard floors, but even carpet goes well. No problems with steps, borders, curtains. Only electrical cables seem to be confusing. Haven't bothered downloading the app as it got poor reviews, the screenshots for it show no added functionality, and anyway I am not keen on installing Chinese software in my phone. Overall, very happy.
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By Dirk
Love the robot vacuum, it cleans well, maps the house pretty well and keeps the apartment clean. Perfect little tool for my busy schedule and injury that rendered me unable to vacuum my home. It goes over small steps very well and is relatively quiet when it cleans (quieter than your conventional vacuum).
However, I can't leave it unattended at home to clean for long as the error message 5 (remove and clean the main brush) keeps popping up and the vacuum refuses to move until I've resolved the issue by pressing the power button on the vacuum. It happens at least 5 times over the course of 1 clean and gets quite annoying. When I check the main brush, there isn't anything stuck at all but it just shows the error message. Seller please tell me how to address this issue.
Also, it has gotten stuck under my bed a few
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By Celine
4.0 | 152 customer ratings
76% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
We have two German Shepherd dogs and this thing actually keeps the house clean! We were worried about long dog hair getting stuck in the roller, but if you keep the filter clean then you never have an issue.

- Easy to clean device
- Finds its way home easily
- Cleans around objects amazingly
- Picks up an amazing amount of dirt
- Good app (other than the con below)
- Can set it to random-ish pattern or up and back (can't use the later for carpets for some reason)
- First setup with phone wasn't as easy as it should have been, but follow the instructions and should be fine. I actually had to setup a wifi hotspot on our phone to get it to connect at fist.
- Just cleans until it runs out of battery

The cons can be worked around just fine as this vacuum is
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By Coops
So glad I bought this. With 3 dogs living inside plus the amount of hair I lose, this thing is a game changer. Saves so much time. Picks up ALOT more than I expected it to. Love that it sends itself back to its base when it’s finished.
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By Amy Franks
Cleans well especially on the hard floors , have to be around though in case it catches itself on furniture , cables etc.
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By Amazon Customer
4.7 | 40 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great product. Definitely worth buying. No regrets buying this vacuum. Easy to install and very easy to use.
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By Rokko
It is extremely light and also filters the air coming out. good for allergies.
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By Damian Stevens
FAB product XIAOMI Dreame
got 3 of them now for different areas.
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4.8 | 32 customer ratings
100% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
After having a number of vacuums by another well known brand I was very disillusioned by their design and performance. I looked at some reviews and Miele came out on top with regard to reliability and performance. This vacuum cleaner is very quiet, has a really long cord so you are not unplugging and plugging in at each room. It has a long adjustable handle so great for tall people. The canister is simple to empty and fits back into the machine easily. If you have to stop vacuuming you can clip the handle to the side so no one trips over it. I just wish the the clip worked when it stands upright in storage, perhaps a rotating clip would be a good idea. Anyway I am very happy with my purchase.
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By Leigh Eldridge
it arrived in good lime and works great. the only down side is that it just clumps hair on the carpet so i have to pick it up on the clump and either bin it or place it down the sucker. suction is great. my carpets haven't been so clean
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By karen-ann
Just arrived but already impressed by the suction power and quality of this bagless machine. It is quiet and emits clean smelling air. It replaced another German brand that used bags, had less suction power, emitted dust smelling air and was flimsy in comparison. The only downside of this machine is that it is somewhat heavy.
NB. The delivery by Australia Post was extremely poor - leaving it just inside the entrance of my large, security complex without alerting me using the intercom system. It was lucky that I was working from home and went downstairs to look for the machine as soon I was notified by Amazon by email that it had been delivered. It could have been picked up by anyone!
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By Trazza