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Reviewed in Australia on 18 November 2019
Upon opening the package, the overall product looks quality and could pass as a $100 pair of earbuds. The case is slightly thin and lid could be a little more sturdy, however attention to detail is there. There is a soft foam material on the underside of the lid to prevent scratches on the earbuds, plastic stickers were on the charging spots to ensure the product is brand new and to prevent unnecessary drainage and wear of the battery.
Two sets of tips were included in the box to ensure perfect fit for the user, along with a charging cable. The orientation of the earbuds in the case can sometimes be tricky and may take a few twists and turns to place back in. The case also comes with a 4 level LED battery indicator which was a nice touch.
In terms of the earbuds, with Bluetooth 5.0 connections to my device was flawless, quick and easy.
Distance was however mediocre, as it started to stutter at around ~10m, this wasn't really a problem as i mainly use these for the gym and just in bed.
The touch controls were quite hit or miss and took some time to get used to, this didn't really bother me as i usually change songs on my phone directly.
Battery wise, i haven't needed to charge them as of yet, i would not usually use them for extended periods of time so they sit in the case between sessions.
With Bluetooth 5.0 and a Realtek chipset, the audio is flawless considering these earbuds were sub $45, sound quality is excellent and very clear. Bass however was slightly lacking, this was easily fixed with the help of a equalizer.
The inbuilt mic was as expected, not crystal clear but gets the job done.

Overall, with these earbuds, you are easily getting more than you paid for. Quality is there in where you need it with small sacrifices to case quality. Sound quality and ease of use are impeccable for the price range.
If you are looking for a great pair of wireless earbuds and don't want to spend over $200 for a pair of Airpods, these are the perfect ones.
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