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Reviewed in Australia on 17 February 2020
So happy with this monitor so far!
Previously using a Motorolla, which we were fairly happy with (except it had an awful battery life, had to be constantly plugged in, and limited range). We'd been using this monitor for 2 years and with our second bub due purchased a second camera to pair up - in between ordering the camera and it arriving, the monitor suddenly and completely died - worst timing!!
I did my research and decided to try the Nannio Comfort (with additional camera) - delivery was incredibly prompt: ordered on Monday, it arrived Friday, set it up that evening with one camera on our toddler (worked perfectly), and baby #2 arrived Tuesday. Came home on the weekend and set up second camera for the baby, and everything is working seamlessly.

Honestly, could not be happier with this monitor. The battery life is excellent (especially with Vox turned on!), picture quality fantastic, and range is great, even with our big block. I love the flexibility of either using Vox (whichever baby makes a noise will automatically switch the monitor to that camera) or scanning mode where the picture switches between the two cameras every 10 seconds, or choosing one camera to be showing constantly - perfect for newborn mums who want to keep an eye on their sleeping babbies.
I've found the temperature gauge to be fairly accurate (really important, where we live is very hot). I haven't used the microphone or lullaby features - personally I don't think they're really necessary, but great to know they're there if needed. The operation of the monitor is really intuitive, it's easy to find what you're after in the menus, and there's good flexibility in the settings of sound, volume, monitor brightness, etc.
Love that the power cords are a good length (and came with Australian plugs, hooray!), and the pan/tilt/zoom functions work beautifully to find that perfect angle and picture.
I did commandeer the spider grip from my motorolla monitor for one of the cameras to secure it above our cot (we don't have a suitable flat surface available), there are plenty of camera mounts/holders available on amazon if this is an issue for you.
As I said, super happy so far and no complaints from us - the only test that remains is the test of time. But even then, honestly, if it died in 2 years time like my motorolla did, I'd be happy to purchase again for this price.
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