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Reviewed in Australia on 17 August 2018
Elijah is part of the Great North Pack, but doesn’t spend much time with his fellow wolves. He’s being forced to pretend he’s human and has an apartment in New York. He’s a successful business man with a reputation. Elijah hates everything about his existence, the meaningless flings with women he shouldn’t have gotten involved with, the terrible food he’s being forced to eat and the constant pressure to tame his wild side. He wants out, but how can he do this when his pack counts on him?

Elijah feels like he’s dying inside, he’s losing his wild side, but that changes when he meets Thea. Thea is an ECO, a woman living close to nature. Elijah can never take a human to meet his pack, it’s forbidden for wolves and people to mate. However, he can’t suppress the feelings he has for Thea. Elijah knows it’s time to make sacrifices and choose, what’s the price he has to pay for his actions? Do he and Thea stand a chance or are they doomed from the start?

A Wolf Apart is a fascinating story about what could happen to a wolf when he has to spend too much time in the human world. Elijah is giving up his soul for his pack. Someone needs to do the job and he’s intelligent, sophisticated and capable. It costs him dearly though and every day he spends in his human life makes him die inside a little bit more. It slowly suffocates him, until he meets Thea. She makes him feel free again, which is something all wolves of his pack experience on a regular basis. I felt bad for Elijah because he couldn’t be himself, both in his pack and among humans and was anxious to discover if he’d find a way out.

Maria Vale has created a fantastic world, the Great North Pack is something special. It’s a complete society and I loved reading about the pack laws and rites. Elijah is in a complex situation, he wants to be with his pack, but his pack has sent him away and makes him live a human life he detests. That definitely makes interesting reading. There’s plenty of inner turmoil and chaos because he can’t always stay in control. A forbidden love makes matters even worse, so Elijah has a lot of problems to solve. Finding out what he’d do kept me on the edge of my seat. A Wolf Apart is a great fascinating story about a fabulous complex main character.
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