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Reviewed in Australia on 31 March 2021
Daniel Greene pulls you into his world by weaving plot and characters with his dark, yet captivating writing.

I must admit I am not a fan of horror or reading grizzly details of terrible murders, but I both read and skimmed these parts, without any loss of the storyline. These detailed descriptions, which I was warned about, were the only things I did not like about this book, although I am sure there are many out there that appreciate them.

What I did appreciate is, that I came to care about these characters in such a short time, which takes some brilliant writing skills. Also, I had a bit of a giggle at Greene’s take on the character releasing the breath they didn’t know they were holding -
<i>“Khlid realized she was taking a drag from a cigarette she did not remember lighting.”</i>

This short book was a real page-turner. I would recommend this book and I look forward to reading the series to come.
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