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Reviewed in Australia on 12 April 2020
What if I were to tell you that you could prepare a shot of espresso or an Americano and all you need is a sleeve of Nespresso pods you can take with you or readily get at a supermarket whilst you travel, some hot water which you'll often find at hotels/airports? Better yet there is no coffee grounds to deal with clean up that you'd often find in most coffee machines. Well, this is precisely what the Minipresso has done for me.

As an international student I travel a decent amount between going to various conferences to present my work and visiting relatives. One of the challenges I always found was making a good cup of coffee on the go. Sure the hotels often had coffee but it was the nasty instant coffee that was last changed when Jimmy Carter was President. Having the Minipresso at my side with a fresh sleeve of Nespresso pods means that I can be sure that I'll have a fresh cup of Joe whenever or wherever I want it. Sometimes I'll make an espresso or lungo (100 ml). Other times I'll make an Americano by simply adding some more hot water to my espresso. The whole process is super fast, once you've got you're boiled water you fill it into the tank, attach the tank to the Minipresso, flip it over, place your Nespresso pod on the other side, lose it up and start pumping for between 20-30 times. I'm not a muscular person and yet I did not find the pumping action to be strenuous in any way.

In terms of coffee quality I would say it's roughly comparable to the results I get from my Nespresso machine, perhaps a slight bit weaker but still an excellent cup of coffee. If there is one minor complaint I have about the system it's that sometimes I don't always get the same output/consistency in results. Perhaps it's a matter of me fine tuning the process further.

Whilst I purchased this product for travel, it has proven to be invaluable right now given the COVID-19 lockdown in Australia. My Nespresso machine is in my office which I cannot access due to the restrictions but the Minipresso I have at home means I can use the stash of Nespresso pods I have at home while I wait this one out.
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