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Reviewed in Australia on 29 March 2020
Earth is experiencing surges from space that will potentially destroy the planet. The government believes the surges are being generated by a spaceship, lost around Neptune 16 years ago. To attempt to resolve the issue, they send the son of the captain of the previous mission into space, to attempt to contact the renegade astronaut.

This is a production obviously made with a very healthy budget. It has very good production values and some 'A' list cast members. The film looks and sounds beautiful on Blu-ray, but...

The story, while OK, is hardly riveting, memorable or filled with action. There are a few concepts in play - a father and son reunion film, an adventure, and science fiction concepts in space. But the father/son aspect (I believe the main concept) is hardly explored and tossed away in the end. And the adventure is weighed down by the time factor (it takes a long time to get to Neptune) and some scenes are just so preposterous you'll possibly just stare in disbelief (eg. when Roy travels through an asteroid belt with just a rocket pack and a piece of metal to shield himself, and just shoots off in the general direction from one place to the next).

Things could have been tightened up a lot, improving the pace and cutting down on the bloated 122 minute run time. 3.5 stars.
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3.5 out of 5
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